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  1. Thanks Gamecop, I try BTW, it's good to see you again also
  2. The site contains exactly what the title leads you to believe... Check it out here: Lockshaw13's PSOne & PlayStation2 US Demo Page I got tired of not being able to find any good updated demo sites, so i made my own. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you know any1 else that is remotely interested in Playstation demos, send them also
  3. Wanna play your PS2 CD/DVD backups w/o having to use Swap Magic Discs?!?! All that's needed is an original ps1 game, a ps2 memcard, & a few mins... Go here for details: http://www.barnitos.net/cdloaderexp/
  4. Direct Connect is by far the best source for Saturn isos....
  5. Go here for the details: http://www.barnitos.net/cassini/index.htm Enjoy
  6. Usually Super2xSai doesnt look much better than 2xSai, so I usually stick w/ 2xSai...I use it for all emus that support it, including VBA & NESTopia
  7. I read in your FTP topic that you yourself have been turning non-bootable games into self-booting versions, Shiba. What program do you use yourself?
  8. Can any1 recommend a goot self-booting program and/or tuturial? I would appreciate it very much.
  9. I use NESTopia myself & it's my NES emu of choice Every game I played is emulated 100% accurately and as far as I know it supports all the mappers. It also perfectly emulates the Famicom Disk System. Give it a try.
  10. Sorry to bring this thread back into activity after so long, but I've recently gotten 2 DC games (Rayman 2 & Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact) & they are both non-bootable bin/cue files. I''ve downloaded a few different self-boot kits but cant seem to get them to work. Any1 have any ideas?!?!?
  11. Yeah I checked there & was able to dig up a FAQ for how to swap w/ the PAR...then I figured out that wasn't my problem. For some reason, even though I'm using a 4-in-1 PAR, my Model 1 Saturn refuses to boot burnt import games when doing the swap trick. I get to the Sega screen then it freezes. I've tried everything I can think of w/ no results & couldnt find an answer @ Sega Xtreme....any ideas?
  12. If any1 is able to tell me how to use the Saturn swap trick w/ a Pro Action Replay 4-in-1 for games requiring RAM like X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, I would be eternally grateful....Thanks....
  13. Well some games that don't appear on that list, like Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2 don't boot up in a PS2 when doing the swap trick either....
  14. Ummm this game was released in America.... Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Caliber (U) [!] At least thats what GoodN64 tells me....
  15. Well is there a ps1 boot disc that has sub-channel data? I use a Gameshark CDX to boot w/ and apparently it doesn't
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