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  1. Vamos falar em pt_BR pois já somos de casa! bem interessante aqui hein? Abraços, Alverito.
  2. I saw that the line has <track name=""></track> but I could not put the MP3 file, the emulator hangs
  3. I vote in refine and bug fix whats there now
  4. Been looking for games that could be added into coinops, spent a while looking through and found this Daytona USA ₢ Sega 1993
  5. guys, in to emulate: Aero Fighters Special? set name aerofgts and Bloody Roar? set name bldyroar
  6. Thanks BP, for the great work! Alvarez.
  7. Nice work guys, This work is wonderful!
  8. no sound is horrible to play. I also have the same romset that his stf
  9. BP, I have in hand is the beta 3 I did the procedures that you gave me and everything went okay. My other question is Mortal Kombat does not work?
  10. is not working street fighter 1 or is my impression?
  11. completely different from linkin park, the music is different is life itself. thanks link
  12. You must have 4 posts before HellsFury or I can PM you, see you soon Alvarez ! Thanks. 3 missing.
  13. I would like to receive the link for testing the new Coinops.
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