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  1. it was just a thought ...mixed with excitment ...on his blog, one developper seems to be really proud to have access to the drivers...nevermind, like you said no need to mention others developpers works/vision. im ( we are ^^) really waiting for your work (if you can consider releasing it in September; it would be a great wedding gift )...and i'll continue my work on the "shmup skin" i want to release (even if im not skilled like Neil, i really want to make it available soon..shmups deserve it ^^)
  2. the drivers seems to be "finished", Error404 will add them to CoinOPS soon...iq_132, did you make any speed improvment, optimisation since the video showing the games ? Doesnt matter..CoinOps lack of option when finalburn core is running...cant wait for the next FBL update. KUTGW +T+
  3. +1 global size settings with an option for "pixel perfect" like madmab's emus
  4. CPS2 was made to be played on 4/3 ....even if the resolution is wide..it must run on 4/3 screen...pixel perfect is a good feature....but whats more important us how your SDTV is set...finding the correct geometry, purity..adjusting yoke..purity rings, convergence; playing with magnets...only "few" peoples are skilled and are able to set a SDTV perfectly...even PVM needs tweaking.
  5. if you can fix the "rotation bug" and add a pixel perfect setting, it would be greatly appreciated by many of us . as for the gui , i really like how fba-xxx is sorting games/system (neogeo, cave, cps1...) i...would like to see the same option for FBL, i know the "custom filtered games" does the same thing...but like said above..its not intuitiv ..so if you can take a look at it too..and if you can add an option to disable audio for video preview too
  6. what ? BP...Error404 manage to add "pixel perfect" for FBL core ? is it really working ? @iq: what about ESP Galuda, is it running well too ? playable ? edit: im a moron...didnt see galuda running at 3:00.. i was so excited ...i miss it and what about big "pattern" when we're fighting boss ? no slowdown ?framerate loss ? @fumanchu: i think you'll be "happy" to know the release of DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu in Europe...RSG will release it in october on 360
  7. oh my f...... god !! perfection is coming...DOJ BL playable on stock Xbox o_O...cant believe it. many thanks to iq and +T+ for their work the king is dead...long live the king
  8. try to ask a .dat, maybe the developper will release it if you ask.
  9. UNBELIEVABLE !! CoinOPS R5 Standalone is out !! R4 was released one week ago, and now, the developper BritneysPAIRS is releasing CoinOPS R5 lots of games added, bug fixed, MegaCD games are nowplayable...and lots more download it on MU http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UMZL54N3 _____________________________________________________
  10. Splatterhouse !! (lots of money spent when i was a kid ) bad dudes vs dragoninja ^^ (same as splatterhouse) all the Cave games , especially ESP Rade (my first PCB soon ) Sunset Riders Shadow dancer Comix Zone is so great !! Pac Land Airwolf Exciting hour "good games", i remembered playing them when i wasnt even 10...great memories theres so many good games
  11. BP is working on porting Yabause on Xbox !! he told us on coinops blog !!
  12. bad news ^^ never mind, i still have 3 chipped PSX at home.
  13. maybe like asked on x-scene, maybe madmab can take a look at PCSX4ALL (playstation emu for GamePark handeld), so maybe improvment and new compatibility are possible. Or maybe some of you can ask BP to take a look at the sources and why not porting it on xbox...
  14. A "lite" version is out since few days, CoinOPS Lite R4 So the developper released a new revision made especially for peoples with stock HDD. Here's the game list: http://pastebin.com/tpQQAP8M and you can ask ace for the links NOTE: This version uses a different save state allowing for CoinOPS lite and CoinOPS full to run side by side. Enjoy ___________________________ So i guess the locks were removed since the last revisions.
  15. its not a "working" compatibility list. Like said on x-scene, CoinOPS use an old PCSXbox core, so it doesnt make any miracle, and lots of games arent working. Sorry for the misinformation you can read about PlayStation emulation in CoinOPS Heres a good list with compatibility and settings http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=238506
  16. Wich version , PlayStation ? CoinOPS dont make miracle. Rayman dont work on PCSXbox, so it cant run on CoinOPS....take a look at the pcsxbox compatibiity list on x-scene
  17. Did you try to insert and push a needle inside the little hole just below the tray ? its the "emergency opening"
  18. i hope we'll focus on news and lots more ^^
  19. like i said, you need your eeprom ,softmodding your xbox is the only way to recover it. You must have an xbox action replay, or maybe you can ask one of your friend. When the ndure will is installed, theres an option to "lock/unlock" the hdd.
  20. OMG ^^ poor Xbox I dont know which installer english peoples are using for Xbox. Your xbox was softmodded ? or its just a stock one ?
  21. You just have to unlock it with the eeprom before putting it in another computer then format it
  22. someone tried the Demul leaked version ? It seems high specs are needet to run those games ? Any of you can confirm ?
  23. Theres "many" known Biohazard 1.5 copy in the world, one day, one copy will leak on the web, im pretty sure...just a matter of time...and money ^^ i think
  24. Thanks fu And thanks to the author for the release. but still no "Pixel Perfect"...am i right ?
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