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  1. arent all the specs on atomiswave the same as ps2? damn that new battle colesium game looks good! wow! the sprites have been smoothed out! yes!!! just what i wanted to happen! damn i want SVC CHAOS 2 now!!!
  2. hmmm age? yea they dont do it consistantly, because Kyo is Obviously out of highschool but what about shingo? or Athena even? makes me wonder how ART of FIGHTING 4 will be, i have the feeling it will be chronologically correct and that most characters will be old, unless its based in the 70's again
  3. I hope your right! although i would like to see Whips Whip to be smother and such...and Iori definatly needs a new costume
  4. well i suppose i could use smoother sprites...
  5. for some reason i feel saddend and confused by the death of NEO GEO.....will SNK live one without its heart.....
  6. SVC chaos was a great game, it compensates for the crap capcom did with the CVS games, nobody draws SNK characters than SNK. and i coudnt stand how capcom had to tone down the SNK characters to match that of capcoms, most notibles are Kyo, Ryo, and Iori
  7. oops i meant so say the p2 what about the p2 ya?
  8. that sucks, i thought i saw a patch for the P1 that can do it but i dont have the right crc to begin with
  9. yes! and there gonna add characters from MAXIMUM IMPACT but damn!!! im gonna Miss Ralph! he kicks some serious ass, not to mention the best competition usually use Ralph i coudnt care about the other 2 because the deadliest Iraki solders were Hiedern and Ralph oh yes, i didnt see Chang or Choi on the current list either
  10. what? fill me in on the details i have no idea what your talking about?! keep in mind i use KAWAKS 1.45 BTW i fixxed my KOF 2002 problem, now i wish to do the same with 2003, i want access to all the characters upfront!!!! is this possible yet?
  11. mind sharing your crc's? especially if you see the blue streak, im thinking i might need a new S1 id rather play this on kawaks then the japanese ps2 version!
  12. does anyone know the CRC for the patched version of the p1 for kof2k2? the one that grants easy access to Rugal and Kusanagi?
  13. isnt Shin Mr. Karate's uppercut using C supposed to have a blue streak? im not getting it....what should i use to fix/replace this minor problem?
  14. hahah I know the ambasador to the dominical republic, hes one rich flocker too! hahaha his retarded ass daughter tried to kiss me once, ugh!!!
  15. I NEED MORE ROBERT GARCIA!!!! and its about time they made Ryo Chorologically correct (AOF takes place in the 70's)
  16. I heard that the IKari Soldiers will not make the cut next year!!!!
  17. noooo! i love King because shes supposed to look like a beautiful man!!! i hate it when people make her too femme, like when capcom drew her...too damn curvy!
  18. best casltevania ever!!! i loved this game this is what castlevania is all about, damn Konami for having to make everything 3d casltevania and contra should always be in this 2d platform, the environments were large and brilliant, they should just make the backgrounds 3d if they want but leave the engine of the game
  19. this game was good, but i felt as if the SNK characters were tonned down to match the mediocraty of the Street Fighter games, but its still one of the best fighting games of all time soley from the large amount of characters, but Id rather play SVC chaos. I highly anticipate a SVC chaos 2 for Atomiswave
  20. I realize this, i just call it that becase i wanted all 12 extra characters visible the name of my rom when on my Kawaks Playlist says " SNK Vs. CAPCOM : SVC CHAOS (PLUS ver.)"
  21. problem solved!!! ( i had to change the S1 too)
  22. why bother, its just the p1 because i want the 4 final bosses too, the roms have changed a but since last year because i remember the p1 I used to play this game before my pc got formatted was 8 mb and had everything! and i cant seem to find that one anymore, all i can find are crappy patches that tend to cancel other hotstuff out
  23. whats the CRC for the P1 in svc chaos that makes every character in the game visible at the player select screen? (in mine i have access to all the characters but there boxes are not visible)
  24. lol nevermind! i just needed to put in the old P2 now it works wonderfully! thanks people!!!
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