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  1. Not at all. It's just a bug to resolve on a side and a solution a hysterical has to find on another side. Between, there is us who just wanna play Galaga.
  2. Yeah much better. I like it when you do it like that. BTW, I've got the same issue here. I really hope this problem will be solved very soon. This is the day in the year I want to play Pacman and loading is so slow. Perhaps I should try to load the ZX spectrum tape version with another emu until this bug is solved.
  3. Ain't no drama, my friend. War, starvation, death, football players on strike and world cup elimination is drama !
  4. hello i see a few issues wonder why the coder doesn't help people out.... Something must be wrong with Visual Basic here or is it Fortran ?
  5. I didn't see this. Talking about time and energy. LMAO But let's be complete. He asks for help so often after all. Here's some french made consulting. World class of coz. Raymond style. 10) I can't understand that most people don't give a shit about me and my stuff. and 6) Why should I do this ?
  6. Very good. Finally a good initiative from the mighty blind admins of MWARFemulation.com. By the way, are you the Pastor of Muppets ?
  7. Ahhhh finally. See, Philexile ? THIS is funny.
  8. Always happy to give a hand. You're welcome.
  9. You're not funny. Really. Yeah. Definitely boring.
  10. Stop wasting forum space with this rubbish. Stay on topic. Please take it seriously, this is about programming.
  11. Same for you. Just go back crawling on that other sticky-stinking topic you want to defend so much. You're such a sermonizer...
  12. And why don't you be a man and stick to your topic like you always say ? Mais quel trou du cul ce type...
  13. I know you need BP to solve you little technical problem but my point goes beyond. I don't tolerate he discards other people's work while it's his that is in question. And asking me to stop posting is indeed disrespectful and slightly sounds a bit hypocrite and selfish. A shame you seem to misunderstand that it's about defending a collective's work and not just about a silly software issue.
  14. A positive attitude will definitely bring you positive comments. The Rx release is not buggy at all. I know it works fine. Actually people have issues with your build that is based on your programming (based on you brain ? mmmh). Just read the post above and ask yourself (Though you need help obviously): - Is Coinops Showroom Lite a Rx release ? NO - Is Coinops Showroom Lite a BP/CoinOPS/YOUR Release ? YES Of course I will comment on stuff you know nothing about LOL. Three releases out really ?! You just wrote that one of the three is not out. Or is it about Rx release ? Or maybe you are Rx ? What a surprise... Doh... Is that understandable ? Must be an experimental thing or something. Indeed. Your gibberish is so much confusing... Wanna do something for me ? Just shut up. And please stay out of the affairs of education. You proved since a long time how dull you are regarding logic and self-expression. Guy, you ask for peace and don't hesitate to immediately troll on Surreal 64 latest release thread or on Cbagy's and anyone's that is not Coinops related. Abstain from criticizing the work of others and you won't be bothered. From the start, I don't care at all about your outdated ugly looking lemulator. It's just you're so pathetic and full of yourself...
  15. You don't want to get this build because there is NO build. The build they're talking about since days is actually yours, stupido. So answer the man, he's just asking about an issue with one of the three builds you released... Or maybe you really don't know what you are doing...
  16. Usually a new emu release is a great event for our little scene and thanks to Freakdave and Weinerschnitzel, we now have an UPDATED emulator. Just look at these features to see that it is REAL talent that enhances emulation of a difficult console on our good old platform. Also look how it's nice to see that so many people are able to collaborate in peace and harmony. It's not just stupido-narcisso fan-service cut-n-paste like a certain DUMB ASS tends to do here permanently. Now see who reacts first to this news and compare how the same kind of announcement topics work on other forums. Definitely, what a pity...
  17. Yeaaah this games rocks. Like many others on this awesome computer. There are some fine games on the MSX too.
  18. My point is playing the original Qwak on a TV is much better when you get to run it on Winuaex. Much less blurry pixels. But the GBA version is a good finding.
  19. Qwak on the GBA has a limited interest due to the screen size, except for collectors. Better play with the original.
  20. Yeah true gaming... You're definitely right. And what about putting a brain in for a start ?
  21. Call it hypocrisy, I call it wariness. Retrogaming is tolerated because it is considered marginal compared to the whole video game market which is huge. It's just amateur vs professional. But don't forget that there are still copyright holders for these games and that they still sell some of these games in other forms and on other platforms. Make it a commercial activity and you'll be certain to quickly see these companies be aware of that phenomenon. Then they might first ask the authorities to close that kind of site and then the purge will begin. To me that's the main reason why sites and forums like this current have rules about this. To keep it contained, to stay a minimum discrete. Definitely not hypocrite but wise.
  22. Funny. Every time I look at post#12, I see more content has been added. Well, whatever... edit. And now it shrinked from nothing to more nothing. lol.
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