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  1. Thanks fu! And thanks robert for nice words. I couldn't leave a half assed Update out for too long. I polished it off and made the release last night. I have more plans in store but wanted to get this out to you guys soon!
  2. sweet! we all love good news and the offer still stands iq. hell ill still send you an xbox with all the stuff you been doing lately you deserve one and youll end up breaking the one you got if you kep it up!
  3. Dude iq for all you have done I will personally send you an xbox. We discussed this on msn back in the day and I still owe you that copy of Nes 1943. Lmao! Hit me up ill send you one bro seriously.
  4. i was thinking the same thing. a600 comes and goes and i hope the next time he comes around he will update and get the sound fixed too.
  5. great work man. it is all much appreciated! cant wait to see the new games list and what has been fixed.
  6. Extremely unlikely to ever see this in a playable state on fbal. The more I improve it on coinops the more it runs like crap. The tradeoffs are graphics or frame rate. You get one or the other. For fba, I would have to port the cpu core, graphics routines, and a lot of intermediate junk. You're not looking at a few hour process. Even after that, there's no guarantee that it would run at a decent frame rate at all. thanks for the answers iq. u think donkey kong junior and demon front will ever be something to see the light of day on fba/arcade for xbox1? just curious and i must say, all your hard work is truly appreciated dude. cheers~
  7. great work and great news!!! thumbs up and cheers to you all. just 2 small questions. lol no requests. does donkey kong jr and demon front seem like a possibility? just curious and i myself cant wait to see what you guys can do. +T+ always good to see you doing stuff man as well as iq. we appreciate all the hard work.
  8. I always told tommy the smoke would do him in. Lmao funny story! It definately was amusing to read! We want to know more about tommy! Lol
  9. thanks fu! titan warriors SOUNDS like bionic commando, classic capcom.
  10. i see kenshiro has made a post! and to stay on topic i have to say all the nes and snes games even the poo poo ones we will never play! lol HF-
  11. Dude that's awesome! im working hard to get the next version out and fixed. The new filter will be its own filter and not take the place of another. And diff modes like pixel perfect and overscan free aspect modes.
  12. Yea that's what I mean about the filter bug. Im working on a fix right now for it. In the meantime use one of the ntsc filters. I didn't catch this before the release. Oops hehe.
  13. Thanks for the input weiner. and for the help. For nestopiax v1.2 that is the plan for everything you just said.
  14. Yea not yet still waitin for the person to send me the values. Ill add them in as soon as I get them.
  15. Thanks for the announcement fu! There will be another update soon to this. I found A small bug which renders a couple of the other filters backwards too. haha. A fix is on the way as soon as I get back in town. Let Me know in the meantime how u like it guys!
  16. hey bp i guess this is a stupid question but is there a standalone build for just arcade games?
  17. thanks fu i mailed him so its just a matter of wait and see. i appreciate all your help dude. thanks man! cant wait to hear the feedback on the flipped levels haha. as far as pixel perfect im working on it, lets hope philexile mails me back with the info if he has it.
  18. thanks fu. i think what i am looking for is an ini file with the values. ill have to poke around and find it on here. it should be on the nestopia release thread.
  19. yea i been working pretty hard on it today. having some trouble adding the option to change the setup for right, left, up and down configurations. yer gonna need it when you try out the level flips filter i added. haha if anyone can lend a hand let me know ive changed some things but to no avail. haha. everything is a go once i figure out how to flip the controller configuration. hopefully that can be figured out soon. i guess i can add in the pixel perfect as well as default. anyone know the values for it? cospefogo where are you? and once again i hope you guys enjoy playing the classics backwards haha. it's a trip!
  20. im still in the process of adding it in. having a little snag or 2 we will see if this makes it in. either way be on the lookout tonight or tomm for sure. ill post back when the release is officially out for anyone who cares.
  21. ok ill be back in town on sunday night. you can expect the release to be made this coming monday or tuesday. i appreciate everyone's patience but its coming! lol
  22. are all those games in the new coinops? i havent updated in a good bit bp haha,.
  23. yep its about 90 percent tested. and tell ya what fu, i will send you the first build personally. i am striving to make nestopia 100 percent for everything nes. its getting there and im learning alot along the way. just a little surprise ahead of time, im gonna be adding in 2 xbes. one for the normal stuff and the other where you u will have a filter that flips the levels backwards. i was sent the code to add it in this morning to try out. gonna add it in and it'll be a little something fun to mess around with, youlll be playing the classics right to left scrolling instead of left to right hahah. i havent had a chance to test it out myself but gonna make for something interesting on vertical shooters and racer games. def a new spin on the old classics.
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