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  1. How is it fair for me not to get referrals? If you're going to sign up shouldn't it at least help someone out. And about the ebay offer, it may be down temporarily.
  2. One of the offers is for AOL and I doubt they would do something like that. You don't give any credit card numers to freeipods.com just to the offers like AOL, Columbia House, BMG Music Service, etc.
  3. You don't need to sign up for a paypal account. Just sign up for eBay with an email that's not like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Like an email from your ISP. Then just place a bid for 1 cent on something with no reserve.
  4. 666Ghost: If you use a nonfree email with eBay you don't need a credit card. GryphonKlaw: They're not giving iPods out of the kindness of their hearts. They get money every time someone sgins up and completes an offer.
  5. I've just discovered two websites that are giving away iPods and flat screens. If you want to get in on the action go and register: Links Removed Before you register though you'll want to read this guide: Links Removed Be sure to read all of it. I thought it was a scam, but then I googled it and all over the internet people are saying that it's legit. The company makes a profit, because you need to get 5 referral (8 for flat screen) to go complete an offer, which isn't very easy. So many people never get an ipod, because they can't get enough refferals, thus Gratis comes out on top. Here's some links from sites of people who have done it: http://forevergeek.com/news/freeipodscom.php http://www.gearlive.com/archives/2004/07/f...podscom_is.html http://s87918334.onlinehome.us/ http://www.geocities.com/wasimodo12/ http://geocities.com/ghettopia/freeipod.htm If you register at either site don't forget to use the refer ID of the guy who told you about it (me). Oh and by the way, since the ipod site is so popular it may be quicker to get the flat screens.
  6. I hate it when they call and they're so damn nice it makes me feel bad to hangup on them. This definately solves that problem.
  7. Thraxen's link addresses everything. I don't think it would be possible for everyone at NASA to keep a secret that huge anyway.
  8. I'm interested to know how does NASA address all the inconsistencies? And if it is true then how were they able to keep it a secret?
  9. 0.219 on my like 5th try. Now I just got 0.047 seconds
  10. Quite frankly, I would of been content with the $10. I guess $10,000 is a little better. How much do you think I'd get for www.1immulation.com?
  11. Better yet let's speak hexadecimal! 546865205249414120726F7830727A212121
  12. And the strange thing is that some people actually think it's stupid. PS: For those of you who don't know, if you let it loop for about 160 times (Yes. I was addicted to it) it will show you a funny ending. Let's just say that it involves another kind of mushroom.
  13. beware of the penguins with their shify eyes. they're trying to take over the world. notice how they don't migrate! it's a conspiracy
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