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  1. well, I dont post much lately...but i still look over the phorum since im the admin and in charge of updating, things like the RomGenie seems to keep me busy.
  2. whoa, first i see setsuna, now the tripod advertisement... Im not sure about their host. But might i suggest for images hosting, try this site: www.imahosting.com/uploadsig.php
  3. try those " advil " pills, those works !
  4. i recently get insomnia several times during studies for quiz or exams. but i get used to it...but my solution for sleeping is reading books on the bed, it always help me.
  5. hmm is there something wrong ? I can see the image clearly myself.
  6. i also found something interesting..when you encounter a flying object or a being, you seems to virtually copy or play the motivate steps.
  7. GameCop and i agree..there will not i mean not a feature like that will exsist aside from posting stats. Oh.. btw m8 ! why are you posting something like this..when you enjoy it in A@H, the irony sort of a sarcasm
  8. This is very nice although is old, some fans might have miss this, thanx to GameCop for finding this and post this back in A@H..
  9. For download or more info..Click Here The rom management utility for MAME has been updated..Here's the following changes: -Profiler->create subfolder, profiler->move datfile which also moves/creates the belonging datfile/fastscan/scans files (both options are available via popup menu) -Warningswindow message for obsolete CRC32 integrity checks -(Readded by request) 'mark useless zipfolderstructs as unneeded' option -Several new messages for corrupt/shared/skipped diskimages (instead of showing just a 'missing diskimage') fixed: -"hide / show bad dump" options -Miss-list includes fake clones (natodefa) & counts the files correctly misc: -Profiler->delete can also remove folders -Profiler->create can put an exe-based datfile in a selectable subfolder -Recompress option moved back to rebuilder main window -Revised cancel checks for "fix missing scans all sets" -Revised scanner->drag&drop rules & destinationfolder initilization -Scanresults are also kept when using ESC key -Source cleanup (decreasing cachefilesize a bit as well) -'delete incomplete sets' includes sets with bad crc32s, too -Don't show "romfolder xyz matches setname" warning for 1-set-datfiles (like marquees, snaps, flyers, etc.)
  10. http://download.theforce.net/theater/gangs...ta/starwarz.swf a very nice flash, just for those individual who likes rap
  11. This is a very nice bizzare game, which you have all the freedom to fly anywhere you want.. RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy/
  12. Click Here to download or for information... The unofficial mame emulator, AdvanceMAME has been updated..Here's the following changes: -Added the ALSA sound driver for Linux. It's now the preferred choice over OSS. -Fixed another bug in the./configure script if the SDL library is missing. -The sound latency is now automatically increased if the game requires a big frame skip. -The auto frameskip is now optimized to minimize the idle waiting time instead of getting a 100% speed. -Added the `display_artwork_backdrop/overlay/bezel' option to control any artwork types. -Added the `misc_difficulty' option to select the game difficulty from the command line. -The `misc_quiet' option now also disable the NO GOOD DUMP messages. -The SVGALIB `banshee' driver in Linux now doesn't tries to use 16 bit video modes. They are not working. -The `misc_quiet' options, if activated, skips also the graphics information screens. -If the doublescan modes are disabled, a mode with a double vertical size is automatically used instead.
  13. is much more of a word perscribe this kewl dude dance motion, liquidlike dancing, very impressive..how someone can be talent with so much flexibility.
  14. Click here to view via Window Media's Player. Very talent dude..and alot of flexibility [/url]
  15. im a wreastling fan, but if i were to discuss anything, it would be in current affair..after all it is a Free For All board
  16. greetings m8 ! *ph34r the |-|yper /iper from Cable *
  17. press F11 (complete maximize of browser) and use the " print screen " method, and just use M$ to print out the browser. other than that..download the page.
  18. hello A@H veterans, Please, welcome and enjoy to the land of pop-up free and emulation / rom need.
  19. The SNES emulator, SNEeSe has been updated..here's the following changes: -65c816: Corrected address wrapping in direct and stack addressing modes, thanks to MKendora for pointing out these problems -65c816: Altered register allocation -SPC700: Altered register allocation -SPC700: Fixed a bug in the timers which caused them to be reset to random values when turned on, thanks to Brad Martin for pointing this out -Source: Removed some obsolete code and dependencies -Source: Started cleaning up many of the C label references in the asm code -Render: Added support for dual window clipping with XOR or XNOR logic modes of 8x8-tile backgrounds with no offset change or mosaic -Render: Fixed a bug where window clipping was not updated correctly when changing layering order -Render: Added support for dual window clipping with all logic modes of 16x16-tile backgrounds with no offset change or mosaic in modes 0-4 -Render: Added support for dual window clipping with all logic modes of 8x8-tile backgrounds with mosaic and no offset change -Render: Added support for dual window clipping with all logic modes of 16x16-tile backgrounds with mosaic and no offset change in modes 0-4 For download or more info..Click Here
  20. Among the popular of all arcade emulator, has been update..Here's the following changes: -Added code to ROM loading dialogue to visually indicate user intervention when the game being launched may not work due to 'no good dump' this will match the baseline Mame [press ok to continue]. Examples include the game Astyanax, 64th Street etc. [Chris Kirmse] -Return to baseline non-I686 compile as it prevented Mame32 working on a variety of machines. [John IV] -Made numerous code changes to allow Mame32 to be compiled with the new MinGW 2.0 package. [Chris Kirmse / Mike Haaland] -Distribution compiles are now done using above mentioned MinGW 2.0 package. [John IV] -Added code to allow for a tooltip to appear showing the full name of a game whose description is cut-off by column width in details/grouped view. Hover cursor over game to activate. [Andrew Kirmse / Chris Kirmse] -The default foldersFavorites.ini has been cleaned out. Now that it is easy to drag and drop or secondary click to add games from the main list to the custom folders, it no longer needs to serve as an example using personal favorites. Be sure to backup existing foldersfavorite.ini if using the built in installer version of the Mame32 distribution. [John IV] -Tweaked code for drag & drop of games into custom folders. In a custom folder to drag an item out for deletion, it must go out of the game list pane either left, right, up, or down beneath the last item in the pane or further out of the GUI. [Chris Kirmse] -Reworked internal file handling code to interface with Aaron's substantial core updates. [Chris Kirmse] -Submitted code suggestion to allow for more granular sorting and display of items in the Manufacturers view, so companies will no longer be grouped with others incorrectly. [René Single] Created new main icon and about.bmp 'LadyBug Homage'. [John IV] -Fixed ascending/descending toggle via View • Arrange Icons for columns other than Game. Added some logic to the -listsourcefile column display. Prevented color depth and refresh rate settings from being displayed if games are played in windowed mode. [René Single / Chris Kirmse] -Made Misc. art option gray properly when its parent control was deselected. [Chris Kirmse] -Submitted code to clean up some issues with the list and small icons view and icons squishing in details view upon return from another view like large icons. [René Single / Chris Kirmse] -Upgraded Mame32 to utilize the new common controls from Windows XP, allowing the proper look of an XP application without the need for an external manifest file. [Chris Kirmse] -Added ability to rename custom folders from the tree view, secondary click on them and choose rename folder from the context menu, or click the name of the folder three times quickly. [Chris Kirmse] -Added the 'Source' folder view, this will display all the driver.c files and all the games within each family. [Mike Haaland] -Removed the foldersBIOS.ini as it is now obviated by the built-in Source folder view. [John IV] -Added -sourcefileinfo information to the general tab for each games' properties, to easily and quickly see what driver family a game belongs to. [Chris Kirmse] -Added the long requested clone offset a.k.a 'Grouped' view. This will display the parent games flush left, with all their clones alphabetized beneath them indented inward. Excellent for grouping the clones whose names may be considerably different than their parents, and allowing typing the name of the game to take you to the parent set immediately. [John IV / Chris Kirmse] -Reworked the Startup Options to now be Interface Options, and added checkboxes to support Aaron's new disclaimer / info screen toggle. [Chris Kirmse] -Added new switches -rdtsc / -pause_brightness to match the core. [Chris Kirmse] For download or info..Click here
  21. The mame wip page has been updated with the following progresses, here's whats new: -2003-01-16: Malice submitted information on how to get Jurassic Park to boot, though controls aren't emulated and background graphics are missing like with the other games in the Sega System 32 driver. Acho A. Tang sent in a driver for B-Wings and Zaviga. -2003-01-15: Stephane Humbert and Tim added yet another version of SF2 to the CPS-1 driver. Aaron Giles finally figured out the protection in Ultimate Tennis, making it fully playable. Nicola Salmoria adjusted the sound frequency in the Home Data driver and got Mahjong Ikagadesuka to boot, but unfortunately sound and inputs don't work so it's not playable. Pierpaolo Prazzoli re-submitted some Playchoice and VSNES improvements. R. Belmont fixed the pitch problem in the YMF278B sound chip, noticeable in the Strikers 1945 II coin insert sound. -2003-01-14: Quench cleaned up the TNZS driver. Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs and DIP switches in Boggy '84. Andrea Mazzoleni sent in some small compiling fixes. Brian A. Troha fixed some DIP switch settings in the SSV driver. Nicola Salmoria sent in another update to the Home Data driver, making Mahjong Kojin Kyouju (Private Teacher), Mahjong Vitamin C, Mahjong Yougo no Kiso Tairyoku, Mahjong Kinjirareta Asobi, Mahjong Jogakuen and Mahjong Lemon Angel work with perfect inputs and sound emulation. -2003-01-13: David Haywood re-merged some old submissions with 0.63. Aaron Giles fixed the sound banking in the Art & Magic games and improved the protection emulation, but it's still not complete. Quench added better M-Chip protection emulation to the TNZS driver and improved the i8x41 CPU core. David Haywood also added Boggy '84 to the Fast Freddie and Jump Coaster driver. Nicola Salmoria replaced the MCU simulation hacks with full emulation of the uPD7807 CPU in the Home Data driver, also making the sound emulation work fine. -2003-01-12: Nicola Salmoria further improved the decryption of the blitter data in the Art & Magic driver and hooked up zoom in it. Aaron Giles fixed the DIP switches in it and figured out the protection interface in Ultimate Tennis and Stone Ball, but the protection data is missing so they still aren't playable. Phil Stroffolino sent in an updated Halley's Comet driver that is pretty close to playable, but some blitter problems still remain. Bryan McPhail emulated the i8751 protection in Firetrap so the original version works. Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs and DIP switches in the Gumbo driver. -2003-01-11: Nicola Salmoria improved the decryption of the blitter data in the Art & Magic driver. Paul Priest added gun emulation to Zombie Raid in the Seta driver and Stephane Humbert fixed some of the DIP switches in it. Vasara 2 was also added to the SSV driver. Angelo Salese further improved the decryption in Quiz F1, fixed the DIP switch settings in Final Star Force and fixed the crash in Jeutel's Defender and cleaned up the decryption in it. -2003-01-10: Stephane Humbert added another version of SF2 to the CPS-1 driver, and he partially fixed the DIP switch settings in Super Doubles Tennis. Aaron Giles wrote a driver for Tickee Tickats. -2003-01-09: David Haywood removed the Neo Geo BIOS hacks and added support for other BIOS ROMs than the one that is currently used. David Haywood also added Zombie Raid to the Seta driver but it's unplayable because the controls aren't hooked up and the sound is not emulated. Bryan McPhail added Super Doubles Tennis to the Burger Time driver. Bryan McPhail also fixed the erratic coin inputs in the i8751 emulation in the Karnov driver. -2003-01-08: Jarek Burczynski started working on a driver for Cannon Ball (not the Atari prototype nor the Yun Sung games that have the same name). David Haywood added another clone of Super Visual Football called Super Visual Soccer to the Sega System 32 driver. -2003-01-07: R. Belmont added scrolling to the background graphics in the Jaleco Mega System 32 driver but it doesn't work perfectly yet. Bryan McPhail fixed the IremGA20 sound chip emulation from crashing if sound was turned off, and he added save state support to V20, V30 and V33 CPU cores. Aaron Giles sent in a work in progress driver for the Art & Magic games that supports Ultimate Tennis, Cheese Chase and Stone Ball, the problem being that the blitter data format is encrypted so all graphics are garbled. Uki added the Japanese version of Shanghai Kid called Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken, and two other versions of Real Mahjong Haihai and The Mahjong. For more info, Click here
  22. - less time on the internet, more concerntration on my skool assignments - update computer programs (out with the old, in with the new) - more time to study than post in phorums - hmm thats about it
  23. its originality is still good, its not IRC programmed but it sounds original..well at least the phorum holds a better attraction which was designed for.
  24. the variety of new chars is pretty amazing, they enhanced the graphics (twice as many polygons as the previous smackdown "3"). i of course lost my interest on sport games..but i do play them in a gaming bar. The titantron and entrance music is excellent..not to mentioned great visuals.
  25. hmm its slowly rises but what the heck, im sure everyone's patient about the community.
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