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  1. I cant control my temper or anger frequently, but i still knows a way to solve my oppressive feelings by lying down and sleep, great idea for me.
  2. -USB converters -new ethernet adapter -50 feet dsl cable line -mousepad
  3. nahh..lets not go too far . We were just enthusiastic thats all.
  4. eeeeek, dispite the inreality...but i was wrong
  5. a few and the Published SEGA titles does'nt count as Acclaim's developed list.
  6. 1. STUPIDEST developed title spawned to amuse certain extreme individual. 2. High mischief content 3.sexual content on a sport game, that does'nt seems to be a good mix. 4.acclaim do suck, AMEN ! 5. Bad genre for a game like this
  7. Whatever.... Im not into comics nor the marvel series, Im only into their games, and Onslaught of course...is more of a Omega Magneto as i pictured
  8. you see....its easy to use..best advice for you is, when entering a new message board with different control panels " Play with it around " til you get use to it
  9. This isnt like A@H oh no sir ree, we dont need any bashing or complaining about the stupid combat system. We like this forum naturaly as much as it could be..err right guys:D
  10. It a great inspiration for "ME" to have his avatar as Onslaught, a great pride of myself having someone that appreciate magneto even though thats his alter ago. kudos..ME
  11. Im here once or twice daily, dispite me having to post in 5 emu boards(this one included) But im always have concern on this forum since its one of my favorite board i also got high skool, a job, and a gurl..so i wont be here as much as possible but i try ok i try
  12. There's alot from free hosted message board such as hyperboards, the pop-up there is totally insane. But mind suggest everyone to use Pop up killer or any anti-pop-up programs.
  13. 1) Insert your original in your CD-ROM. 2) Open CDRWin (or any other image extractor) to make an iso image of the game on your harddisc. Click on 'Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors' 3) Here are the settings which work for me (!): Disc Image/Cuesheet -File-Format: Automatic -Reading-Options: RAW,CD+G,CD-TEXT and MCN/USRC all UNchecked -Error Recovery: Ignore -Jitter Correction: Auto -Subcode Analyses: Fixed -Data-Speed: MAX -Read Retry Count: 10 -Audio Speed: MAX -Subcode Threshold: 900 -There are a lot of reports, that Raw reading also works, but I had problems with it enabled. 4) Click on 'Start' Recording to Disc: 1) Install Firburner 2) Double click on the Cue File For The Game 3) Right Click And select burn To CD Thats all there is record DAO, and you can try to burn it fast I burnt them at 2X Useing PNY Black Diamond CDR's
  14. So i guess emsley must be new to " message board "
  15. Well, the site is actually the point of attracting people to the forum, once the new layout of the site is done, just cant't wait to see new members blooming here just to give feedbacks and stuff
  16. Brilliant Idea, not for the smart one of course
  17. Its growing slowly alright, each day is improving if you catch my phrase grow community grow !!
  18. Its so-so The text is small when the theme is input, the color are'nt my style, but the structure is pretty kewl IMO. Im still sticking to " SpacePilotSky " great work though
  19. Stand up guys..and give a toast for the return of our emulation supporter " Eugen Popovici "
  20. GameCop's software of course, Great job luring a few of us here man ! *reel em in i always say *
  21. actuly it's 47.826086956521739130434782608696% Dont try to be smart-ass !! no offence
  22. Well, I consider those new members might post in a delay of time, not really sure, Lets hope they do someday(crawling for help)
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