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  1. ?? i never said i trusted anyone....i hadnt even been on here in months or posted or was that directed at someone else?
  2. im really confused i hadnt been posting much on here but i assume this is or was some kind of joke or something?>
  3. haha what the heck is going on here???
  4. hey phil you mean the ini files for the new skin for nestopia?
  5. perhaps soon enough this can be implemented into xbox, i mean after all the same was said of nestopia a few years before it reared its head on the xbox.
  6. ok cool guess i can wait haha. i really want to see this skin. thanks phil!
  7. thatd be cool philexile, i dont know much about skinning, thought maybe a simple edit of the ini would work? lol prob too easy eh?
  8. yea i cant use it unless the ini gets configured for it. i wonder if there is an easy way to do this? anyone? lol
  9. hey bp any chance you have considered adding the scanline filter into the coinops releases? sounds like something that would rock and make coinops just that much better.
  10. thank you dude! you will get my first born!! LOL
  11. right here.....and yeah there is a port of flashback for the xbox. lmao i meant where is fu with the linkage or help to locate this flashback port for xbox haha.
  12. Your right - both of those emulators need some love. Lantus did a great job with that NeoCD port. It has the best scanline filter on the XBOX in my opinion and matches the quality of the SLG3000 precisely. Doing MAME with XPort's GUI would be a pain in my opinion, but to each their own. That'd be interesting. I'm trying to build a set of ROMs that are 2D only - so this would be welcome. I've had some good luck - better than I expected, although, the trial and error of tweaking the settings is a real pain. maybe this scanline filter is something that could be implemented into other emus. sounds like something im gonna look into if i can find the source.
  13. isnt there a flashback port for the original xbox? fu, where are you? haha this looks pretty cool
  14. hey phil, yea i made a small change to some code in nestopiax for the game young indiana jones chronicles to run correctly. afik, only one other emu runs this game correctly. just try playing level 2 and youll see what i mean. haha. its nothing big, im a big nes and nestopia guy so accuracy on this emu is always on my mind. if you happen to see anything else with emu youd like for me to look at, do let me know. the nestopia release will be out shortly. no disrespect to mednafen, in the last release i contributed and fixed some mappers for previously unplayable games (paperboy II, best of the best karate) i just happen like nestopia the most. also some of the sound code in neogenesis is rather sloppy and piss poor written, ive had a chat with gens author stef a few times about this, and one thing i am actively working (guess ill let the cat out of the bag here) **bites nails** is stripping out the core of neogenesis and adding in gens plus gx sound and graphics which will make a considerable diff in sound and emulation accuracy if i can get it done. so far, ive only started. no timeline on a release
  15. lmao. maybe an update for sega genesis emulators especially sound cores, another update for ps1 emus, a biig update for dosxbox perhaps, sega pico LMAO , hell even turbografx could use an update. theres other things im not even including. i myself, have an update to release for nes's nestopia, by the way megaman im xtecuterx73 over at X-S. i got a small release myself coming down the pipeline for you guys,
  16. sweet great news. i am looking forward to hearing more of this. when more news comes out please direct us to their homepage. hopefully it will be actual much needed updates to a number of stuff.
  17. yea id just like to know if this concerns xbox apps, game ports, or emu. maybe they will give some love to pcsxbox! come on megaman where are you. its ok to be vague just point us in the right direction a little. haha.
  18. this game is awesome. cant see why it couldnt have been officially released. but glad to see another piece of gaming history preserved. the scrolling is epic! if only the butter monster was in this game, you guys remember the fake thread about this game a few years back "ja i am made of dur butter and you are worth 2kmonies. LMAO"
  19. sounds like good stuff. i have yet to even try this emu. perhaps i need to check it out...
  20. no i was talking about that little clip of the kid...haha
  21. lmao what the hell nextel. haha
  22. well without saying too much...is this xbox apps? homebrew ports? emulators? please let us know this is great news!
  23. lmao you beat me it fu! another great piece of gaming history preserved! now to find sunsofts vs. lionex
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