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  1. Great release! ...although I am having one little issue trying to run Galaga. I have tried a couple different roms sets and I keep having the same issue. When I load up the rom, it will go to a screen that is upside down saying the ram rom check, number of quaters, etc and it will stay frozen on that screen. Any suggestions?
  2. wow great work dude! congrats! any idea when this will hit the wild?
  3. Every CPS2 game that I have tried on my box, the screen comes up garbled and crashes. You can only hear the music.
  4. hey +T+, thanks for doing that. I had one question, i cant get giga wing to work when you load it up it displays garbled graphics then fbl crashes. didnt know if you guys knew or not. the same rom played fine in 1.9.
  5. ive been interested in one for quite some time. i work on the nestopiax versions for xbox.
  6. great work iq! all your work on this is very much appreciated. looking forward to playing these 2 games.
  7. hehe i nominate fumanchu for xbox news section! good to see this section still gets attention. i come here everyday still to this day and its been years for me.
  8. when this becomes available could someone please pm me with some details. this is HUGE news! thanks iq and everyone involved!!!
  9. thanks for putting this out there my friend! ive had this for like 3 years i think before i put it out. and special thanks to my boy % for all the help as well.
  10. thanks +T+, looking forward to the next release as always friend.
  11. are you closing the door on your dev stuff soon or something +T+? i hope not, but i can say we all graciously appreciate everything you have done and hope you continue on with it.
  12. just out of curiosity, was sound disabled for boogie wings, wizard fire, and the dark seal games? im not getting any sound on any,
  13. thanks +T+, cant wait to see what you do next. all your work is very much appreciated friend.
  14. If it's a quick addition, I'll get it in the next build. Otherwise it can join the queue. hey +T+, great work and cant wait to try it out. any eta? no rush, just wondering.
  15. thank yall for being a friend....duh duh duh duh..travel down the road... oh wait. haha at Gillou, yea im working on it. i havent messed with nestopiax in a bit, took a good little break.
  16. Thanks fu! I've also got a nestopiax update coming down the pipeline. good time to be into xbox stuff!
  17. Great news friend! Any eta on the next release?
  18. hmmm, thanks weiner. ill have to take a look at it. thanks for the heads up.
  19. yea you are correct about nestopia, it is something i would like to implement. also +T+ when you get a min could you send me the code for using the dpad to resize the screen. XT-
  20. it all sounds really good~! i say hells yea +T+!
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