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  1. Hey BP, Thanks for keeping the posting rate so high. You're indeed the n°1 emulator by yourself. The scene, and so mankind, wouldn't live without your wisdom. And everybody needs to add 10 minutes of laughter to his day after all.
  2. Talking to yourself ? Perhaps you should think about a good interface instead. That XBMC like concept art you showed months ago wasn't bad.
  3. LMAO The guy is proud of his 3050 posts. Which are always the same. Get a life, dude... Same for your FAKE above...
  4. Also available on UG. Thanks amigos for making it possible.
  5. And Amiga Xtras Starter kit is available: - Multiple floppy (ADF) versions (normal, trainer...) regrouped in a zip for each game - 320 Hard drive installed (WHD) versions for faster loading and no disk swap - Artwork including 3D boxarts, boxarts, title, snap etc... - Video previews for every game - Manuals for 292 titles. (258 manual scans, 286 text files) - FAQs including hints, keys, solutions, walkthrough and reviews for 261 titles - Maps for .. five games. Lucky you - Video commercials. PM me for links.
  6. The more I look at this skin, the more I like it.
  7. Hey Fu, Yes I have various disk versions and a hard drive installed one you can play with the new winuaex. I'll send you these next friday when I'm back from vacation. Cheers.
  8. Funny. I'd like to see more new games for the C64. This one looks more like a Sokoban or Tiny Skweeks/Brainies on the Amiga. Morph has another kind of gameplay. More of a platformer.
  9. Yeah this machine was very impressive at the time. But it was expensive even in Japan where people rather bought NEC computers like PC-98/PC-88. And I still prefer the sound of an Amiga. If only they had ported soundtracker to the X68000...
  10. Or because i had sexuality in your body yesterday. Oh yeah and it was very good. Man, you're creative unlike others. Next time let's try the cellar. The only thing riding on you is your boyfriend LOL This forum looks more and more like a mix between the Village People and the Love Boat. Basically it is progressive. I like it. Exactly! See ? There are even some who want to make orgies. Hot hot hot
  11. Me. I'm your friend coz I believe in your signature.
  12. As if we were not already aware ... You don't walk, you run. Showcase, uh ? LMAO
  13. What's good with 'trolls' is that they always make you repeat the same shit. This is a rather amusing case
  14. Someone else sees someone complain ? I see only one ego that swagger again and continues to flatter the ego of another...
  15. Something related to the bamboo ? ^^
  16. Seriously, dude. Go see a doctor.
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