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  1. okay, somehow ssf didnt recognize my daemontools drive, but now it does so that problem's been taken care of. ssf still doesnt boot the games what i mentioned before. nights first said that i had to clear memory using system manager, so i did that, but now when trying to boot it says "_drivestatus_play error(). fatal error." with die hard and guardian heroes the emulator says that "game disc unsuitable for this system" they all bin iso files should i just try to download different files, hoping that they'll work or should i use games that are in different format or whatsthedillyou?
  2. haha that's a one beat up DC! yeah it's good people are preserving something as deadstock like Dreamcasts from ignorant little fools.
  3. what saturn emus can run games directly fom ISO? Satourne can but for some reason the games that i've tried tend to slow to a halt (guardian heroes, die hard arcade, Nights...) and the timing of the music is off. i tried also saturnin but it doesn't run ISOs one emulator that seems to pop-up on these threads is SSF, but it cant read from ISOS, right? didn't understand the japanese manual. cant burn any games to CDs cos my drive is busted.
  4. dont know if someone has already asked this but here it goes. also, which one is best for using ISO files? i cant burn games on discs cos my CD/DVD drive is broken. I'm using powerISO for virtual drive ...AND does it matter if the BIOS is PAL or NTSC?(are there different BIOS for those) or does it even matter whether u'r playing NTSC game or PAL game whatsoever when using emulator? im kinda new to all of this but i've been aching to play some games that i havent played for a long time (like Klonoa AND Tombi/Tomba..!) and you cant really find the originals anymore for a PAL playstation thanks
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