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  1. Do you think you could ask him if he would consider porting Coinops to the Ouya, people are paying good money for junk mame emus there. It would be a great app. He could also get alot of help with the other Devs if he needed it.
  2. Their suppose to have XBMC for OUYA but it hasn't come out yet. Your right though, still to young. Homebrew will be the bridge to make this my new xbox1. But when xbmc for OUYA does come out, will that change things?
  3. I was wondering if anyone herd any news about these emulators being ported over to the ouya. Besides Mupen64, FBA, or Coinops would be nice. Cant find OUYA in 1emulation.
  4. Hmmm, I think I just have CoinOps 4, no Fantastic. I don't have any folders though. I'll just make them and put the xmv file in them. How do I get CoinOps to see them?
  5. Yes I used winrar. Everything seems to work, as I go through it now, I just don't have any pics or videos.
  6. I use flashfxp as well. When I open the videoesxtras folder on my computer its just a bunch of xmv files no folder, the folder is 17gb though. On the xbox, videosextras just has a file and that ceh folder.
  7. I finaly installed Coinops 4 and, 3,400 in the video extras xmv files failed. Not sure whats going on, I never had any isues before. Can some one help me out, I'm stuck. The only thing in the videosextras folder is, a folder called Ceh with caricature in it, and some type of file named gq(N. The file is 3.04gb.
  8. Been gone for a while, is there anymore places to get a pack for this for the wii? I don't think anyone made one for it yet. And how is it it for the xbox, is it worth it?
  9. But why would you keep both? I just want to update my full version, like r2 and r3, overwrite and done.
  10. Why side by side? This isn't something you can overwrite like the other updates?
  11. I use a Logitech Cordless Precision Controller and its working for me. I don't know what games your playing, but the ones that I have played work well.
  12. That is some tedious work you did, well appreciated.
  13. I've been using that skin for a while, its a default skin for XBMC now in the latest auto installer. I went back to an older build and things are back to normal.
  14. Thanks for the info guys, I am connected to the net though but I do use pm3HD skin. Things were great before the update, everything seemed to be quicker.
  15. I just updated to the latest t3ch build and now its running slow on startup (I have that wheel spinning now), I'm going back to latest xbmc version. Its happening to both my box's.
  16. Been waiting months for this, cant wait..... But don't forget about super Bomber Man, it was great for Snes.
  17. Hey guys, how do you change horizontal previews or rotate them?
  18. Oooh, even better..... I like it. Is that transparency? Sometimes you have to backup and take a look at things before you can move forward, your quality speaks for itself. Hope to see it before I deploy, thanks for the sneak peak.
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