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  1. terrifying i would presume. i am a tiny guy (in ALL regards)
  2. about how little i visit here lately. i am busy, yes, but not so busy that i cannot visit more often. i shouldn't be so lazy. i am always so happy when i do visit so i should do it more often.
  3. seriously, i'm not in it either. what is the meaning of this horseshit?
  4. Don't create a prison for yourself by labeling yourself as some loner persona. Accepting defeat and living with that status quo is so much easier than actually doing something about it. Just know that with enough will power and desire you are capable of many things, as cliche and dumb as that sounds. Sorry I've only read a few of the comments on the first page since I am uber busy and will have to catch up on this thread later. Life's too short for self pity.
  5. I'm studying to be a physician, I can't really pick up and leave whenever I feel like it. Once you finished, you can always go and work in China. or India. places with more cases of sickness will help you gain more experience I want to work as little as possible.
  6. I'm studying to be a physician, I can't really pick up and leave whenever I feel like it.
  7. I'll elaborate more tomorrow when Im done with my exam.
  8. I'd take it, dude. How often does something that can totally change your life come around?
  9. The Rage video looked pretty hot. Portal 2 is going to be awesome.
  10. Goddamn that looks like insane fun.
  11. I like the style in SF4 a lot.
  12. I've been in pretty much the same boat. I would have expected my life to be more progressed by the age of 26 but it's like I'm barely out of high school. And yes I too am saddened at the loss of lala. I have $35 credit that I can put towards itunes. Fuck itunes.
  13. I finally beat the game. It was pretty good but the game lost steam when I got to Mexico and it didn't really pick back up. The way they ended it was interesting.
  14. I guess we now know their target demographic: http://members.iinet.net.au/~scottylans/natal.gif
  15. The women in this series are so hot. I watched the first 5 episodes a while back but quit for some reason.
  16. Oh it's #1 on the list where it belongs. Haha wow. So homo.
  17. http://www.heavy.com/comedy/2010/04/the-20...ame-box-covers/ I must play Bad Cat.
  18. Let's just wait to see the game in motion before we crucify it. I rarely look at screenshots seriously anymore these days. I wait till in game footage is released then I give a shit.
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