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  1. Hey BP, if your going to go the way of xbmc, could you do more of a pm3hd skin. Its a sexy little skin.
  2. I just gave a cousin of mine a modded xbox, FBA, CoinOPS and a few other emus I installed for him. He loves CoinOPS, the simplicity of it with the videos and the amount of games he can play got him hooked. He just wanted me to say thank you for him and that your emu is the S*@T. . Keep up the good work BP and Iq.
  3. Wow I cant wait to see what this looks like, I appreciate your time and effort into this project. Thanks.
  4. Showcase 2? Is that out yet, I wasn't aware.
  5. Cba.gy how long does it take to set up Transparency, I had my eye on that for quite some time now. Looks stunning though, but a pain to set up.
  6. Thanks for all your hard work, time and flair, you made this forum interesting for me to read I'll miss it. Good luck on your new interests, I still want to see, snes and n64 project you were working one day.
  7. Well as it sucks to hear, I wish you well. I always looked forword to your updates, our work on it made it from good to great to a must have. Thank you.
  8. I wouldn't sweat the small stuff like the GUI, it wasn't bad at all, your work is great. You have great skinners here you could utilize, the emu itself is great. It doesn't seem much for you to just whip something up in a week or two. I just think with kenshiro's work on FBA and BP's work on CoinOPS, and his new direction that continues to evolve it. It would be great if BP's mame roms were in Kenshiro's FBA and your hand into completing the saga drivers would be nice. Instead of three different projects working around the same idea of having the same roms emulated. I think Kenshiro's work on FBA with everything separated, cp1-2, neo-geo and with BP's mame and future snes, n64 in it would be (my dream emulator) just triggering the emu I want. Possible... probably not, for whatever reason. Just seems you want more of a challenge, that would be it. Cant forget iq_132 for all he's done as well.
  9. Is that your last update since all the games for FB are going to be in FBA, I cant wait to see your FBA port. Nice job by the way in FB. Thanks.
  10. A really nice job with that singularity skin in HD. Thanks.
  11. Yeah, I have a wide screen tv. I know they were not thinking of making these games for home user's in mind, with 27'' - 52'' HDTV's. So I have to try that out with the graphic filter. Sometime I don't know if its my roms or not, some of them are missing files and I need to run them through romcenter or clr. I don't know how to do that, so I just play the games that load. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Is the feature for deleting games gone? I have copies I want to get rid of.
  13. Tried a couple games, not finished though. 1) Aurail - minor slowdowns. 2) 1945k - visual glitches run along the screen, in almost a wave, from top left to bottom right. Awsome game though. 3) Gunbird - Froze my xbox a couple times on start up. 4) Strikers - 19453 (World) Started, then would freeze near the end of the first stage. 5) Tried Shinobi - Froze the xbox 3 times. Hope that helps. I'll keep playing.
  14. Oooh Snes..... I was just playing that this morning.... It better not be mario Kart in HD, I had plans this weekend.
  15. I just tried coinops reignite. Nice and smooth now, its come a long way from the mameox days. Thanks for all the hard work you put in it.
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