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  1. Like ace said, just reinstall the softmod, but when its asking you to format your drive, just say no Last time, my main Xbox died after 10 good years ^^, i just unlocked the HDD, then i locked it with another eeprom, took me few minutes but now, its back to life
  2. Honestly, i dont think that kind of vote/thread is constructive... I prefer to say it in french because my english s****.... il ne faut pas tomber si bas, malgré la personnalité de la personne en question
  3. +1 ^^ dont want to be in charge, i just wanted to provide information and some "support" for newcomers. @Phil: how did you set the screen with Final Burn Legends when the Emotia is running ? Do you need to find the "correct location" ? Still no news of your "Pixel Perfect .inis" ? or do we have to wait for the feature in CoinOPS ?
  4. happy now ? be serious 1 minute..... can you add a "normalise" features for the video sound ? some videos are very loud, so a normalize option can be a good feature.
  5. what an exciting "news", any comments BP ? any progress with the sources and why it was discontinued ? another question: Why Midway games, especially Mortal Kombat 3 & Ultimate are not running at full speed with sound enabled ? because of the 0.84 core ? the drivers are not optimized ? or the hardware needs powerful cpu to run ?
  6. It seems an Arcade build will be released with CoinOPS 3 if i remember what BP said few weeks ago @fumanchu: did Night Slashers runs well on your Xbox ? on mine, its not smooth, lots of slowdown
  7. thanks ace ________________________________ The purpose of this topic is just to provide help and information for peoples on 1emu. Nothing else ________________________________ @Jinx: voila a link for your corrupted files edit: link removed
  8. find the post where i want you to leave and quote it.....if at least, that kind of post exist.........liar I apologise for being rude with fumanchu and the others, at least im facing the truth.........you're the one who takes responsability to leave.......no one else did...so stop crying, are you a man ? where are your balls ?
  9. im making a zip with the files needed, im uploading it on megaupload
  10. corrupted files ? Strange. Are you using a download manager ? Wich program are you using for your archives ? 7zip, winzip , winrar ? @Darknior: thanks, if only the developper can help people creating another skin for CoinOPS.
  11. c'est la meme chanson..^^ bad guys...good guys
  12. If you have any questions related to CoinOPS, this is the place since his developper dont want to provide support on 1emu I just released a shmup background music package...10 tracks from Cave soundtracks. Hope you'll enjoy it. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NHTNJKN8 ________________________________________ Latest CoinOPS release is CoinOPS2 R3...grab it here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NHTNJKN8 just copy the files over your CoinOPS 2 folder The developper also released an upgrade pack with more arcade & console games http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6GHF05CU http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N34F2KDR Thanks to ace9094 for the links, thanks to fumanchu and BP The purpose of this topic is just to provide help, support and information about the CoinOPS release.
  13. @sharpfork: Error404 aka BritneysPAIRS is the CoinOPS "developper", weeks ago, he said he was leaving..but, he's still there . posting only for himself, making comments only for himself. He is really skilled...CoinOPS is a good emulator...but him...the man, BP aka Error404...how can i say..... he has some kind of ego and most of the time, he's acting like a child. He donc understand most of us are full of admiration for his work....
  14. BP...the bug im mentionniong doesnt appear in Madmab emulator (MednafenX PCE madmab edition), it only happen in CoinOPS. Ive finish Dracula X CD many times , and the music "bug" appears only in CoinOPS.
  15. where's your build with Midway games running at fullspeed with sound ? Seems you said it was a private build for you and your friends , but why not sharing it with us ? Are you planning to fix the Dracula X CD bugs ?
  16. @Error404 aka BP: Didnt you said you were leaving ? You seems pretty active here since you "left" the board .
  17. oh yes please add a Pixel Perfect option, so Nestopiax will be perfect ^^ Cant wait to try your work, i cant imagine how much work it is updating an emulator like that. Keep up the good work
  18. hey BP, will you use the xRaine core for Strikers 1945, Puzzle Bobble 3 & 4 and many more games ? they're running better on xRaine than on MameOX. And ive one question , i didnt find any option for rotating vertical games in xRaine, am i blind or such features isnt available ? BP, do you think you can add rotate feature to xRaine core ?
  19. Plasma screens cannot be "Tated", its really dangerous. You can kill you plasma if you rotate it. CRT or LCD and LED are ok for Tate
  20. One of my Xbox died tonight , 10 years of good services...RIP Just need to unlock the HDD and locking it with another Xbox's eeprom. So no need to format it.....i hope so ^^
  21. At first, i bought my first Xbox for Ninja Gaiden and Tekki...But then few years ago, i discovered softmodding...then XBMC and emulators ^^ Now, my Xbox is at least running 4 hours/day....XBMC most of the time. So thanks to the scene, at least, ive now a good use of my Xbox ^^
  22. ive read many posts last night...and you really are thinking since many years than peoples are jealous ? Theres a problem....but its not your skills, nor CoinOPS (to my eyes, a masterpiece for arcade emulation on Xbox), but the problem is your behaviour, the way you're treating peoples.... Look how disrespect you showed to cba with his neogenesis skin.... Nevermind...with you, its like we're always reading the same posts.... And when it comes to admit, facing the truth...you're just babbling non-sense. At least if ive been a jerk with Fu, i admitted it. Mea culpa...You......na...nevermind ^^
  23. RetroG.......try to read the old neogenesis skin topic. Its a really good example of BP treating peoples like s****. Especially peoples who are contributing to the scene ( "your skin is a joke..blabla...im done with it ...blabla...my skills own you...blabla...i stealed nes code...blabla) Dont you think its strange than one guy is always the main "protagonist" when it comes trouble.... Make a search on x-scene.. I did it earlier....... And you'll understand what im saying. Yes im jealous., i really want to have , to find out what kind of pills hes taking everyday ^^ But i want to say it again. The guy has skills...lots...coding, skinning. He just dont respect peoples, and is paranoid.... "We're everywhere....We're Legions"
  24. well done ^^ Ive 3 Xbox at home and one is NEW, never been used. One day ill have to mod it
  25. im jealous BP has a bigger "kiki" than me...like Felix ^^
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