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  1. Please, Please do re-consider It would be a very big loss upon the forum, and dispite the fact of that incident. We believe your honesty, most of us really do. Please put some thoughts on it before leaving
  2. Very good point !! He seems like he always right what he said while argueing over certain subject, but also seems like he always win in a debate
  3. When someone Spam too many times..he always gave them a gh3y avatar/custom title or a temporary ban man !! this has been abuse for way too many times and still.
  4. Tim is just a damned Financial wizard who knows how to earn extra profits from both his site and for himself . Yeaa...I know how you feel about hypocrites Well i dont agree on that, dispite the fact that General Discussion board from most emulation site is among the biggest of all, Well, if anyone seems to dislike about it, easy...just ignore it and post in the A@H emulation forums.
  5. Well, to me...its random affair in the forum, But ppl does'nt come to A@H just for Current Affair <-- thats not its primary, A@H was meant for emulation, ppl mostly come for emulation forum not general rants(which only stood for " general rants "). Im sure all of you came to A@H to help or seek for answers about emulation.
  6. " SpacePilot3k "theme ALL THE WAY !! btw: exxxcellent!!!*monty burn voice*
  7. I consider both since I use them before back then. Although php almost deplucate the entire style of vBulletine, so both it is.
  8. hey..a slight coincidence !! me also have a harddrive of 80 gb, Im living in your desires
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth *same here*
  10. You got my vote Cylinder btw: great manipulation, love the php emoticons
  11. exactly how high the abusability is ?? Perhaps..Im starting to thinking this taking advantage of the likes of " e-mails " lol.
  12. GameCop should have expand the PM storage limit !!
  13. We can just nail this down..by getting his IP from emuparadise. no need for negoitation, lets just get it over with !!
  14. Same situation i see !! But at that thread i post, you were'nt taking it serious but now you are. Its indeed disgraceful to be mocked by some dodo:mad:
  15. if magazine counts..then it would be gaming mags for me. Already a subscriber of " Official ps2 mag, " EGM " and GamePro for over a yr. Practically reading it everyday
  16. lol !! GameCop almost sound like a real Cop asking that many questions !! respect his Athourity !! lol !!
  17. I take what gamecop said.. But !! An IP inspection should be aquired, I 'll give it a day of delay before asking the admin to do a multi IP search in the emuparadise forum. No one i mean No One !! can get away with my handle that easily without my approvements >_<
  18. Who's the goddamn arse dares uses my handle on this forum: (http://www.emuparadise.org/vbulletin/showt...?threadid=11354 )without my rights/ justices and dare impersonate me !! ?? For I know that GameCop was working on some " His software"operation and send a few of you mods out there to debate with this "unlikable" software situation, If you were to ask for help, I'll be glad to !! But its complete inappopriate to impersonate me as i was some decoy over some conspiracy. For all i know, the fake " Magnis " user....It sound very similar to XXLEngima. Anyway!!!..Please reveal yourself of whomever uses my handle in the first place !!!?? and better come up with a good reason why. btw, my apologies for being obsessed about this..But its humiliation are disturbing my potential, my handel importantly meant just about " everything" online stood for me !!
  19. Isnt This unusual !! I never had to upload anything just to get in. Well, if they ask..fare is fare perhaps:rolleyes:
  20. Well..You already got your things from me... if anyone else want it, just drop off a PM via AIM:happy:
  21. Anyway..The smart utility capable to emulate a CD-Drive so the VGS(PSX) would work. Here's the following changes: -DAEMON Tools 3.23 is now out. Only some blacklists have been fixed (e.g. UT 2003). -We also added a lot new MDS-Files for a lot of the latest games protected by the new Securom™. Download it here- http://www.daemon-tools.org/
  22. hehe !! you just gave me an idea !!
  23. First download the gypplayer from this link: http://www.boob.co.uk/files/GypPlay_LikSangEdition.zip First download both the file: nero burning rom and gypplayer. -Now..burn the image of the utopiacd 1.1 (which is the.nrg of nero) then you have the utopia1.1 boot cd -now unpack your gypplayerfull.zip into an empty directory... and add the.mpg or.avi or.mpeg file of your choice... now burn the contents of this directory on cd... -all you have to do now is to boot with your utopia 1.1 and exchange with your gypplayer+movie cd.... -Thats all..enjoy:)
  24. Im not sure what your talking about !! It suppose to transport you to their ftp server...as its finish loading !! You will be taken to the index full of ISOs
  25. Well that depends which games your talking about, But size varies its file, the range is from (4mb to 800 mb)!! For once..if you were to use Instint messenger...you can resume your download from your buddy. Drop me a PM via AIM, i got dozens of ISO for those who wants em. SO far HappyFishYams !!
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