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  1. Well, you can always try Nissin Cup Noodles. They don't really taste that much different from Maruchan. Best of all, I think both Cup Noodles cost about the same. Heck, a lot of people can't even tell their differences apart from both taste and the cup design.
  2. damn he beat me to it, here's the video for those who are very lazy like myself: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermov...aylist=featured (a better quality than youtube) anyone know where to download to full promotional video in it's HD glory? I need it yes.. it's obvious TvC is HYPE, TOO MUCH HYPE. I'm damn looking forward to this than sf4 for sure. Somehow this really feels like a blend of Marvel cross over gameplay with some Rival School/Project Justice flavor(double team attack animation). Oh the 3d is pretty darn good too, I thought all the sprites were fully 2d at first, guess I was wrong. p.s. hearing new Chunny's voice warms my soul :3 almost as she is reborn as a young fighter again.
  3. Well since I deserve almost little as to no credit for this review, I mind as well add something to the review conclusion: If your a street fighter fan, your crazy if you don't find this stick delicious. I'm talking from a professional street fighter player prospective, you will able to execute advance techniques (Karas, charge partition, overcharge buffering in 3s) to doing 720 motions with much better ease.
  4. No, there's no such thing as Independence Day, July 4th is Fantavision day:
  5. it looks like Sigma has a nice facelift and almost look on par with xbox 360's Ninja Gaiden 2. I first played NG2 before touching the first one and I just recently tried Sigma demo on PS3. So far, I'm hearing mix reviews about Sigma, I wonder if it's worth buying it. I will indeed try to find and buy it at a cheaper cost, 60 just won't do it for me. oh and kudos once again to Itagaki when I found out Sigma has an option for Japanese audio with English subtitles.
  6. a great loss no doubt, I wonder how Gryph react when he hears about this, poor guy. RIP
  7. uhh sorry everyone, thanks for the wishes btw... Is just that, I just turned... REALLY OLD and I've been trying to forget about how old am I. So what better way to forget about this is to drown my sorrows in MGS4 on my birthday; received the MGS4 bundle on my birthday just in time. It was a good day, MGS4 IS HYPE!!
  8. Code Geass, It's similar in a way because of how the protagonists wield god like power but, at the same time they involve mecha to the equation. Works pretty well I must say and I'm not into mecha animes, although Gundam 00 was pretty OK.
  9. today at 10:00am PST. Anyway, I think I'm a bit screwed up because I selected Free shipping. Now, I have to wait a little longer as much as 3 weeks from now in order to get my hands on it. I also ordered a HDMI cable because I heard the PS3 only comes with an AV cable. First things first, com on Sony WTF? OK your try to market a blu-ray player and yet your so cheap that you can't fork over a simple component cable like the 360 let alone HDMI cable. GG Sony >_> back to topic, I held off on buying a PS3 until today and the MGS4 hype is killing me. Damn you reviewers, even though I only heard they say it's the greatest game they ever play so far, haven't read the reviews yet since it might spoil something or made me even more impatient. I'm not just buying it for MGS4 because of the hype but my birthday is coming up soon and this seems to be the perfect gift to myself. now onto a few questions, is HDMI any better than component on a 19" LCD TV or I won't be able to tell one difference? and also, I think I already answered my otherquestion, only 26+ can display 1080p?
  10. Yes, mark our words. Early midnight May 24, 2008, me and wiz fought 101 battles. A lot of epic very VERY CLOSE matches were played (his Claw vs my Ryu) but too bad we didn't record (would of been long anyway). Here's some proof :v though SSF2T said it was 99 battles(system can't count over that), we actually did 101. anyway ggpo
  11. http://kotaku.com/5008566/if-nintendo-made-halo-3 well that was a clever way to butcher it.
  12. http://insomnia.ac/news/2008/02/all-hail-the-ex-board/ Here's some scans (56k beware) http://insomnia.ac/archive/games/playstati...xedge/scan1.jpg http://insomnia.ac/archive/games/playstati...xedge/scan2.jpg omfg, Morrigan and Etna? EPIC WINS
  13. don't they have screen protectors for it? no excuse nowadays for leaving fingerprints just from using touch screens. Hell, my DS has it too.
  14. anyone remember Breakdown on Xbox? that game done alot to make an fps shooter feel more like your in that person doing things. Well now, Mirror's Edge is trying to go beyond any first person games there. I'm not going to explain, but just watch: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/33586.html all I can say is, this is pretty impressive and looks to be very good, hopefully it lives up to it's hype. now discuss!
  15. isn't there a nearby wifi hotspot? leech free fast internet that way.
  16. nice review. The music is too good, TOO GOOD. One of the best VGM out there. UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND, UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND, UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF LOVE! and of course my favorite JSR/JGR track http://youtube.com/watch?v=ysDefnGvRTM
  17. so ironic, but yes this game is full of hype. I told wiz in case I have to make a break for it, I'll be stealing an 18 wheeler to drive over to canada pushing anything gets in my way then lay low at his igloo :v
  18. fix'd sad if anyone mentioned any old Atari games or other retro sh!t as one of the best game ever. Even despite some titles pioneered alot of the games we have today doesn't mean they were the best back then. That's like saying Pong is the best game ever, or those handheld tiger electronics lol: http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Tiger/StreetFighter2.htm
  19. a draw between Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Street Fighter: 3rd Strike.. it's hard I Know. It always used to be MvC2 but I've been playing 3s all long these past few years. I might have to give it to MvC2 seeing as it has and always been one of the most played game ever in my life.
  20. ?? details and a link, until then.. it's bs to my ears.
  21. NOOO! THIS IS: http://youtube.com/watch?v=LJXiKDHTnVo nyaaaaaaaaa~
  22. I will say the game is damn awesome, best GTA yet no doubt. Aside from the casual gameplay, the Euphoria engine really shows. Many times I ran over pedestrians, they react exactly to how physics would work in real world. So let say I ran over them in high speed, they would not just lay down on the ground flat as I run over it, nope, they would collide on top of my car their body will roll over the top of my car and down from the side or the trunk of my car realistically not like a rag doll at all. Another interesting thing is how the blood stained stayed there unless you clean it in car wash or get a paint job. Ok one more about the Euphoria engine, so there was one time I try to steal this car, Niko forcefully pull this guy out but keep resisting, so when Niko got him out of the car and into the driver's where I already started driving, this guy is still hanging on to the side of the car with both of his hand as I already gone 20mph. His body just swinging around realistically trying to hang on to his life. That's how awesome the new A.I system can be in GTA:IV. The cover system is also awesome too, again realistically when you duck and shoot or hide against the wall of a door then peak and shoot. There's just too many things I have yet to cover and this is only a tiny portion of it. You really have to play the game to see for yourself. BlackKnight: you say the same for Crysis as well, I think you might need to get your eyes check. As for GTA:IV, the game is gorgeous on 720p mode in HDTV. The draw distance is kinda disappointing (a huge step improvement from the GTA:SA, but not by much), it's not as far as you can imagine but it's reasonable to fit such a huge city with so much things in details around. didn't you have an Arcade Xbox360 with no HDD? see thats the thing, alot of people or almost everyone who reported about this pop-up issues, lagging, long load times is because they don't have a HDD. For me, there's no pop-ups so far or slowdows or long loading times.
  23. since most of you covered alot of the popular bosses, I'll throw one for the scroll shooter lovers out there (like me), even though Ikaruga was one of the challenging shooters out there but it's nothing compare to Mushihime-sama:
  24. finished it years ago but wanted to replay it because it's ultimately the scariest game of all time, but.. ffs, why hasn't anyone undub it yet, if I know how I would of done so myself. But man, I wanted to play it again in it's native language(japanese) with english sub.
  25. When he accidentally kicked Jiraiya upside the head, that was kinda cool. DYNAMIC ENTRYYYYY!!
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