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  1. Okay, i found a place where i could load my game. I started Tekken 5, menu was ok, but going in figthing just started lagging. God of War 2 went 1.0 fps with the menu... And how do i set my plugin's. And what's up when i load the Pcsx2.exe. The other window also says that it has problems with patching.
  2. So in the other day i downloaded the emulator for Playstation 2 called Pcsx2 - which i am pretty sure all of you are familiar with. So i start it from pcsx2.exe and it gives me "Cannot allocate mem address" and in the end there are some numbers and stuff. If i activate it from pcsx2t.exe and choose FILE - RUN CD/DVD it gives me error with bios. Then it let's me choose and look for the file and when i click on my "scph10000" (found that on the net) it shuts down.. Any ideas?
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