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  1. from Phoenix Wright 1, 2, and 3.
  2. teh rat, and since I can't find a pic of street fighter chars with the rat.. I have to use last yrs to substitute it so yeah.
  3. Minami-ke Okawari (second) Gundam 00 Shakugan no Shana II Bamboo Blade
  4. old topic and this is actaully for compilation of everything done so far.. in other words, a showcase for only work and less talky.
  5. yo! tanjoubi omedetou to Jit since I wasn't thinking last time: http://z6.invisionfree.com/emu_inferno/ind...p?showtopic=475 this time... we all chip in for something better: edit: oh and hbty too ems
  6. http://bp0.blogger.com/_u16Mk7z9Zdk/R5a8f8...porg1214234.png
  7. I thought there were a total of 44 chars? that list is only... 34.. WTF, where's the other 10?
  8. so yeah.. we all startout somewhere. There are alot of request I did (noticed the ones without my name), and it was hobby for me almost. But now, I just like to retire and just move on but rarely come back to it (noticed the new shoma award sig I did). So yeah thats enough about me, now you all get a chance to post all the work you done.
  9. Post your collection of your work/art you did in the past/present. Here's mine: from present to past-
  10. I made a replacement, it's mediocre as a replacement but oh well, I'm a retired photshop guru *sigh*
  11. lol, almost forgot about the sig/ava I made for you a long ago. WB anyway =P
  12. All in the Family (Archie Bunker FTW!! RIP), and Three's Company. me too
  13. more of the reason I stop no longer dine on fast food, they're just bad. Not just the high calories of fat that caught me off but the food just isn't good no more.
  14. going through 30 or more mins of firework noise and loud cheers irritates me each year >_> so no.. i'm not looking foward to it.. cuz I'm getting OLLLLD >_> this new year sucks so far for me, it's nothing more than an usual day at home.
  15. LISTEN TO THIS MAN, HE SPEAKS THY TRUTH everything in gamesurge exceed efnet in every ways GOSH! (less bots;1, limitless character count for username, registration through their webpage instead of the bot, overall better and stable imho). You know these are probably the reasons I stop going to the efnet IRC channel because I spent and I mean everyday in the old gamesurge #1emu channel back then, it's hard to leave that place even if it's just 5 or less users in there. It's just madness and chaotic in there with just that handful of people that prevent me from leaving that place with all these epic discussion and funnies occured in there(but now it's gone ;_; )
  16. It's about time.... I played 1, and beat 3, and I cant wait for 4, although I will wait a long, long time, seeing as how we have neither a 360, or a PS3....so, alas, a long time I shall wait. damn you smart woman, WRYYY DID I played and finished DMC2 T_T man was that a waste of my time. Seriously, did capcom decided to go lazy and decided to take a different approach? well it was a bad idea... I can't describe how bad this game was compare to the first in the series(which was godly imo); easy bosses (boring too), repetitive level, mute Dante, boring environments, repetitive enemies, there was a story?(i dont recall), fighting system re-used with minor changes.
  17. even though we still do this most of the time in HSF2 :V and we still play it.
  18. I'm not impressed at all, in fact, I kinda hate it. This is, how would i put it hmm.. it's just street fighter EX series with classic street fighter 2 tune. So no, this game imho would already be disastrous as capcom all star was. I'm sorry fellas, but the hype is all gone. They fucked up, end of discussion =/
  19. I would have to blame "evoution" by Ayumi Hamasaki, because of her, i no longer listen to anything non-japanese (barely). Start out from a simple jpop/rock song then later fell into the obsession of japanese rock and metal. DAMN YOU EVOLUTION FIGHTING GAME TOURNAMENT TRAILER !!
  20. man flock you guys, I'm not even near 2000 posts yet >_> and to make matters worst, I was here since the opening of this forums =/
  21. was digging through my old favorites, came upon this, this never gets old, especially the parts where you heard the sound of him falling off his chair lol
  22. 1. Gyakuten Saiban 3 Dii Esu (aka Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations) 2. Portal / Orange Box (xbaux 360) 3. Super Mario Galaxy (wiiii) 4. Arcana Hearts (Polystation 2) 5. Bioshock (xbux 360) 6. Arcana Hearts (BS2) 7. Mass Effect (xbollox 360) 6. Assassin's Creed (exbx360) 7. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Dee Es)
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