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  1. im sure i and everyone has high prosperousity for this new year. cheers everyone.
  2. i forgot mentioning all credits goes to you dude, i must have carry away during my conversation between gc and i
  3. really, i had enough of xbox basing despite bad judgements from too many ppl. to be honest myself, the system sales has jump over the nintendo gamecube sale. but for sure the sale of the xbox has been lowered not to mentioned included exclusive offers such as a bundle. there also has been a big rise amount of good games especially ported to the xbox. dont forget games like Splinter Cell has been one of the sucessful ver aside from the future ver for the other platform and PC.
  4. well that take a while for klunker to remember heh, glad your back. nope, you must be mistaken when we talk, i only do the hosting
  5. One of the good GB/GBC emulator has been updated..Here's the following changes: -added experimental TCP game link support. For more info or download, Click here
  6. GC and I discuss this over, there will not i repeat not EF will have an Attack system install It will only be a stat system based on your time/posts you made.
  7. suure, why not...but i didnt include all my previous nice avatar..here's the following 7 contained in my hd:
  8. Its actually from a wwf fan site. someone had a mini titantron of stone cone as display so why not use it for a change, credit goes to him of course
  9. <---if you all want me to open a can of whoop-ass on spammers, give me a hell yea ?? *sarcastic*
  10. ok..everyone stick out your tounge as these camafloudged roms dropping for 1000 second each time you browse a page.
  11. Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Yew everyone...Cheers
  12. The Rom management utility for MAME has yet updated again..Here's the following changes: -fixed: crash when doing a full-zip-integrity check on samples For more info or download, click here
  13. Tim gone too far with the ads. Is seems like he really wanted to piss the ppl purposely or just to earn extra stoopid profits
  14. I dont have a Credit card yet despite my age and neither my parents will give a crap
  15. Music lyrics * Ohhh...Its MAGIC !!! ya..Knoooww...
  16. ADDED: oh I almost..forgot about Contra and the Super Mario Bros series
  17. Well, burning xb0x ISO into a CD-r is possible despite the majority of datas. But the entire content can fit in..with a little hacking.. About hacking, American hackers will have capability to make turn xbox to play copied xbox games. X-Box(manufacturing, Microsoft, stores official...) still believe in one hoax in spite of the video one provided for the actors of this hacking. Anyway..view this video how the xbox can run on CD-R: http://www.trainers.consollection.com/down.../tools/xbox.wmv
  18. one word.. ring a ding ding.. PONG !!!
  19. Another great GB/GBC emulator has yet updated with the following changes: -added support for japanese pokemon crystal -fixed: accessing a word on address $ffff caused AccessViolation. -fixed saving of joystick buttons config. -Redone code which searches GB screen rectangle in border bitmap. For More info or download, Click here: http://www.tomaatnet.nl/~steendijk/bgb/
  20. Another NES window (Designed for window) has yet updated again..Here's the following changes: -Added turbo/rapidfire -Hopefully fixed a few controller bugs. -Minor miscellaneous bug fixes. -Cooler snow. For more info or download, click here: http://nestron.emuunlim.com/main.htm
  21. MGS2 is what brings true gaming realism to its top tier, despite its realism and extreme great gaming, it attract all Action role playing fans out there. I of course one of em, and i couldnt enjoy more than it ever made, its igh great visual with high detailed graphic inspire how the ps2 can handle such great game.
  22. Never ! In fact, emulation is rising each day, as updates and dumps from certain authors..which goes on daily, as well as new emulation born in a certain long time.
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