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  1. Great BP style ^^.... But despite you're insane you seems to be a good guy, come in france one day, we'll drink a beer and have a good laugh pal ^^ What did i do ? Are you crazy or what ? Can you quote me ? BP, one last question ... Do you finally consider me as part of the X conspiracy now ? ^^ We're everywhere...We're Legions....
  2. theres no screenshots because all roms have their xmv's video. Depends of what you prefer, vids or screenshots
  3. tristan, your french est vraiment tres bon. J'aimerais pouvoir en dire autant de mon anglais
  4. with some adapter, theres some problem with CoinOPS . I need to plug and replug it because sometimes when im lauching a game, the adapter isnt recognise anymore.
  5. who said i dont like BP ? Im the first one to say hes some kind of "genious". One day, i even proposed him my help for N64 core one day...but because i said earlier than for this core is pointless in CoinOPS, he refused my help....fine But the man as a strong ego and he loves to debate...cons...pros......Xtras..,..conspiracy.....so dont pretend things i never said...its misinformation and lies. Wow...never heard such a stupid thing ^^ Im a man...a man a man a man ^^ Oh say, can you see by the dawn's early light What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?...
  6. mea culpa...ive been rude, impolite, okay, i admit it. But this isnt giving lessons, but just honest thoughts in regards to some recent arcade games. We all did mistake (some peoples never make mistake...one especially, across the...), depends of the mood ^^...so please whip my back I also need an exorcism...please cast out BP from my body ^^
  7. So constructive.....the best from BP...lies and misinformation. Be careful, you're surrounded by trolls....WE are everywhere, WE are legion ^^ And dont forget you're a "noob" too, for example, what do you know about shibari (except googling ^^) @waal: try to find a build called shmuplagless definitly the bettest build to play shmup in arcade like condition (no lag at all). But only on Windows. But for the games mentionned here, we just have to wait for the drivers and support ^^. Ibara Kuro BL is a bliss and emulation is the only way to play it, because only few PCB's were released.
  8. you said that im against emulation...so yes thats a lie, a misinformation by BP...
  9. this is not police.....and especially not "police the scene"... In democracy, you have the right to express opinion, ive the right to say than "TIMING" must be considered for some games.....im not saying ive the truth.... Why am i still arguing with you...you said you're suffering from "misinformation" but you're always tweaking the truth and others peoples words.
  10. hey man....i was talking about credits yes...and why not ? In Xbmc, translators are thanked...and many others too... in videogames peoples are thanked...here we go again ^^. I asked why you didnt add credits in CoinOPS...Because its true, you're using others work......you dont want to add credits, ok, fine with it...you asked for features in R3...i postde some...then because you're angry, you said than me and another guy dont count for the vote...fine with it.... But dont say im pissing on emulation, because thats a lie As for my friends, i just told them than a man on 1emu makes me laugh every day/night...especially before i go to sleep ^^
  11. BP, stop it...i never said a word against emulation o_O...and stop with Xtras or waal and the others ...man...im soon 40...so dont tell me how i must act Im using CoinOPS everyday, i tried the old MameOX earlier, but my opinion, like you said, CoinOPS is a great achievment "timing" did you understand ? Yes for ME its a problem to have those games released so soon. And what i said for Fumanchu...that if he wanted to support Cave, for few bucks he can buy them...nothing else...yes ive been rude...but hey...was just a joke
  12. french comic books are so important, lots of peoples dont know how important and "influent" they were for US comics and english ones (especially Metal Hurlant ^^) Phil, dont forget the Ketsui/galuda vid...even a small one made with a cellphone ^^ i really want to see if the games are playable or not
  13. And what about "les escargots" ^^
  14. you're a gamer, a real one. Like we said, an hardcore gamer ^^ Can you show us some of your score on Ketsui or Galuda ^^...think it'll be fun to see . Close to 1CC ? dont worry, just kidding And why are you playing Ketsui on fba360....the Ketsui X port is awesome....but maybe too big for you to download ^^
  15. I never said i know them...but read their post, and you'll understand than emulation of SH4 games isnt coming soon......Problem isnt the dump asshole ^^, nor the emulation itself, problem is emulating those games, recent games......but as a true Cave lovers like you said, you know that ^^, and im pretty sure you have buy all their games to play them on your...oh yes..jtagged 360 ^^ And do as you wish, play them on Demul when the build will be released.....with lags and many more bugs ^^ Cheers "Cave lover"
  16. Thanks i just find it on a famous french site ^^
  17. i really like how this skin looks, any links to download this build of MameOX ? Effectively, now you're mentionning it, why CoinOPS dont show the full name ,clone and parents...some versions are easier or settings are differents (Battle Garegga for example). Can you consider adding such option for "R3"
  18. wow.....seems so fair...what about new users who have just finish to dl CoinOPS and want infos , or wants to participate to your poll....
  19. doesnt mean they're working...its just because they're dumped.... If you want those, just buy them, for less than 100$ you can buy Futari, Galuda 2 and DeathSmiles....for Ibara, the crappy PS2 port is a bit expensive...but real Cave lovers support and buy their games.....but Mame will be the only way to play Ibara BL....and this one is really a great games
  20. BP wants to be the new Arnova and kick his ass ^^
  21. so why is it so difficult to thanks all those guys ? You didnt code or port a new Mame by yourself ? So at first you just modify existing things....things created by peoples around the world..... Stop with the same childish argument...you're boring...
  22. you're using other developpers/peoples core, so i think you must at least name and thanks them in CoinOPS..... You didnt even thanks iq for the help he gives you with FB core.... So at least, add a thanks or credits window..... Another feature.....can you propose translation for CoinOPS ? Like Xbmc
  23. Thanks to a lunatic called BP....
  24. oh putain ^^ t'es trash sur ce coup well done
  25. why dont you want to add such features BP ? many games requires to be overclocked (with the FinalBurn core) and they're running better than MameOX. And yes, an option to hide or not the consoles games is a good idea, and many peoples since many weeks are asking for it. But like you said.... Im part of the X conspiracy, so all the tings im saying doesnt matter, so keep ignoring me, and keep ignoring peoples with constructive argument, peoples who want to help you improve your (great) work. Like all genious , you've a f****** ego at least admit it ^^ Is it me or this board seems really dead since 2 weeks ? BP did you banned so many peoples ?
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