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  1. No worries. Just glad you're ok. (and didn't get hit by an iceberg. I'm sure Greenland has quite a few of those this time of year (and those creepy sharks with the parasites on their eyes... gross). Geaaarrrssss twooooooooooo No problem. ^^ Though some of us may have been trying to burn the server to the ground... *cough* fatal *cough* Belthasar *cough*
  2. The one that's on the usual sites isn't a screener. ^^ However, the visual effects are incomplete. Good movie btw.
  3. I think one guy really believed that. He was all angry and wanted his account deleted. Iirc, his website was hosted here and he linked to it for a university protect or a job app or something. And, instead of acting like an adult he threw a temper tantrum.
  4. osman and nightstalkers are arm5, not arm7. :S If I ever feel motivated again I'll finish it up. Thanks iq, i really hope you get motivated to finish this, these are really great games!! Have they been giving you any problems?? HF- Not really, no. Just been focused on PGM for weeks now. Can't really seem to get into anything else.
  5. osman and nightstalkers are arm5, not arm7. :S If I ever feel motivated again I'll finish it up. when you mention the arm-7 core,which games run on this in fba?i know most of them run on the mc68000 processer or a chip based on said processer is it the pgm games you are talking about? A few pgm games -- kov super heroes, kov2, and martial masters (and more in the future [list here...] when they are fully dumped). The arm7 for pgm runs at 20mhz. The 68k also runs at 20mhz, and the z80 runs at ~8mhz. That's a grand total of ~48mhz [almost 50% faster than the playstation lol]. If you've tried to run kov2 or martmast in mame, you've noticed that they take a a lot of cpu. (40-50% cpu usage on a 1.8 c2d). In my current build of fba, it takes 8-15% (~9% for kovsh, kov2, and photoy2k and 15% for martmast).
  6. Yuck. Sounds terrible. You don't own the games. You get to rent them. How much per hour, per minute? Can they revoke your licenses to use it when they see fit? Feel like modifying your hardware? too bad. You can't license our stuff if you've got a modded system. Cloud computing? Isn't that a terrible concept for gaming? You get more and more people playing the cloud will get bogged down, bandwidth will crap out, video quality will get even worse (since it will, without a doubt, be compressed to save bandwidth & money). I hope this goes down in flames. I will NEVER buy a console that can't be played from offline.
  7. I got bored and started looking at the other project. Good lord it's slow... 8fps ffs? I disabled the vmm and just let the sprites draw junk and it shot up to 60fps! Weird... didn't think the access times on the hdd were that slow. You'd think 256 sprites / frame max (256*2) reads wouldn't be too bad... Hmm... *edit* Looks like it's not so much access times, but the fact that it's reading large chunks of data quite frequently. Setting up a minimal vmm that caches to ram greatly increases the speed. Just gotta figure out how fba-xxx's vmm works. Right now it seems to be giving me garbage.
  8. It's very easily do-able (not by me [i'm lazy and have no experience with porting full programs to xbox], mind you, but do-able). It's only 2mhz with minimal ram, so that's not really the issue.
  9. Sounds like the beam width is too low for your tv to draw it fully. Not sure if there's a setting or not for it, but if there is, i'd suggest increasing the value. ^^
  10. Hey! You know i have a life whore? (btw i work all the week end crappy lol) LLL... iiii....ffffff?? Is that some sort of weird French word? I can't seem to find a translation for it? Is it something I can download?
  11. Duuuuddeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Did you hook that driver up to vmm yeeettttt???? lol /me is impatient, you rat bastard.
  12. Agreed lol. Honestly though, iirc, Cinder is very skilled at fixing consoles. You should fire him a pm.
  13. Wow! Terribly impressive. Must use some insane speed tricks - (under clock, drc, asm, loop check/skip?)
  14. I thought this was going to be about me, Robert, and Gryph for sure...
  15. It's all hormones. It will make your breasts hurt and cause bleeding, and make you massively bitchy.
  16. Martial Masters & Knights of Valour 2 on FBA. ^^
  17. unfortunately, saturn isnt possible as you probably know (dual processors and such...) though i would love to see that as well... as for a net browser there is one in aideluxe, or you can use linux to run firefox. and for defragging, most likely not possible unless done through linux. my friend and i tried to port an open source defrag to the xbox filesystem, but the xdk does not have, afaik, the os methods needed to run it (someone correct me if you have found a way...) Dual? Sure, if you only count the main CPUs. There's twin VDPs as well as dedicated sound processors, it's a rather complex machine. That aside, Yabuse has been ported to Dreamcast. ANYTHING is possible, but playable is where you touch on the impossible. Yabuse for DC will never be playable, and a port to Xbox would be the same. As for Dreamcast on Saturn, a proof of concept would be hard enough on it's own. With only 64MB of RAM on the Xbox, and requiring 26MB alone to "1:1" on the Dreamcast combined RAM size, you're not left with much to use for your actual emulation of the machines hardware. All of this is beyond anyone without the knowledge and capability, so I oft get sick of seeing people ask something that is at the very least, obviously difficult. Why ask, it makes you look silly. But.. uh.. it can run nintendo! it must be able to mamulate the wii!! Xbox rulz!! lol. It's going to be a pain in the dick to get it to run this with a 20mhz 68k, 8mhz z80 and 20mhz Arm7, let alone anything as beastly as the dreamcast or saturn.
  18. The cps3's sh2 processor is ~25mhz (and barely runs at full speed). The dreamcast's sh4 processor is 200mhz. Not only that, it also has an arm cpu for sound and some pretty funky video hardware. It's not impossible, but playing the games faster than about .01 frames a second is a little unrealistic. You can quote me on it (I'm certainly someone who should know the xbox's emulation capabilities...).
  19. You plan on giving it a proper name? Cool. I hope you don't listen to whatever idiot suggested "banana hammock" for the name.^^
  20. You sure it's not the hiv? Or possibly herpes, gonorrhea, the clap, papilloma, or syphallis?
  21. For those interested, here is the answer: 0920BEBA Can't you see? 09 --- 20 --- be --- ba Hell yeah! Cospefogo. Oh! It's actually stored as hex lol. Not only that, it's read as a long (that's why the bytes are reversed -- endianness).
  22. Step 1. Fill full of milk (or something of equal or greater white-ness/viscosity). Step 2. Point at someone's face. Step 3. Squeeze!
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