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  1. Sounds good. Thanks t!! As soon as I get it ill add it in for the next release.
  2. Thanks for the input. Ill remember to fix that in the next releases. Just take the read me I made and replace it over the old notes.
  3. ok let me start by asking, how many xbe's do you have in the root folder for nestopiax? cause im still not following you. Me being the one who has released these updates, i know i didnt mess anything up, and i want to understand you so help me help you here.
  4. i'm sorry, i dont understand what you are asking? it sounds like you have the xbe to all 4 versions? please ask again. XT-
  5. Nice work +T+! cant wait to try it out~! get to mess with something else besides nestopiax and playing shockwave for a few. do you know off hand which irem games are in this build? if not i can check the dat. once again, THANK YOU!
  6. haha thanks man! as far as nintendo world championships goes, yes im looking into adding a feature where you can pick an option to run the 5 minute timer and the time will display at the bottom of the screen. we will see what happens but its something i am looking into. XT-
  7. Im lovin blastin those pesky aliens followed by some shitty fmv and shitty acting on shockwave assault on this Build lmao.
  8. R.O.B kicked AVGN's ass in that show until the end, lol. XT-
  9. i have to admit, that episode was funny as hell. XT-
  10. yea, possibly, what do you have in mind? he is even in the box and 100 percent working and in great shape! even has the gyro spinners with it! XT-
  11. You should! While you're at it, you should do a controller mod. I basically took what this guy wrote up here: http://www.xerxes3rd.net/staticpages/index...&mode=print and did it for a TON of different controllers, including a NES pad. This way, ROB could 'hold' the pad like usual. It works perfectly (the mod, not ROB) and it introduces ZERO lag. The only trick is that most VGA cables no longer have the necessary number of wires. I recommend instead buying a DB-15 M-F from here: http://www.cablewholesale.com/specs/mac-mo.../10d2-01206.htm Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that have black cables in stock anymore - but whatever. ok so i decided to run a little experiment. i dont have the modded controller but i do have R.O.B fully functional. i can confirm that he does work and is supported with this version of nestopiax! he responded to every command i put in so if you have the controller mod, you and rob can have some good times again! LOL.
  12. lol. thanks phil. No, you dont actually use the robot with this emu, everything is already emulated in nestopiax, you just set your controller 2 to R.O.B. the robot and you can play the game with one controller. lol. well yea, if you put it that way it should work i would think. i have a rob and i can tell you he wont work on hdtvs and the like. you would need an old skool tv with scanlines but yea it could possibly work. hell, i might dig him out and try out. lol XT-
  13. lol. thanks phil. No, you dont actually use the robot with this emu, everything is already emulated in nestopiax, you just set your controller 2 to R.O.B. the robot and you can play the game with one controller. lol.
  14. is there anyway to get the sound in sync with shockwave? i tried what you said but the audio is faster than the video, lol.
  15. let us not forget the PERFECT PIXEL OPTIONS.... hahah. and huge thanks to my man +T+ for his help with the perfect pixel stuff. hope you guys enjoy! there could be even more down the road my friends...... ;P XT- HF-
  16. Thank you. In between working on nestopiax I haven't had much time to actually play too many games. Looking forward to playing this again! XT-
  17. has anyone tried shockwave assault? hoping it works ok. might give it a go later in between working on nestopiax. XT-
  18. sure did and i thank you very much! working on it as we speak.
  19. Hey +T+. Did you see my post about turtles in time?
  20. your welcome to everyone. glad you guys enjoy it. as for your question JLsoft, yes i have considered that, however i had to factor before making the release whether people would also flip the controls, i decided for the time being that making them separate would be more practical because not everyone will use the flipped controls when using the flipped filter, its more of a challenge not flipping the controls, and i think some people want that new challenge. lol. it is something that i am and will get back to at some point, just for the time being i figured it'd be best to do it this way. HF- aka XT-
  21. really sweet work and awesome update. i had a question or 2, maybe iq or 2 would know, do i have a bad rom on tmnt turtles in time>? everytime i try to play the neon night riders level all the sprites disappear or something...lol. also dont know if bucky o hare will ever make it in and by no means am i requesting anything at all. just wondering if iq has any plans to bring night slashers or any of these 2 to this solid gold emu update by +T+ and iq. either way sweet work on everything, this is top notch work!!!
  22. yea its nice to be a part of it too. this ol box can still do so much more im sure. and also thanks to you for helping me get the filter issue fixed friend! as for today, its all about the games!!! lol.
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