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  1. Yes, that is probably one of the greatest commercials ever. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/honda-ad.html <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WOW! I watched that twice in a row, it's amazing. It's like a real life "the incredible machine"!
  2. I agree with you there (apart from the owning a gun part, that's a bit scary ) Oh, and don't forget the irony that a man who once used the national guard SPECIFICALLY to avoid going into combat is the one responsible for guardsmen being placed in active duty (ie the president)
  3. My point for 2 is that you can easily see the similarities between the war on communism and the war on terrorism - which is why Bush n co worked so hard to try to implicate Hussein with bin Laden and Iraq with weapons of mass distruction. I mean come on, anyone to whom the propaganda the Government spreads has been successful would tell you that we went into Iraq to stop terrorism - just like Vietnam with communism 3. The fact remains that guardsmen signed up to protect the homefront in the event of an invasion, not get sent over to a hazardous foreign battleground. 8. Don't get me wrong, I subscribe to the "democracy's the worse form of government, except for all the others" theory
  4. I won't quote that huge post, but on the first point you got me wrong, what I was saying was that if another war was started with troops still ocupied in Iraq and Afghanistan it would put a terrible strain on the army. 2. The only "premise" for Vietnam was stopping the terrible wave of communism through a tightly controlled propaganda campaign designed to instill a fear of a certain subset of people based solely on their religious/political beliefs. Sound familiar? Good comparison (if you ask me anyway). 3.The soldiers are still human beings and they still therefore have basic civil rights - which are being violated by the Bush tactic of keeping them on after they've been injured and refusing to let them leave after their active service has finished. And beside that, consider the fact that as you know, a growing number of the troops over there are reserves and guardsmen - people with jobs and families who are being pulled out of their lives into a battlefield. That's close enough to a draft that even if I didn't believe that another war would lead to a for-real draft I'd still consider there to be an informal draft happening. 4. I know oil wasn't the ONLY reason for the war, but that and the other millions of dollars private companies are reaping off of the suffering of Iraqis was no doubt the driving reason behind it. 5. I know that you buy your oil from the global suppliers - and so does Bush and he's sweating about it. And we've seen what he did about it.... 6. It's what I've always been saying but I'm glad you agreed with the way I put it that time 7. Whoops, you're right about that, although I don't know if you can still call him that (didn't he defect to the dark side once he started slamming Kerry at the RNC?) 8. I have to disagree with your analysis there. Sure, in principle large groups of parties should have an equal shot at controling the top spot, but in reality the incumbent government has the ultimate say over what happens (look at what Bush has managed to get away with!) Hey, I'm not too fond of democracy either, but the one thing it does promise is that everyone is allowed to have their opinions and that their votes are allowed to reflect those opinions. That was the point I was trying to make - equating people who oppose the war on Iraq, or the USA PATRIOT act, or even Bush himself with terrorists is contrary to that very principle.
  5. Wow, I missed this whole review the first time around. Thing is, I liked mgs2 when I played it, rented it for a day and finished it then took it back, it was an okay game, but not great (I thought splinter cell had done a better job of sneaking-game design by then anyway). That said, SNK, I know you claim that you take games too seriously because you want to work in the industry, but from the sheer vehemence of your complaints against Hideo Kojima, it seems to me (and correct me if I'm wrong here) that it's almost as if you've picked him as a nemesis. This could be either because he's in a position you want to be in one day (he's a game guru), or because you honestly feel that you can do much better than him, but the simple fact is that most gamers liked mgs2 to varying extents. And it probably isn't because of endless hype, or because they thought Hideo Kojima was god, it's because they thought mgs2 was a good game. That's just my thoughts.
  6. Ah yes, who can forget mario kart. Damn, I just "finished" mario 64 (actually I can't get bowser to hit a bomb on the last level using the keyboard but once he does I win) and wanted to play another of that style game, it's too bad they only actually made one actual mario platformer and lots of mini-game style games.
  7. I bet a c&d is just around the corner, so I'll download it now edit: no I won't - it isn't finished yet
  8. Of course, the irony is that I was reading the thread on the sg forum, and I couldn't see any of the pictures the girls were posting because you'd have to pay to do that, but according to the captions/accompanying test the way they plan to protest this lawsuit is to take many many photographs of themselves masturbating with nintendo controllers!
  9. Oh bite me neuronmaster you damn faschist. Do you know anything about the principles of democracy? In principle there are two parties, each standing for something, which members of the general public then get behind. You have obviously been propagandized by fox and the bush (he no longer deserves a capital letter in his name) government so much, that you're starting to believe the number one phallacy that the bush administration is pushing - that if you don't believe in their policies, you're un-american, so therefore you must be a terrorist. That phallacy is so contrary to any ideal of democracy, that anyone who repeats it has clearly been brainwashed by the right-wing government. Way to show me you're a patsy for the Republicans.
  10. There can be a problem with some programs activating the internet behind your back - namely, internet explorer or windows media player can both be used to install spyware and malware undetected unless you have the security settings set high enough in ie.
  11. OMG, that's it we'd better stop saying we like any Nintendo games, or we could get c&d'd up the yin yang!
  12. how many people shouted hAxOr <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Three and a half. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Half a person shouted "hAxOr"? That would have been unnerving
  13. Yeah, I saw that awhile ago. Must admit my heart jumped the first time
  14. Dude, triple post! EBIL! But I used to watch it and it was good, but isn't on here any more
  15. series = excel saga movie = Castle of Cagliostro and the other lupin iii movies
  16. Dude, I hope you realise that snorting aspirin can permanently paralyse the side of your face.
  17. Look here http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=928665
  18. Simple question, how many mario games were there for the n64? I know there's mario 64, and paper mario, and yoshi's story, and also mario makes an appearance in super smash brothers. Are there any others?
  19. I just think the things we're searching for should be better than formless waifs and farm animals with draconic vehicles.
  20. I can't believe how quickly sites like that got set up. Incidentally, but on a related note, have you guys seen falaphilia? http://www.falaphilia.com/ It came about because apparently when Bill O'reilly was making dirty phone calls to that woman, he said something about sticking a falaffel in her [censored]. He probably meant loofah, but said falaffel in a faux pa. If not he's even dirtier than I thought!
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