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  1. I can't give specific benchmarks, but honestly it feels quite snappy. Uses about 1.2gb of ram not doing anything (that 1.2gb includes virus scanner). My previous install of Vista 64 (I'm using the 64-bit build of 7 as well) took about 1.6. The update process was quite easy though. Just burn the disk, run it from windows, and upgrade. ^^ Had to get rid of the "Feedback" link on every window... having it that close to the buttons was horrible. The start menu itself is very familiar if you're use to Vista at all, but the taskbar itself is very revamped. Visually, it is thicker and has large "quicklaunch" icons on it (not really that new). The main few awesome things are that when it groups the buttons together for similar items, on mouseover it shows previews for them, not only that, it has a close button for each of them. The last goody is the "show desktop" button on the far right of the clock (which now shows the date btw). Another very welcome feature is that when you drag a window by it's title bar to the edge of the screen, it will show an outline and will fill the screen to that outline (dragging to the left or right fills half, top fills whole screen). Only been using this for about an hour. ^^
  2. Canada doesn't cost that much either. Just pm me with an address and it's yours.
  3. I've got 2 512mb (samsung) sticks. Let me know, you can have them for free [or a cookie]. I don't even mind paying shipping if it's in the US, I just want to get them a good home.
  4. Atomiswave. No way in hell that's playing on the xbox. :S
  5. Just check chase level or helicopter fight - just asking yep and what so funny about it "champ"? What's funny is that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. It is rather pathetic, honestly.
  6. So how will be with transparencies bugs. What the hell are you talking about? Do you have some sort of mental condition we should be aware of? Well my Night Slashers work all time 60 fps If you say so champ.
  7. Honestly, it performs very poorly at some tasks, but at others it really surprises me.
  8. Kov2 & martial masters require an additional cpu that isn't emulated atm in fba.
  9. So seams like Night Slashers will be quite a chalenge for you ) Honestly, not really. The ARM cpu is a 32-bit cpu as is the m68ec020 (silkroad, etc). It's easy. Especially since Osman will only take ~25mb of ram and Night Slashers is about the same. I'm more concerned with the xbox's extremely shat processor. Whatever.
  10. Uhh... I wrote the pac-man driver. And the silk-road one, and the Ninja Gaiden one, and Funny Bubble, and Mighty Warriors, and a Tao Taido one, and a Mr Do! one, and many more... But, ok, you know more than I do.
  11. Well then maybe you shoudl write me this in exchange in pm. That was the risk to inform some of you about it (specialy you after a year spend on it) - anyway wish you good luck with it What would be the point of that? And why would it take me a year? Things like that usually only take me a few days... Hell... pac-man with dozens of games only took me a week.
  12. Iq (as most of xbox coders) good knows that Night Slashers are already ported to xbox ..... Why would I care about it running in any other emu than fba-xxx and coin-ops? It's not the first time I've ported a game/cpu simply because I wanted to see it in a particular emulator.
  13. Hmm, well spotted. Location UK? Must be someone else. GC is from Greenland.
  14. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2967
  15. For sure that girl isn't cute, but it's nice to be reminded of behavior on a forum that wouldn't be tolerated here.
  16. Here's the faster version. Plus, I think you're thinking the "street fighter" is choppy. It's not. It is meant to be like that. Now what the hell am I going to work on... I have such a hard time deciding + motivating myself. sf1.7z
  17. Hmm. I didn't notice. I suppose I can add some speed-ups to the tile drawing. On a some-what related note, are there any debug options anywhere in coinops? It'd be nice if I could get it to show free ram and fps (or % cpu consumption).
  18. Street Fighter now works and at full speed (i think). BP, I uploaded the source to the thraxen ftp.
  19. I can try to help. What exactly do you have in mind?
  20. At this point, the arm7 cpu emulators out there are pretty slow. This, paired with the relatively fast 68k used, the complex sound hardware, and slow drawing routines (which require a vmm), makes emulating this on the xbox at a reasonable speed a bit difficult.
  21. I had in-n-out burger the other day and it was pretty good. The chocolate shake was bullshit though. totally offtopic.... oh yeah obama won Dude... you can't order off the menu! And yeah!! Landslide!
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