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  1. I had lot of fun with this game at its time on the peecee. I'm curious to play it again to see how it feels.
  2. Hi, It's been a long time, I missed you. Just want to congratulate you BP for CoinOPS 2. Especially now I can exclusively use it for arcade games. I'm glad we finally could help each others. That new skin selector is awesome, too. Though I'm hesitant between the green and the blue one (actually I'm more into pink). On a side note, that story about the locks was definitely very entertaining. Everybody played a role like in the best dramas. We even had various stages to watch the show. But I'm a bit jealous right now, people are now comparing you to Orson Welles himself. Really. Well because of my new duty (long story but I actually saw the light), I was tempted to test the N64 games with the patches you provided here and no luck for me: the GUI is in 720P but the games still launches in 480P. I wonder who I should believe then... The videoprojector or the Creator himself ? The machine or the man ? What a dilema ! Anyway, I hope you'll fix this very soon for me. Cheers, Your devoted waal - CoinOPS 2 special advisor on
  3. Loving this. I wonder where I can find customized consoles these days.
  4. Wouhou !!! woot !!! Best skin eva' !!!
  5. To Robert. Cleaning this thread is a good idea. I don't need to be mentioned here either. Thanks for your probity.
  6. Daaaamn.... You can't forget us, uh ? I don't care about your poll and wasn't about to vote anyway. I don't even use what you call your software. Good luck...
  7. uh... Are you trying to woo me or what ? Seriously... Get a life man. Really.
  8. There's no culture, no basic knowledge of graphic design there. Only already seen effects and easy to download photoshop actions application. No style. No brain, no pain... 99% of the GFX on the web looks like this and it's definitely dull... At least Cbagy's layout is better thought and he's worry about how to organize information. His work is on the good way, not yours because it's only a patchwork. As usual.
  9. Good to hear. We'll see if you are able to keep your word. Remember, you're the one who felt the need to start this. I didn't asked you anything before. But yeah, good luck to you.
  10. Yeah like that guy says, feel free to visit us. There are many informations there if you're smart enough... but you won't find any kind of BP there, sorry. And there are icon sets for BP too as it seems he enjoys them. BP, you're definitely the most stupid guy I've ever met on a forum and your latest action is once again ridiculous. No sense of humor at all. I'm amazed to see how far you can go with your low level logic. Usually coders are interested in learning things and making discoveries. Your arguments about "fame" and "hits" have no point. I pity you. You should definitely stop this childish game. It doesn't make you big at all. I just hope traveling will make you grow up. I wish they'll give you a passport, though. But it looks you're working for a zoo after all... Oh and to others, always keep in mind who started this FOUR pages ago: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...st&p=341374 (That guy must be masochist too) Ok enjoy the digital pita and good day to you...
  11. Wow. Amazing. This guy is serious about it from the beginning. Ok guys time to banana split. Enjoy your cake and your D/U rate...
  12. LMAO Actually, your real challenge is to finally get out of your room and to come to my place for at least one drink. But if opening a thread on another forum can make you happy, then go ahead. That's much cheaper after all. Yeahhh ! You've got the point, Phil. PS: CoinOPS Epic is available with loads of déjà-vu stuff. Don't forget your borsalino and select the right cheese (hint).
  13. Now this is a pleasant news. I'm glad you'll come to visit my favorite town, frankly. Perhaps that will be the time when you'll forget all that silliness so I'd be pleased to make you visit great places. I also have many english speaking friends. Who knows ? Perhaps you'll find a girl here and stay for much longer. And then, let's go crazy, you'll take the Eurostar to London and go visit Bigby and Cbagy. Its only a two hours trip. You lucky you. (oh and there's still that dreamcast emu to do)
  14. OMG, you are still the biggest cocksucker around these parts bp... Why would the xtras site want a thread for you over there? You constantly bag the work they do, saying you are better, constantly mentioning thread counts, views, etc.... this really does get quite sickening. Things really haven't changed since I last visited this site, you are such an egomaniac its unbelievable!! As hard as it may be for you to believe, other people don't think/worry about thread counts/numbers, they would rather produce a thread then move onto another one... YOU are the one obsessed with numbers, get over it... That is why you tack the new thread for coinops onto the thread of the last, to keep those "views" high. Really, how old are you? And do you ever get out into the 'real' world, rather than the "digital" one...? I second that. Because it's the simple truth. I haven't posted here since more than a month and didn't feel the need to. But it's obvious this guy needs some show. Just look at the previous page, he's the one who started this. Like always. Oh and by the way, someone should post some quotes from the official SDK docs. That Video Recorder he's not even able to name is made for hardware video capture and has limited features compared to what you can get on computers (Windows or MacOS X, see what I mean ?). It's only about using a tool, not about coding like he claims. How silly. There's some post production to do after this. It's like always like this regarding video production. Perhaps I should invite this guy to visit the studios I work this. At least he would enjoy Paris and get some savoir vivre and savoir faire... In short: 1. I don't need you to mention me or my friends, BP. 2. Reading you is funny enough. 3. We didn't open a BP thread on our forum because no one cares about you there. 4. But you're a great joke. 5. So thanks for that. 6. You don't need to baby cry again, just grow up please.
  15. Seriously man, just get a life. I've no use of XDK and there are much simpler ways to do videos with a computer. Faster or slower way, I don't care at all. But nobody you mentioned here has ever spent four years doing this. Obviously you're the only depressed emo-kid that have this kind of need. Once again your post is total bitter crap so don't complain again about being bothered then. Even you're our favorite joke, we keep this on our fields. Poor guy...
  16. I can see you've been very active this last month... on this forum at least. Nobody was here to bother you but you wrote a looooot of loooong boring, bitter and irrelevant posts like you did above. What a pity. BTW, thank you sensei for teaching us how to remove a comment. You definitely bring a lot to people. Now moderators, can you please remove these spams ? Once again BP derailed a thread but we'd like to talk about Atari and neo-retrogaming stuff instead. There are people interested here for a change. Thanks for your comprehension.
  17. Excellent game. Yeaaah C=64 definitely rules. Just listen to this SID sound. Always loved it. There's also Newcomer, a RPG for this machine which is for sale. It has impressive artwork : http://www.protovision-online.de/games/newcomer.htm
  18. This present port is great and has very nice new features. I encourage people to try it. Many did before and loved it. BTW, nice homebrew you brought here, Garcimak. Looking for more games like this. I always admired the creativity of these game developpers. Gifted with true talent. The chip sound is cool too. Now this is retro gaming.
  19. I want to be back ! I want to be back ! I know who's the real troll and the world needs to know ! /D

    Seriously, even I wasn't surprised by your decision, why you always let this son of a bitch act this way ?

  20. I've been using MKV with XBMC (any build) for a long time and I never had any issue. The only limit is loading large videos like 720p but it happens with any format and it is a known fact.
  21. Yeah, yeah sure. Now off to your topic. Good boy.
  22. There are two remaining true programers who should be praised for their humility and their kindness, though. Freakadave for preparing a new SurrealXXX with improved core and better compatibility. With adding "modern" GUI features and neat presets too. Madmab, who has already updated, improved and fixed many of xport emus in addition to the new GUI. Contrary to the claims of ignorant lamers, this isn't just cosmetic. And he recently upgraded DosXbox core from 0.65 to 0.72 with dynamic compiler included. This is an awesome progress for DOS emulation on the xbox. Without forgetting to thank Hyper Eye for bringing Odamex to the xbox. Yeah, there's still hope.
  23. Apparently you didn't even need to ask... Hehe... Nothing bad though this time, I was only trying to encourage people to join your cause. But I'm afraid you'll have to get by alone again. The geniuses are unfortunately so often misunderstood. Even if we can understand from reading your latest posts how much effort you're doing so people can understand you. I admire that and hope that your project can attract many people of your worth. I sincerely hope you find as many zealots for helping you that we can find on this forum. Edit. You son of a bitch, always begging the mods to erase posts you dislike while keeping your insults of course. You who claims to be a genius had needed 45 minutes to understand this ironic post and add your insulting second sentence below. But I just gave a simple and correct answer twice before and it was deleted. LMAO Lucky you have the support of those bunch of assholes who pretends to admin this garbage forum. Fuck you all.
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