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  1. Yeah there is a lack of ammo though I'm not at the point where I need to use a trainer. It makes me improvise and use other ways to cause CHAOS!
  2. Just Cause 2 on PC and Uncharted 2 on PS3. Just Cause 2 is fun as hell.
  3. I'm enjoying this game. I haven't had a chance to play it much though.
  4. wtf. and now i can exercise closing a thread which i haven't done in so long. oh and i get to say HOLY FUCKING BUMP BATMAN!
  5. Congrats dude! Do you enjoy yoru job?
  6. The hype for this game is really high. I've just recently been following it and it looks pretty good. I'll wait till the hype dies down and see if it's a really good game.
  7. What movie are the "I don't want to touch his ass, I want him to talk" and "I am not shitting on you" quotes from?
  8. No offense taken, I know exactly what you're talking about and agree. It sucks.
  9. He logs in regularly I think. It would be nice if he said hi.
  10. I hope you are having a wonderful time.
  11. Hello. I still check every now and then. I shall come by more often. I never got the password for the admin panel so I can't ever access it to do anything.
  12. I just watched The Shining with a friend who had never seen it before. I forgot how amazing the movie is.
  13. Hello dear friend. How are you? I am very happy to read that you are going to China! I hope you have a fantastic trip and get to impregnate many Chinese women with your American sperm.
  14. wow i feel like an idiot now. i just totally got owned by a spam bot
  15. What is your favorite color? Which color do you think you look best in? Depends on where your date is and with who also.
  16. Well she's in my class so she's going places too. What happened? sup nigga I'm looking forward to this weekend though.
  17. This weekend I learned this girl I really really really like is now single. So I was happy when I learned that. Then I became sad when I realized I'd probably never get her. So yeah shitty weekend. Also it was the last vacation weekend for me.
  18. Inky! I like your Snooki getting punched sig.
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