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    guitar hero<br />doom<br />doom II<br />and other 3d shooting dos games

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  1. i am getting an error saying " this content cannot be accessed on your account" what the heck, the psp does't have an account i need help so i can play the game
  2. does anybody know where i can get a full version of guitar hero 3 for pc and not a demo
  3. i need more programs for game controllers and i have two ridht now Glovepie Xpadder i just know there are more program for controllers
  4. i have a question can you plug-in a ps2's video to a psp somehow?
  5. i have 2 qusetions One:can you control your psp with your ps3 and Two:how come the 60 and 80 gb PS3 can play ps2 games and the 40 gb ps3 can only ps1 games
  6. i need help with the psp's connected display settings in there, here is i do not know what kind of AV cables these look like A Component AV cable and A D- Treminal AV cable can someone post a picture of them so i know what they look like?
  7. i know two website for PSP themes One is www.psp-themes.net The other is www.psp-xmb-themes.com does this help you?
  8. doomfan

    Ds lite

    i have one and it is cool
  9. is anyone goin to help me?
  10. i mean: is there a program to on analog with any converter?
  11. is there a program to on analog with converter?
  12. is there a way to convert the pc game frets on fire to nintendo ds game file
  13. Agozer that is what i am tring to say
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