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  1. I cant help you, but if you do figure it out, and it works, id love to know where you got it
  2. Its ok, you just realize that Pirates are 10000x better than ninjas.
  3. I love my first generation JP Dreamcast, since it plays American and JP games without a bootdisk
  4. http://www.dcemulation.com/article-supported.htm
  5. I thought the scene had come to the conclusion that ALL models could read back ups.
  6. Oh well WTF? I though it was a GBA game, hell it LOOKS like a GBA game! Scrap this crap and just do 2004 plz.
  7. No prob, but if you are really a big fan of the DC you should get some posts at the boards i mentioned, and check out the releases
  8. Sonic Adventure 1 is on Suprnova if our still looking Gryphon
  9. Dont forget that Lui Kang is back in the new MK too, as a ghost AND a zombie
  10. To the person that wanted SF3:double impact, its currently being seeded on the forum i mentioned
  11. I have the Sonic Adventure, if you wanna seeif you can get it, just register and post a few times to get access to the Torrents section, and request it.
  12. I have a 7 zip of Sonic 1, you should really check out http://dcforums.net
  13. Yeah that case is something else, totally awesome.
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