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  1. Yeah I started residency this past July. I'm going into Neurology with my current sights sent on stroke/cerebrovascular or neuro-critical care. Agreed, this is a great start. You've done a fantastic job.
  2. I love the absolute circus it has been. I was deeply saddened when Herman Cain dropped out of the race. He was truly an exceptional clown.
  3. It's pretty damn fancy. I like the text options in the quick reply. Hellowhat is up thistextisunderlined
  4. Busy as all hell. I'm an intern now at a hospital in Chicago. But now that the site has been injected with some life I shall do my best to help it flourish. 1EMULATION 4 LIFE
  5. I need to learn to not buy any first Capcom release.
  6. Don't try to pop it. If it's hard then it might be nodule or cyst and trying to pop them is bad news.
  7. A former Naughty Dog and id software programmer wrote a NES emulator in javascript http://zelex.net/nezulator/?rom=zelex.net%...S_N_GOBLINS.NEZ
  8. Precisely. Other peoples' enjoyment suffers due to one hit kill snipers.
  9. Don't beat yourself up about it.
  10. *Gasp* WhY I never!...... I think FPS are too run n gun these days. I love the concentration it takes to aim for the head and heart and how I can actually support my team on domination from afar and realzing that some pple are best not shooting. while some must be shot at all costs... and..... Snipers are just over-hated There are plenty of other games to play if you want to do that sniping crap. I'm glad one developer, especially who know a lot of multiplayer game design and have good history with it, is taking a hard stand against it. I really can't stand Call of Duty multiplayer. It was fun for a while but I'm so tired of it.
  11. I am excited about it too. I really like Splash Damage and the game has a cool unique art style and movement system. I like the team focused gameplay they are driving for. There are no one hit kill sniper shots which I think is great. I hate sniper assholes in multiplayer games.
  12. I was so naive back then. I am a hardened veteren of The Internet now.
  13. It's a real cluster fuck there. Poor Japanese
  14. Did you see Shigeru Miyamoto?
  15. I'm loving this game. I'm not good enough to play online yet, and I doubt I ever will be, since I still have trouble beating the 6th stage and boss in the arcade mode. So far the team I like is Super-Skrull/Iron Man/Zero or Ryu
  16. Cool pics. Where do the Japanese prostitutes hang out?
  17. I wrote in my explanation that I am thorough and scientific and would be a rigorous tester. I guess they weren't impressed.
  18. I wanted a CR48 but those fucks didn't choose me.
  19. Not worth $100. And that's coming from a fanboy. There are far too many good games coming out this year to waste money on that. Hell, in May itself some amazing games that will be better than Duke are coming out.
  20. Sorry to hear that, man. At least she lived a long life and gave you good company. But she will live forever in memory.
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