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  1. I've gort hte proto and the non-proto and both of them worl on Egcg
  2. You can also try Firefox with the Adblock plugin
  3. Here in Spain the weather is crazy, one thay is about 30 Cº, and the nexy day the temperature, goes down to 15 Vº and it's pouring, I wonder what will happen tomorrow...
  4. In my case it's 2 weeks only!! I think ther are too much exams for only two weeks ( about 1 or 2 exams a day) But after that I will be freeeeee Nope, I forgot the classifying exams to go to the university. Dammit!
  5. Do whatever you want, we're not your bosses!!!!!!
  6. It seems that he has listened to their web users and has removed the swastika, but the webpage (maybe the server) doesn't work (bandwith limit exceeded) has anyone done something while we weren't watching? EDIT: sorry he was just changing the server...
  7. Yes, but the server is offline, isn't it?
  8. I don't teally care about popus because I use Firefox I also wouldn't really mind if there was a tower ad, I'm use to see them everywhere....
  9. I still don't believe he puts a NAZI swastica on his website 'cuz the swastica is used in other cultures, like the chinese. But this is too much!!!!! In the bottom of the homepage says that the webpage has been created in Mexico DF what does that mean? Is he trying to confuse us?
  10. Well you should check this web... And also read his books!!
  11. It seems that the hacked site it is really offline... now it doesn't exist anymore
  12. Well you can try emuleplus k, it works for me, and is based on edonkey too!
  13. Neo x has hacked a site... He is even proud of it!! It says "Did you think that I was playing, right? [This page has been] Hacked for scrwing up Neo Arcadia X and if you come online another time I'm going to f*** you until you desapear completely" PD: I haven't translated the last line PD 2: He claims that this guy leeched the bandwith of his site by posting the archive URLs of the downloads of Neo Arcadia
  14. Yes, it would be very good to create a 1emulation clan with its own chat! And want to play more often this game, its a great game. (usually I don't find cooperative gamers )
  15. Exactly. That's a perfect plan. Well, I think that's for those who can afford it
  16. Neo x's webpage is now offline, What has happened to it?
  17. Well, I think I can try, It's a good excuse to change my old and dusty PC...
  18. I'm also working for the team... but I don't know if I appear as if I was...
  19. I thought this post was about Matrix Online!! I've heard that Ubisoft, the distributor of the game, has left the project. I wonder how this will affect to the game development.
  20. I'm saying that that there's a problem with the net. Now I can't access some American sites
  21. mmmmh... I can't see the logo...
  22. I can't access to CPS2Shock's page!!
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