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  1. I am not trying to start any crap....but...."it is only the first time where a user spam the hell out of a lady." like I said.
  2. I don't think its that big of a deal, really. Come on guys, what did you say to me? "it's the internet, don't take it seriously" cant you guys take your own advice....and honestly....if she wasn't a girl, you guys probably wouldn't have banned him..... even though he did spam all that crap.... no offense to her, but I think you guys hold her to high up on the pedestal and let other parts of you think...... but that is my opinion only! and no, fatal, I don't want to be the only girl on the sight. But you guys did what you thought was right.... I just think that it was really no big
  3. It must be great to have the captain in your pants. yup
  4. that's pretty cool.... So, it was made for games though, right, not music?
  5. I wear diapers...... Well... you know sometimes you gotta go...and you dont wanna squat. Running and crapping is the best way to go sometimes... Ahh.... but as for the boxers and briefs.....or boxer briefs....I prefer boxers over briefs.... briefs just look weird to me....you can see all the detail...then again I was watching BET the other day at work, and I saw the outline of J.Kelly's wee wee in a music video....and he was wearing boxers....so.... anyway... I still prefer boxers though over dem briefs.... I just dont like em....makes all the dudes I saw in them look like they had li
  6. Meh...I dont know.... I have been talking to him on aim and what not, and he knows what he did was wrong, and some people have a hard time apologizing when they know that they've done something wrong. He asked me if he should apologize or not. I told him it was up to him pretty much. And I take it he didn't.... Whether he apologized or not, the result would more than likely have been the same. oh well....I guess I'll have to make friends with JKKDARK now.....
  7. err.... anyway... You guys like how I got a whole lot better last night, outa nowhere? haha.
  8. oooohh, wow. It always seems weirder to me when a girl is older for some reason. The oldest I have ever been was 2 years. Now I am the youngest. haha It's also weird, cause I have an older sister whose 2 years older than me, and she always told me I was too young to hang out with her, and now alot of the people I am around, including Belthasar, are older than her, but for some reason, she still seems older...I don't know.... and whats also weird is that her boyfriend is 10 years older than her, too.
  9. So... you're saying that my boyfriend, Belthasar is a pedophile? We're 10 years apart, me being 19, and him being 29..... 3 years aint so bad hahaha if there's fluff on the muff, she's old enough
  10. Yeah, I always said that I would only get tattoos that I drew, and so far, that is the case... but as I look at different things, I think of how they could be tattoos, and consider it. Like, there's a quote, and I'm not gonna say who it's from, cause I don't want any strange judgment...but it is, "I did not want to become a social servant, No....and again, no." Of course, either you already know who it's from, or you're gonna look it up...oh well.... but that was one thing I was thinking getting, but am second guessing. Also from the game FAXANADU on the NES, the guy in the church says,
  11. Um...what? I found this on my myspace in the advertisement spot....WTF I wished there was something like that for real.... Have any of you seen really, unrealistic ads anywhere else on the Intarweb? if so, add it.
  12. What are you talking about, this thread began on the nasty side....why would someone make a thread about measuring their male organ size when that already came up.....come on now, GameCop.....don't make me do what I did to my minions, to you....
  13. sometimes.... Like, I wanted them to build me a pyramid....and they let those Egyptians take my damn floor plans.....yeah, those pyramids...all my ideas...anyway, I made they swim in a semen pool for 40 days and 40 nights....
  14. you guys are all wasted, and you brought the baby and kids along to enjoy the ride....(for the baby, literally) Oh wait, is that a grandma, too??!! Unless that baby is mad tall...
  15. JKKDARK already knows the size of Fatal Rose's, cause he so obsessed with him.... and the last time I measured mine, It was in my previous life as the king of Mesopotamia, and I ruled over all my minions, and I beat them with my meat, if they didn't obey me.
  16. I don't much care, I'd still eat at mcdonalds afterwards, I just wouldn't get their chicken wings, which obviously didn't work out.... I love their cheese burgers. I could eat them everyday if they weren't so bad for the human body. I like burger kings fries better.... also that new sandwich they have that double/triple/quadruple bacon cheese burger (with some mysterious sauce), is flocking awesome. I LOVE IT.....MMMM and with the fries, and that burger, you can't go wrong, ever....unless you find a cows head, or a pig's head in it, which I highly doubt....and as for the fries, I doubt I'll
  17. and apparently you sent it also to my myspace.... thanks for the eyesore
  18. that's so old. I saw that a long time ago....either way, eww.
  19. the faint Bright eyes Nirvana the Locust My Chemical Romance Buzzcocks The Distillers Incubus Yeah Yeah Yeahs Red Hot Chili Peppers Leftover Crack Choking victim Weezer that's about it for now. Hopefully, my library will get bigger soon.
  20. This is a friend of mine that I know what from high school....she does cosplay now. In real life, or at least the last time I saw her, she had really bad acne scars, and they air brushed her skin in some....but I know she said something about acne meds....
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