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  1. haha woops. speaking of esurance, erin esurance is kind of a sexy cartoon character.
  2. Sorry to hear about your eituation, em. Just keep your head up and don't let that shit knock you down too much.
  3. I've heard the 3d effect actually works.. I really want to see it in person!
  4. have you fucked your girlfriend in the ass yet?
  6. I feel the same way. It just seems weird to me to have small characters like that.
  7. At best it's going to be a competent shooter with more jokes that miss than hit.
  8. Of course! But fans like me are few and far between! Although my excitement is less about it being an amazing game and just wanting to play the fucking thing because I know the game won't be the best looking game when it comes out and it's going to have a bunch of antiquated gameplay with some awful one liners. But dammit I've been a fan since I was in elementary school!
  9. Pretty much. If this is the general attitude amongst gamers then Gearbox willl have a hell of a time marketting this game.
  10. PS3 has 256mb for graphics and 256 mb for system. Sony released a mandatory firmware update to mitigate this hack.
  11. I did not know about that utorrent thing. How long ago was this? I've been using utorrent for years.
  12. I have a not weird feeling that you are incorrect, shoma. MvC3 is going to destroy everything.
  13. I'm terrible at pool. Embarrassingly terribly.
  14. she might poison you with ancient chinese secret
  15. he's like Moose from Archie comics
  16. if only genetics were that simple
  17. I just find the idea of fucking some random chick so dirty. The paranoia of disease scares me. I'm a strong proponent of actually liking and knowing the girl before diving into her vagina. Maybe I'll go try for one after my exam. goddamn i sound like a prude wtf.
  18. nope. i've never had a one night stand but that's probably my fault.
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