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  1. Do you mean Raiden Fighters Jet or Raiden Fighters Jet 2000? The 2000 version (which I think is some kind of chinese hack) already works in MAMEoX128Plus.
  2. I remember it was possible to get this running in MAMEoX by playing with the VMM settings. But it ran pretty slowly if I recall, never tried it myself.
  3. It was always a nice idea but has never been on a par with the MS XDK. It's just a case of using what works best, which in this case, unfortunately, is the illegal dev package.
  4. I was able to play through level 2 until I took a hit, at which point yes, the game does freeze. I'll look into it and see if anything can be done. Well it's as specific as I'm prepared to be. Xbox binaries are compiled with an illegal SDK therefore posting direct links is against the rules exactly the same as with ROMs, BIOS and other illegal files. There are several different sources that people use to obtain Xbox releases, all of which can be found with a simple Google search.
  5. I haven't tested on 1.9 but I don't have this issue on the 1.10 test build that I'm running. I just launched both games 3 times in a row each and they loaded without a problem each time (and nvram is being created correctly). So either something in the latest core update has resolved the problem or there's something funny going on with your setup. 1.10 will be released soon.
  6. Those 2 new games aren't supposed to have sound as it hasn't been implemented in the Tecmo driver yet. I don't have any problems with sound in Sega games. Check your ROMsets are correct. Thanks for reporting the Asura games, will get them fixed. 1.10 is on the way just as soon as I've finished updating the core with the latest FB Alpha updates. I made a lot of changes to the overall codebase in the last major build in order to keep things as current as possible and make it easier to incorporate future core updates without problems. This is why one or two games have needed fixing but the end result will be that new features, games, and driver improvements can be implemented quickly and efficiently without having to worry about braking anything. I wish I had the knowledge to be able to help with things like this. Many thanks to you and Treble Winner for all the latest updates though. It's great to have an arcade emu on the Xbox that is constantly evolving and getting better all the time. Inevitably we'll reach the point where the hardware can no longer keep up and there will have to be a final definitive Xbox FBL, but we're not at that point yet and things are working great so far for the mostpart.
  7. Boogie Wings will not have sound in FBL until it's added to the driver in FB Alpha. There's nothing to fix.
  8. Sorry but I've never understood the whole "pixel perfect" thing. The original arcade monitors stretched their display to 4:3 so FBL stretches its display to 4:3. I have no plans to alter this, plus it would be extremely difficult to implement custom values for all games due to the way FBL renders its video. You can always set up per-game screen sizes yourself.
  9. Yes, I've seen the new FB Alpha(s) and I'm working on integrating the updates into FBL. Next version will be 1.10 not 2.0 btw.
  10. Final Burn Legends 1.9 Just a bugfix release to fix several games that were missing sfx and/or music in the last build. All should be working now. + T + Downloads: The usual places.
  11. I still find working on FBL to be both interesting and rewarding so I'm not planning to quit any time soon. I'm just not really using the Xbox myself anymore for emulation; I've got myself an HTPC setup and PC MAME takes care of my arcade gaming needs. So with FBL I'll likely focus on fixing problems and keeping things in line with FB Alpha. I'll perform some brief rudimentary testing on future builds then throw out a release and users can let me know if any problems have been caused by the changes which I'll then endeavour to fix. This not only saves me a huge amount of time but also means I get to focus purely on the part of this project that sustains my interest, so I can't see any reason why it won't continue into the future.
  12. The missing sounds are probably down to a single cause. I'll try to find some time to fix it over the weekend. I don't have much time for testing FBL releases as I'm moving away from Xbox emulation at the moment, so I'm afraid you're all effectively beta testers from now on. That being said, penbros works fine for me and I have none of the graphics issues you mention with opwolf3.
  13. Here's the updated FBL Extras pack containing screenshots, titles, and marquees (also added to first post): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UV7K9O5P DIP switches in Cave games are accessed by holding down a service button for a few seconds. If you go into controller options, you can map this button to whatever you like (I forget what it's mapped to by default in Guwange).
  14. Thanks everyone for the comments and support. The drivers for these games currently have no sound. I have nothing to do with the distribution of ROMs so your first question is better off asked elsewhere. As for the changes, you won't need a whole new set but there are some changes to a few significant games. As always you can use the provided DATs to see what you're missing. I'm having no such problems with NeoGeo games; out of interest, are you running in HD? I noticed that some of the larger games can take a while to get past the green hardware test screen when running in 720p or 1080i due to the extra memory involved.
  15. Final Burn Legends 1.8 Though the changelog appears small in this release, the core update brings a huge number of improvements and additions; most notable is that several games that previously did not have sound now have sound fully working including some excellent Toaplan shooters (Batsugun, Dogyuun, V-Five, etc.). There are new games added as well, also the Pacman driver has had a major overhaul and all games on this driver now display in their correct vertical orientation. This also includes the changes from FB Alpha, check out the official changelogs for full details. ............ Enjoy! + T + Notes: I've packaged this as an upgrade from either FBL 1.7. Just copy the included files over your existing installation and it should work fine. However, a clean installation is always recommended. (i.e. install FBL 1.666 and then overwrite with 1. Downloads: The usual places. 'FBL Extras' pack (screenshots, titles, marquees): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UV7K9O5P Thanks to: The usual thanks go to everyone on the FB Alpha team.
  16. It's a nice idea and it's something I'd consider if it was the difference between slow or full speed. More likely I would just use two versions of the driver. But at the moment, even with the graphics code changes, none of the games run full speed so until that changes I'll probably just stick to the stock FBA driver.
  17. That's because you're playing it on an Xbox, it's more resource intensive than the system can handle. You should be glad it runs at all.
  18. I altered the graphics code in the Irem drivers to boost the speed, so this would probably account for any graphics problems with those games. I've noticed quite a few issues this has caused so I'll likely use the unaltered FBA driver in the next build even though it's a lot slower.
  19. There's not much left for me to do on this release so hopefully it won't be too long. Unfortunately I just got myself a new HDTV and am currently spending all my (limited) free time setting up the Windows build of XBMC. I have to say the Rom Collection Browser script is amazing for emulation; I can see my Xbox gathering dust really quickly. But I'm not planning to quit working on FBL as I still find it rewarding even if I probably won't be using it so much myself anymore.
  20. If it's a quick addition, I'll get it in the next build. Otherwise it can join the queue.
  21. It's great to see that new games are being added to FB Alpha on a regular basis and I daresay there will be many more to come. The problem for the Xbox is that any brand new drivers will have been ported from the latest MAME sources. Many of these newer drivers are considerably more resource intensive than in past builds from long ago (such as the 0.84 drivers on which all Xbox MAME derivatives are based). This is even true of older games; the Irem and Data East drivers from the last few builds of FB Alpha are a good example as even the oldest games they support struggle to get a decent framerate on the Xbox. I think the best thing for FBL at the moment are all the improvements to existing drivers that we've been getting lately (and there are a lot in the upcoming build). And of course, iq_132 and kenshiro's work on adding VMM to games that need it. But it's interesting to read what games people would like to see added. (a rusty spike is waiting for anyone that mentions Mortal Kombat! )
  22. Yes, Batsugun is also running nicely with sound . I can see how the rotate UI option would be a useful one but (along with all the other UI features on my todo list) it will have to wait until such time as there are no more core updates. I only managed to get one new UI feature in this release (an option to highlight non-working games) which I only added because it was useful for my testing. I'm not having a problem calibrating opwolf3. I just enabled Service Mode in the DIP switches, reset the game, calibrated the gun in the service menu, turned off the DIP switch, exited the service menu, and that's it. Works fine.
  23. Now that the forum is back online, I thought I'd post an update on FBL1.8. The emulator core has been updated in line with FB Alpha The changelog is extensive but among the most interesting changes is that Toaplan shooters that previously did not have sound (such as Dogyuun) now have sound working. Also a few new Toaplan games have been added including FixEight. So far everything is working nicely, there are just one or two fixes I need to address before release.
  24. Sounds like your pgm.zip is incorrect. Use the DATs to check your ROMset. I've no idea why it's persistently crashing after running the non-working games but if all your ROMs are correct then it shouldn't crash in the first place. Penguin Bros. underwent some changes in the last round of FB Alpha updates. I'll take a look at the driver and see if I can get working again.
  25. Really great news about the FreeDO port. It's an exciting time to be an Xbox owner. With FB Alpha still very much in active development I'm sure there are some exciting things to come there as well. There's also NeoCD support in FBC which I'm planning to give my best effort to get going in some form. No promises on that score though.
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