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  1. it will run off our brain waves, and fit into our eyes like contact lenses, and you download them by plugging yourself into the internet. We'll all have barcodes by then and we'll be scanned into the system. Video games with be a form of control by then, and it will brain wash us. TV will be no more, so you can't play old school systems on them. or they'll just get so real, and so much more addicting that people wont be able to tell the difference from video games and reality....and people will get sucked into it. (could go towards pop. control, but I wont) either way, people will not be able to distinguish it all, and starve to death. Or...we'll all blow ourselves up in WWIII and the future of video games will be rocks, sticks, and dirt.
  2. BABY EXPLOSIVE MISANTHROPY! back when she was just Explosanthropy.... revel in the cuteness!!! I know the top one is fuzzy, but to this day, I don't know why I was screaming. you can't come stalk me, cause in the one on the bottom, it has an address...for NY, and I live in FL....
  3. woww.....talk about diversity.....not.... more than half of those bands and songs, especially guns and roses, is really annoying. IMO, of course.
  4. um....Pikachu..... i'll do easy too.... since i am the second person. mostly blue with white polka dots. has a ball at the end of it's tail, and has bunny ears.
  5. oh, the zombie chick lady he almost made it sound like he was talking about will smith's wife.
  6. i played some shooter game for the jaguar when i was a kid.
  7. Sorry buddy no mind control, I want to make this one a bit more realistic. What is a flak cannon? Your guy can have some mental powers, similar to the stuff you see in real life, predictions, visions, special dreams etc.. I believe this is a flak cannon.... and I believe that is our roommate.
  8. man, African American musicians can never use/make their own music.... hahah I'm kidding......... kinda.
  9. I thought that the trilogy was sequel enough. I don't think they should/need to make some weird ass movie that is only out there to explain what's going on to those idiots who don't already understand. It's as simple as day: Bilbo goes out, explores some, comes across some trolls, then comes across some monster thing that uses a ring that makes himself invisible so he can catch food, then Bilbo gets the ring, theres some dragon killing, etc...(I am not too sure about the order there....it's been a long time) either way....how does that not explain anything that happens in the trilogy? It explains how Bilbo gets the ring, it explains Gandalph. It even shows, I think it's the second one, the trolls that are turned to stone that Bilbo came across. I think it's silly that they'd have to make a movie that's a sequel to The Hobbit that isn't the trilogy that's already out. Some people just need to learn how to read and/or stop being greedy.
  10. In the first video, the Mario knock off.... What the hell are you playing as? a little toothpaste ghost? And I love the white smears the Zoloft guys leave behind. I bet after playing this enough you'll need Zoloft cause you're so depressed over this retarded game. And the tube killing you...that's messed up. I saw him wave good bye when he went down....it's like he knew.... And going into negative with the lives, that made me laugh.
  11. hahahaha....It almost didn't work. I saw something at work the other day that had Opera and Denzel Washington in it, and it said something about helping to make lives brighter? I don't quite remember, but their smiles looked as egotistical as all get out.... Another person to blame for the "assuming since I am a fat slob biatch, that I am sexier than you" attitude would be Tyra Banks.
  12. What? are you in this picture? are you one of the weird guys, or are you so ninja-esk that you're in plain sight but no one can see you none the less?
  13. Oh, I already do. I blame her for everything from starving Ethiopians to Global warming..... It's all her fault.
  14. i got undies... hahaha....i don't mind. but I am a little perturbed that no one in my immediate family got me anything. I got all of them something..... I got my mom a necklace, a sudoku book, and a Far Side Gallery 3 since I ruined the one she had when I was a kid. I got my brother a UFC, and a Sublime shirt. And I got my sister earrings. I got Belthasar the XBOX. I wanted to get it modded out before I gave it to him, but I wanted him to decide what to put on it. But yeah....I got a gift card for the mall for $25 from work.... I don't know. Oh well, I get more happy from the responses I get from the recipients than I do from getting gifts myself. In general I am not a selfish person.
  15. First of all, what the hell is that fat biatch wearing, it's like TUTU underwear... and second of all....how can they feel good about themselves? Also that girl looks 14. Have them Call up Reaperman... I think he'd like a threesome.
  16. I'd have more to say, if more people had better topic in which I could relate to. Like, with all that computer jargon. I don't know that half you people are saying, I am not all that computer file literate. As far as games go, I am Meh...I play games and stuff, but when you talk about games, it's about things I don't know about. Shoot me for being a girl and not knowing all the games you guys are talking about. I don't play a lot of street fighter, mostly because I suck at it, and same with SNK VS Capcom, or what ever it is....I suck at those games. I am okay at some shooter games. I suck at UT, but I was mad good at CS. I am only bad at UT because I've only played it a few times. Then some of the games I am good at....there isn't much to be said about them. So, excuse me for not really having that great of an input in most categories as all the rest of you. I am trying, and so what if I say the occasional stupid comment. That's what I do. I say stupid crap. Of course, I try to cut it down...but whatever. I am trying though, I just want to fit it. I don't want to be seen as some stupid chick who doesn't know what she's talking about. But I am trying.
  17. I came to the realization the other day at work that skinny girls think they're fat, and fat chicks think they're hot...... WTF?
  18. Hah, you guys are hussing and fussing about Heath Ledger and what not....at least they didn't pick someone like, oh, I don't know, Owen Wilson? That man cannot play a different part..... anyway.... I like the new Joker, I don't think he looks a whole lot like any of Ledger's other characters, and the whole darkness of the movie and of the characters fits in well, I think. I also like Christan Bale as a Batman. But as for the Joker, I think it's a good attempt at changing your everyday Batman movie, from how it all used to be. You gotta change with the Era. I mean if we still had the same Batman from the original days....you know that he'd be saying? Not "oh hell," about something, or, "oh sh*t." It would be something like, "oh cripes!" or "Oh Geeze!" you know, and there would be huge bubbles with the words "ZAP!" or "BANG!" every time someone got hit with a punch or a kick. Like I said, you gotta change with the times..... and times are a changin.... Also, This is Gotham City....It isn't supposed to be bright, cheery, or colorful. Granted, The Joker is supposed to be a clown or whatever, and they're cheery and crap, but again, this is Gotham....
  19. I would think that was L.S.D.'s song...... haha...corny...
  20. aw... i'm sad.... i only have like...5. hahaha, i know its more than that. i just can't see it right now.... i know i have at least over 100! 188! sweet?
  21. I totally did, and it kinda startled me a little. But....
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