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  1. Yeah, but we really shouldn't be talking, considering that an overwhelming no of ozzies voted for Bush's 2nd favourite lapdog John Howard (1st place goes to Blair). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lol, damn good point there - proportionally Howard probably got more of the vote than Bush.
  2. My god what the hell is up with your country? How could over 1/2 of Americans have voted for that moron? Well over 1/2 the country deserves what they get - debts spiralling out of control, more wars with no hope of winning them (Iraq for instance) and giving up all your constotitonally protected rights
  3. So which one is correct?!? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My one probably, and pretty much no matter which way the election goes it is dependent on Ohio. Which'll mean all off the absentee votes and provisional votes will have to be counted (which could take weeks)
  4. That's not the latsst results from my sources - check yahoo.com for instance, it says its bush 254, kerry 252
  5. That's not what cnn or yahoo are saying: STATUS CANDIDATE VOTE VOTE % EV Republican Bush 56,787,311 51% 254 Democratic Kerry 53,076,006 48% 242 Independent Nader 384,229 1% 0
  6. If the distance gets low enough in Ohio, it could be that provisional votes which were disallowed temporarily by the supreme court (125,000 of them) could change the whole outcome. And given that Republicans were responsible for the issuing of all the provisional votes pretty much, it could be that the Republicans have pulled another Florida. The difference being Kerry sounds like he's not going to let them get away with it this time (they're not conceeding Ohio).
  7. Yeah, I've been noticing that actually - Ive been checking cnn and nbc and they've made different projections and stuff
  8. Right now the electoral vote is 207 (Bush) - 206 (Kerry). Wow, this is a close race!
  9. No you won't - according to his msg he's leaving IRC too.
  10. On CNN.com, the estimated voter turnout is 50.5%. That's not very good.
  11. Were these performancers on 2 weeks in a row? Geez, SNLs alot less live now
  12. What are the controls going to be? It had better be a keyboard + mouse type controller, I wouldn't want to play an FPS with a control stick!
  13. Already been posted but funny nonetheless
  14. It's true though, no-one's posting in current affairs today
  15. You should still have gotten an xp cd, unless you got ripped off
  16. I had to set my clocks forward an hour for daylight savings
  17. I don't think you NEED to format your computer - just run spy sweeper, some registry mechanic program and an antivirus or two and you'll probably get rid of all that spyware without any trouble. Or, if you have XP you could do a system restore to a much earlier restore date, but doing it that way you'd still need to reinstall lots of programs. Edit: and if you want to ensure you'll get little/no spyware, follow these steps. 1. Get firefox 2. Go into IE. Choose "internet options". Then "Privacy". Set the privacy level to "medium" 3. In the "privacy" tab, click on "advanced". If you've got an old-enough version of ie you have to make sure to go to the "ActiveX" settings and disable all ActiveX controls, if not see step 6 4. Never click on popup ads or banner ads 5. Be wary of media-files with DRM, these can install cookies or spyware on your computer, if possible avoid these, but better yet do step 6 6. In windows media player click "settings" then "security" and again disable all the ActiveX controls (or better yet set them to "prompt" - this way it will ask you whether or not to run the controls in case a file needs to legitimately use it. 7. Be sure to scan for spyware regularly just in case
  18. My opinion: this case is doomed on its own, unless he can get the testimony from dozens - or hundreds - of xbox owners stating that their dvd drive too failed to work after an inordinately long time. He's also doomed if he's ever modded his xbox or opened it up and removed the sticker (presuming the xbox has a sticker in the same position the ps2 does)
  19. I feel your pain man.... I cant stand that people are voting for Krappy.. err... Kerry just because its NOT Bush... wtf.... so I guess it doesn't matter how many lies Kerry tells or how bad he is going to flock up our economy..... pfffft... might as well put a gun to my head now <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What are you talking about? That's all the republican party DOES. If you don't vote for Bush, you're 100% guaranteed to get attacked by terrorists (never mind the fact that the Bush administration had all they needed to know intelligence-wise to predict 9/11). Kerry's a flip-flopper, never mind the fact that the vote he "flip-flopped" on was actually 2 different ammendments - he refused one draft, and accepted the other. Kerry hates the military because he votes against the millitary, even though most of those cuts came from one group of bills which were voted for bipartisanly (Cheney voted for them as well). Kerry WASN'T WOUNDED ENOUGH to get a purple heart in Vietnam, even though Bush used his family contacts to avoid the entire vietnam war. Nearly everything the republicans use daily to attack Kerry (except that he talks too much, that I'll agree with) is a either a lie or distorted-out-of-perspective untruth calculated to make Kerry look bad regardless of the facts.
  20. Hoo Hoo! Great find Gryph. No conspiracy with haliburton my arse! I bet skythe isn't going to comment about THIS!
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