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  1. I guess that's where DLC comes into play. I always wonder about why it always check for DLC every time I boot up SC4, or that empty character slot between Apprentice and Yoda. Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe I already unlocked everyone. So, I'm pretty sure that space should reserve for Vader and a moveset/model is likely possible to be incorporated into the 360 from DLC.
  2. Not only that, they compensate their loss during that Summer Madness sale by increasing the shipping fee. It's ridiculous, almost as they made their regular prices the same except with free shipping, so in other word, there WEREN'T any Summer Madness sale, it's just a marketing scheme to get people to buy from P-A. Shipping is by far the most expensive I've seen yet on Play-Asia.
  3. If you still have trouble getting that 450k achievement, just use Astaroth's cheap solution:
  4. and the polygon tits and all that they trying to achieve is all epic failed, the game is epic failed EVEN WITH TITS.
  5. rofl, we could actaully host Twiggyvision ranbat there. IT'S PERFECT. We run single or team tournaments, so we can have Team Fatal GC going against Team MobileMachine, which of course we winning that sh!t no doubt. OHHH, I take back what I said about G19's idea, we can actaully broadcast live feed via the cam lmao, it's too good. TOO FUCKING GOOD.
  6. It could possibly be the next PS3 greatest title, and as an exclusive. As of now, MGS4 is still king. I'm really not sure about the upcoming Little Big Planet.
  7. ??? Are you on XP? Vista? AFAIK, I do remember seeing an option to format the card FAT, FAT32. FAT16 is FAT btw.
  8. I always preferred the Japanese game covers, they have that distinct diverse flavor of creativity. In a sense, they are much more artistic in a way. I'll take ICO's box cover for example: Japan's - U.S's
  9. Dammit Fatal, GET OUT OF MY HEAD.. But Man, I remember going to Sony Metreon months prior to the PS2 launch, I saw footage of this and the first thing hit me is a Zelda clone? It's almost like a Zelda on a PS2 but until I got the game, things were completely different but not by a huge stretch. It's a classic no doubt, I was thinking they should make the 3rd on PS3 by now.
  10. THIS PARTY'S GETTING CRAZY, HEAVEN OR HELL. DUEL! That's what Bel had in mind. Yeah, definitely not a drinker type, but we can still go crazy even without chatting, WRYY CHAT WHEN YOU CAN PLAY ROCK BAND? the revolutionized epic lyfe failure machine that has been proving to fuck ppl up like wiz for example. Can't go wrong either way, aside from that. It's just one of those get together gaming fest? LANfest? yeah whatever.. I'm down only for 3s, ST, KOF98, CFJ, anything you can think of that's not very fuck up (MK, SF:the movie, SFex-sorry GC). G19/Fatal: no.. just no.
  11. which M3 cart we're talking here? M3 Simply or M3 Real? first of all, format your microSD to FAT/16, then install firmware. if it's M3 simply then all you need is install the full firmware pack, the latest is 1.14 (http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=2310). Unrar it to the main dir. Make a new folder call Game or whatever you like to call it, put all the .nds there. Unplug then just access the game folder, then select your .nds and ye good to go.
  12. I feel you bro, it's exactly how I felt. Pure epicness, music can be better than game for all we know (kinda like how new Alone In The Dark is, decent good game but music beats it by miles).
  13. More in-game footage for those who are hungry for more and we also get the idea of epic music we're in for: this is E3's latest gameplay trailer btw, here's an even higher/true HD quality: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/36281.html
  14. Here's an 1up interview with Kitase, the man behind the series(FFVII,VIII,X,X-2) should answer some curious questions for the anticipated fans. Few! If only we had this many interviews on a regular week! 1UP had the opportunity to sit down with Square Enix to talk about Final Fantasy XIII and it's progression, as well as a bit on the future of Final Fantasy VII. To me it sounds like things are going smoothly and the best is yet to come! Check out the interview below. 1UP: Will the development of FFXIII for Xbox 360 result in a delay for the PS3 version in Japan? Shinji Hashimoto: No, the development of a 360 version won't necessarily affect the PS3 version, purely because the PS3 game will be completed first. That's been in development for some time and is still on schedule. And, really, since we haven't ever announced any sort of release date...then it couldn't really be "delayed," right? 1UP: For the upcoming 360/PS3 role-playing game The Last Remnant, Square Enix began the localization process much earlier in development than with past Final Fantasy titles; that game will see a simultaneous worldwide release. We know that FFXIII will still debut in Japan first, but will the traditional nine-to-12-month gap between releases be reduced? SH: Yes, a simultaneous release would be difficult for FFXIII, but we're definitely trying to decrease the gap between the Japanese launch and when we release it to the rest of the world. 1UP: In terms of lessening the gap between the Eastern and Western releases, does it help that the game's been in development for such a long time? The story should be nearly complete by now, right? Yoshinori Kitase: As you mentioned, it definitely helps the localization when you've got a finalized story. Our story is now complete, and we're just about to start the voice casting and recording. Once that's complete, we can really get into the localization process. 1UP: Can you discuss the process of developing the game's engine -- as it evolved from the White Engine into Crystal Tools, did everything go as planned, or were there some bumps along the way? YK: I'd say that it's on schedule as we'd originally planned, but it certainly hasn't been easy, and it's been quite a time-consuming process. FFXIII currently functions in all the basic ways, but we're still working to polish the engine. People may be under the impression that it's a total package that only needs to be tweaked a little bit in order to port the game to 360, but that's not the case -- we still have to fix it to make it more platform-specific. 1UP: Lightning, the game's heroine, seems to break from the tradition of more reserved female characters in your past FF games. She seems much more dynamic and assertive than FFVII's Aerith, FFVIII's Rinoa, or FFX's Yuna, for example. What can you tell us about her? YK: The game's director and scenarist definitely wanted to create a new type of character, one who's stronger and carries herself in a certain manner. But although she's strong and outspoken, she also has a kindness within her that balances her personality. Right now, the team is trying very hard to find someone who can portray both her powerful and gentle sides. 1UP: It's been seven years since FFX released, and although FFXI, FFXII, and the other various spin-offs have been largely well received, none had the unique feel of a "Kitase Final Fantasy." Do you worry that it's been so long since FFVII, FFVIII, and FFX that the fans' expectations will be hard to meet? Do you feel a strong pressure to deliver this game? YK: Even though it's been seven years since FFX, I haven't been far from the series, since I was working on the various Compilation of FFVII games. I don't specifically feel any pressure; instead, I'm looking forward to being able to provide FFXIII to the fans and seeing their reaction to the game. 1UP: For the last two years, you've been adding a few new scenes to the existing FFXIII trailer at each successive press event. How much longer will you keep this trend going? Will you blow us all away with an all-new trailer anytime soon? SH: We're going to work like this for just a little bit longer; with every update, we're working very hard to include new material. Please be patient -- it'll be just a little bit longer. 1UP: Do you have any update on the mobile title Final Fantasy Agito XIII? U.S. cellphone tech is starting to catch up with Japan's, and we have the iPhone now.... Do you think that's a potential platform for it? SH: No plans have been confirmed, but we're constantly researching the potential for bringing it to the U.S. Still, Japanese mobile tech is very powerful compared to other markets. 1UP: Has there been any negative reaction from Japanese Xbox 360 owners about the FFXIII announcement? It's not coming out on 360 there, and Japanese gamers won't be able to play the U.S. import on their systems, since the console's region-locked. SH: There doesn't seem to be any overly negative feedback yet, as Japanese users have known since the beginning that it's coming to PS3. 1UP: In the last few FF titles, you've had a vocal theme song performed by a popular artist. Have you decided if FFXIII will also have one? YK: We're definitely considering a vocal theme for FFXIII, but we're nowhere near recording it or anything like that yet. 1UP: Recently, Square Enix was one of the first publishers to announce downloadable content for a WiiWare title. Do you think you may offer DLC for FFXIII as well? YK: Currently, there is no DLC planned for FFXIII, but I'm personally very interested in the concept, so I'm very conscious of it. 1UP: Last week, Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura said that he's hard at work adding new scenes to the FFVII: Advent Children Complete Blu-ray release. Can you give us any update on that project? SH: You can look forward to the upcoming invite-only fan event DKS3713 [taking place in Tokyo on August 2 and 3], where we'll have a major announcement that will shock the fans in attendance. 1UP: Both of you named FFVII as your favorite FF game. Do you think we'll see more Compilation of FFVII titles? SH: Well, there's Advent Children Complete, of course. 1UP: FFVII's characters are so beloved that they'll probably never go away, right? Just like Mickey Mouse.... SH: [Laughs] That's true, because today's 15-year-old kids were only 5 when the game released. Even though they weren't interested in it then, now they're getting into it. We're seeing a new cycle of fans emerging....
  15. Here's an update, E3 2k8 finally shown more of gameplay with a walkthrough: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/36297.html all I can say is, Medge is hype. Medge is so hype to a point you will be doing parkour randomly in and outside.
  16. That's another thing about losing the FF exclusivity, it'll give the 360 a much needed boost in the Japanese market. The reason why I said that is because it's already been confirmed that FFXIII is being released on the 360 ONLY in North America and Europe. This may change though. I'm upset but what is the point in crying about it? I'm sure 360 fanboy's were upset when a lot of their games went multi-platform, but they survived. what in the blue are you smoking? obviously your head is not where it's at. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/07/14/final-fa...ter-ps3-versio/
  17. Harold and Kumar 2, I heard people saying how this movie doesn't live up to it's first one. Well, they're wrong, it's almost if not on par with the first IMHO. This time around the movie has more cussing, yes a lot more than the first as well as more nudity (how can you say not enough to a bottomless party?). As for Harold and Kumar, they fulfilled their roles and finish where they left off from the first movie. The humor is funny, sure I might not laugh my ass off with tears but I do smile most of the time and it's a really funny movie toward an adult audience. Oh and one more thing, remember how racial offensive the first movie can be? well expect a lot, A LOT more in this one. You will be offended but at the same time have fun as well. You will enjoy this movie if you love the first one. So for those who haven't seen it yet and crave for some comedy, Harold and Kumar 1&2 fit that bill.
  18. http://kotaku.com/381302/mk-v-dc-has-littl...d-no-fatalities the last I read about MKvDC Guess they changed their mind then, well I still think it's going to be as worst or even worser than the fatalities on MKDA-MKA since they wanted to have less blood and wanted to achieve a T-rated game; 13 and up (seriously?).
  19. Wow naisu review, specially l like how you gave it a perfect score. IMHO, this genius concept of Katamari Damashii is phenomenal and yes, it does deserve a perfect score. The originality is just too good, the gameplay: epic, music: too good, controls: intuitive, and it has good replay value aside from the Multi-player.
  20. In HD! IN 1080p !! omgomgomgomgo seriously, Ed Boon, you fucked up after MK Trilogy and now your making it worst.
  21. I already smelled epic phailure the first time I heard there won't be fatalities in MKvDC, hell with fatalities at least it's worth a try but then again, Armgeddon marked a new level of failure with it's stupid "Kreate-a-Fatality" *sigh*. The first time I saw gameplay footage is the minute I already knew this going to turn out to be another Deadly Alliance cross over and not to mention a bad cross over. The only way to save this disaster from coming out is drop this whole 3D project and go back to old school. Yes, it's still not to late to reuse the digitalized pre-rendered 3D engine to make DC character sprites then up the ante on the graphic department by cleaning the UMK3 character sprites then add in new fatalities then there you go, a game that worth a shot, could be a classic for all we know. but no... we're getting another Deadly alliance, Deception or Armageddon clone excuse of an engine with some crossover characters. BOOOOO
  22. errr... let me know when a new ver. or a new patched ver. of HDL is out, I can't be bother playing without random crashes like when KOFXI or NGBC (Gah!) was released, it's impossible to get NGBC to run and KOFXI randomly crashes as it pleases.
  23. Exactly, how else are they going to improve on Halo 4, NOTHING, everyone doesn't realize it. Everyone thinks it's very hype because of new maps and new vehicles, BIG FUCKING DEAL. How can the majority of the human race be so stupid, praising a fucking overrated series while sucking the dick of the main protagonist with NO personality and semi-complete mute for so many years does nothing more than make my piss boil. I'm sick of the series because it's nothing more than your already average fps, who tells an uninteresting vague story, the "already done that" feature of using vehicles and dual weapons wielding(Goldeneye ftw), and the ever so REPITITIVE GAMEPLAY TRASH I've ever tried. asdfaskdfj FUCK HALO wooo, that felt good, glad I took that off my chest.
  24. I think the main difference apart is how much it improve from the core elements of 3D GTA series. Aside from next-gen graphics, we see a huge improvement in story telling, a lot of added features such as utilizing the Euphoric engine (realistic physics), more destructable environment, and for the first time, the GTA world felt more alive than all their predecessors. Then there's more added side quests you can do on your spare time like internet dating/web browsing, Assassin missions(unless it's already been done I forgot), TV viewing, club shows, etc. The point is, I think it deserve a 10 is because it's not really consider revolutionary nor it's a rehash of the previous GTAs, but how much fun GTAIV is with all these new contents together. It's just another step in the GTA series, not big but warrant enough to make this a perfect streak game. Like all previous GTA series, GTA3 got a 10 because it set the standard for open sandbox gameplay, then GTA:VC improved upon that with some better story telling (protagonist who no longer a mute), better music, added new vehicles (boats, non-hidden planes)which again deserve another perfect 10. Onto GTA:SA, what can we say much that hasn't sad before: again improve more deeper story telling, went over the line of open box gameplay with some necessary changes, a huge world map to explore, yadda yadda. And now, the latest installment of the franchise, it's expected to follow that same direction. That direction of improving upon many things that make this a worthy game where everyone can enjoy the next GTA without feeling bad of wasting their money.
  25. forget Permy, Tanjobi Omedetou btw.. but still, WHERES STURMY, that egotistical self proclaimed " the real nigga" isn't even found nowhere on 1emu. He always come out of hiding and appear on my MSN sometime but other times, he's just missing >_>
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