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  1. sweet!! will there be a standalone build to play these on? i havent updated my coinops since night slashers and the like was added. hopefully all those are still playable.
  2. nearing a release guys, still testing some new core changes but heres some things new. contra 100 in 1, and 168 in 1 was partially broken and not working but support added back in. fixed and playable both games dragon scroll english translation hack has been added into the database, fully playable (no more mapper errors) young indiana jones chronicles fixed family circuit 91 fixed alpha channel preview fixed and maybe another surprise or 2 still testing thoroughly but wont be too much longer. if anyone has any ips patched games that throw errors out let me know so it can be added into the database and most likely it can become playable.
  3. does it make me an xtras member if i post over there too? hehe
  4. Sounds great.. Does that mean the all the graphical glitches are gone? (eg. level 2 was pretty unplayable because of gfx errors iirc..) yea its completely playable no more glitches, no more graphic errors my friend.
  5. well done hf nice to see an update to this great nes emu,i am assuming by fixes you mean mapper game support for other games? you could probably put it on emuxtras if xbins isnt up. thanks fu! yea ive made a few fixes to some games. young indiana jones chronicles now works perfectly, it wasnt until recently that this fix was figured out. NO emulator up until then could play this game correctly. ive added in the alpha channel fix as well. im also almost done with rumble support. i am also looking at some mapper code to fix a few odd n ends here and there. Nestopia pretty much can play anything that has anything to do with nes perfectly. cycle by cycle and accurate down the analog digital converter haha. theres a couple more things im planning on. but at the moment id about to put out a release for everyone else to enjoy too. Im already a member at emuxtras and think i just might make the announcement there and send iriez over at x-s scene the file too for xbins so when it does come back up everyone else can get in on the fun.
  6. just a small update.... this project is nearing a release rather quickly here soon. upon the initial fixes implemented it was discovered other games had been broken and affected so i had to go back and fix and clean everything up. now all is well. also to weinerschintzel, thanks man! i went ahead and implemented the alpha channel fix. and thanks again for helping me regain the source. also still working on the dip switch settings for nintendo world championships. the computer crash i had didnt help things either. just a couple things left to do, but if xbins isnt up by then i might need someone's help on here to co-ordinate a relase for me if they want to help so i can get it out there or so to speak. plus they can be among the first to get a first peek at all the new additions and fixes. HF-
  7. thank you so much dude. i got your pm and i can commence on finishing and re-adding what i had done. thanks again man and i do hope that xbins gets back up soon. hey weiner thanks for the input about the rumbles. i have yet to get it added in. doesnt seem hard but im working on it. let me know any info you want to about it.
  8. hi all, ive been working on a recent update for nestopiax, after 3 days of trying to get on xbins looks like its down. does anyone out there have the source? im not looking for the emu itself but the source nes had left on xbins. i recently had a crash and lost what i had saved so if someone could let me know please pm me. thanks,.
  9. that looks awesome. keep em coming fu! i do hope this makes its way onto the xbox.
  10. thanks for the update fu~! we can always count on you. anytime im browsing for unreleased/unlicensed games i always check here first to see if you have gotten to it already. haha.
  11. you dont know what yer missing with this emu. its pretty much perfect dude.
  12. hehe let me know when you get em, id like to have a go at them too my friend.
  13. i made a post about this on x-scene. but is anyone having issues with low sound on this emu? i can barely hear anything and theres no option to adjust the sound levels.
  14. yea this is a breath of fresh air. some of the taito games on mame do run like complete bantha doodoo. i cant wait to check this out. can never have have too many arcade emus on xbox. its good to see the ol girl still getting all this love. theres been more attention on this box in the last 2 months than the last 2 years seems like. keep em comin A600. and thanks!
  15. hey man yea just point me to the instructions to fix and i will include it in the release.
  16. ok let me see what i can do. odd that this was removed. thanks and i will look into it.
  17. thanks for the reponses thus far. im not a top level coder but im better than what i was when i started. haha. ill keep this updated as things progress. anyone else feel free to chime in.
  18. haha thanks man. yea its been virtually untouched since its release. time for that to change.
  19. hi all, seems like i post more here than x-s scene as of late so i come asking for everyones input. i have recently shifted more attention to working on things i hadnt had the time before to do and even spoke to a few about maybe sticking their out their heads for a project or 2.... first up, i plan on doing some work on nes's nestopiax, such a great piece of work and i feel like it can only be complimented by further features. heres what im working on you guys let me know what you might like to see. 1) rumble support for nestopiax 2) small various minor game fixes ( i have fixed young indiana jones in the build i am working on. any and all are welcome for input on this matter so let's hear it guys. everything at the moment is preliminary, i want to release something more than just one small game fix. HF-
  20. pm sent and i might just have to look into the slg converter. seems sweet.
  21. more mame cores coming bp? that would be awesome. cant wait to see what all you guys got coming!
  22. lets just all agree that we have a great thing in xbox projects and people are working for the good of the community. no need for anything else or flame wars, you guys all know we are much better than that. lets keep the scene alive boys!
  23. hey megaman no mockery here from me, i just dont know whats going on. i stopped posting for a long while so i havent the clue what the heck is happening. i just all of us to get along.
  24. would it be possible for me to get a copy of some of these ini's for the games? please let me know and by the way i dont know much about what you asked me in the pm, but ill take a look and see. let me know about the game ini's. id like to get ahold of them. and yea you cant beat the shittiness of the old tvs bro. i actually play nestopia on a older tv just to make it that much more better even though i have like 300 nes games i could actually hook up and play.
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