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  1. Thought i would add an update here as I have had some progress which might interest fellow newcomers to the DVD-burning scene. Okay, XP is still refusing to recognise my burner as such whenever I have a blank DVD in there. However, it seems like any external programs with DVD burning support CAN recognise and write to the drive. Using AnyDVD and CloneDVD I managed to burn a copy of disc 2 of our season one box-set of Futurama. AnyDVD is an awesome virtual driver program which runs automatically in the background, and disables the macromedia (?) encoding on the disc, so not only can you watch all-zone DVDs on your computer through your DVD drive, you can also use an external program to burn to a DVD. For instance, when I tried running CloneDVD to burn Futurama, it popped up and told me that CloneDVD does not copy encoded discs...as soon as I configured anyDVD and tried again, CloneDVD recognised the disc and let me burn it! The resulting disc worked on every DVD player in the house, including (amazingly) my PS2! Okay so the next step is to figure out how to burn PS2 DVDs...does anyone know of a version of ClonyXXL which supports CloneDVD? Is CloneCD supposed to be able to write to DVDs coz it can't on my system. I will have a mod-chip soon so will be able to play burned DVDs....if anyone could help me with burning them it'd be much appreciated Edit: presumably the resulting DVDs are "region Zero" (meaning they can be played on any DVD player!)
  2. He he, yeah thankx for that man the game is awesome. But i didn't have a link for ddl, maybe if it gets uploaded somewhere...?
  3. Whoa, someone help! I just got a LITE-ON LDW-411S dvd-rw recorder... my computer recognises the drive, and I can use it to view/play DVDs and CDs, I can even use the software it came with to burn to a DVD...but whenever I put a blank DVD in the drive, in "My Computer" the drive name changes from "DVD-RW drive" to "CD drive", hence I can't use any external programs to burn to a DVD (even Clony XXL Anyone had/fixed a similar problem, or has any advice for me? A quick web-search revealed that other people have had this problem, other people who had different brand name DVD recorders to me. However they had no ideas, only requests for help. Help!
  4. Oh and I forgot, -Link removed. read board rules- has Neon Genesis Evangelion for the N64! Aren't I good to you guys?
  5. Plus, if you want info on many anime roms check out -Link removed. Read board rules-. They claim to have downloads but I have never been able to
  6. Also, check out -Link removed. Read board rules- for isos of Gundam W, Tenchu AND Fist of the North Star (Playstation) in easy downloadable, segmented formats!
  7. Okay I've had 3 views but no posts so far. Maybe I should post a couple of sites just to tempt you guys - check out -Links removed. Read board rules- - it has Uritsei Sakura My Dear Friends, Ranma 1/2 and Captain Tsubasa. They are all in Japanese, unfortunately, but once you figure out what the commands do Tsubasa is pretty playable. PM me if you can't work it out. -Links Removed. Read board rules-. No actual dls on the site but a ton of info and links to anime-style (mainly RPG) roms and isos. -Link removed. Read board rules-. So far, these guys have traslated the MSX version of the classic MSX game Snatcher. (you can get an english version with full speech at http://www.the-underdogs.org in ---special, ---non PC Underdogs). But better yet they are working on the sequel (or prequel), policenauts, for both PSX AND Sega Saturn!! Well I hope to see some posts soon (not that it's been that long). See ya.
  8. Hi, I thought it would be cool to have a thread just for people who wanna trade games based on animes or with similar anime-style graphics. Or for links to them. Here is a short-list of my anime-video games. Name Console ------ ------------ Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle SNES Ranma 1/2 Ultimate Battle SNES Ranma 1/2 Battle (?) SNES Ranma 1/2 Treasure of the Red SNES Cat Gang Ranma Nibon no Ichi Sega CD (too bad its in Japanese!) Lupin III SNES Lupin III NES Space Adventure Cobra Sega CD Snatcher (not based on an anime, Sega CD but cool enough) Fist of the North Star PSX Gundam W: Endless Duel SNES Gundam W: Something (?) PSX Sailor Moon 1 & 2 SNES Sailor Moon RPG SNES (trying to get) Kenshin PSX Captain Tsubasa NES Captain Tsubasa 2,3,4+5 SNES Captain Tsubasa CD Sega CD Dragon Ball Z 1,2 SNES Dragon Ball Z (Actually I PSX don't have it yet but I can tell you where to get it) Feel free to post here and I'll either provide you with a link or the files to any of these games...anyone else feel free to post your sites or requests up here as well.
  9. First emulators I used were Meka, Snes9x and WinUAE... Don't know about the actual games, but Wings (amiga) Sonic (master system) and yoshi's island (snes) would have been among them
  10. Hi, the name's Random Guy (ps if anyone is interested I got that name from two of my favourite works - Random from Snatcher (Sega CD) and -guy from Family Guy my favourite cult cartoon.) Two or three years ago I had a master system, amiga and super nintendo emulator on my computer. Now I have emulators for Game Gear, Game Boy + Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Master System, Mega Drive +32x & SegaCD, Sega Saturn, Neo Geo (etc) Arcade, NES, SNES, N64, 3DO, Playstation, Commodore Amiga, and a multi-emulator which emulates everything from the Amstrad CPC (and something called the AdventureVision) to the ZN Spectrum! I even have emulators for the GameCube, Dreamcast, PS2 and XBox, even though I don't have any games for those systems, just to see if I could get the boot-up screens to work (I couldn't-I think you need a disc image or executable to try . I've already been through the request any rom section seeing which roms I could help you guys find (although I have DC++ I prefer HTTP downloads, a lot harder to find but heaps faster). Also I know a lot about emulators. Actually, maybe I should reorder that phrase, I know about a lot (of) emulators. I have very little technical knowledge, I just plug and play. But if you need me to help you find the right emulator for you, I'd be happy to help! Also if you need help finding a game PM me and I'll tell you if I can help. Okay I'll stop babbling now see ya guys
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