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  1. I cannot drink water.... I taste metal, dirt, battery acid, chlorine, sulfur, and other varies things one shouldn't taste in water... Every time I drink water, I gag, or have a hard time swallowing.... it just tastes so disgusting to me... Is that weird? does anyone have this same problem or know what's wrong with me? I also taste it in Purified, spring, and all bottled waters, it's not just tap. But for some reason, shower water has always tasted sweet to me..... But I don't drink it...
  2. Why don't you guys talk about it? When crap happened with Will and I, we talked about it and straightened it all out. But obviously you don't want to give her the time cause once a cheater always a cheater, she sounds like an attention whore. Maybe her and JKKDARK should hook up....hahaha But on how many occasions has she done crap to you, is that the first time, with the whole work situation, that she pissed you off? If so, dont sweat the small stuff, but if she constantly pisses you off, drop her from your vocabulary, and dont look her up again, so to speak. and if you do dump her don't let her come crawling back to you, so she can take advantage of your hospitality...I know tons of chicks who have done that... and it ain't worth it.
  3. Well then...I have seen a few gas stations around here selling some ephedrine. A few, too. Not just one. My sister used to take it, and she got really skinny, but then she didn't look so good, so she stopped, that and she started to not feel so well. Another thing, the reason as to why it's illegal is because of that baseball player who died from it... a heart attack or something. Either way, I just know that it is illegal, and very bad for you. On another note, the weirdest things I've seen at a gas station were: Grills (for your teeth) Weave Pigs feet "bling" do rags t-shirts (not so weird) fried chicken (not churches, or anywhere famous, home made) blow up chairs etc... And you know what gets me? They sell alcohol at gas stations... I think that it's slightly ironic. You get into your car, go to the gas station, get alcohol (whatever it may be, as far as beer wise), then get in your car and drive... I have known so many people who start drinking the second they get into their cars.... last time I checked it was illegal to drink and drive... ahahaha
  4. ...I thought you were Asian this whole time... I don't know why, I just did.
  5. hahahahaha, you ever ask if she was that chick?
  6. that last girl looked weird as hell... and most of the girls shouldn't have even been in there... like the one who doesn't speak english well... she probably didn't even know what video games were.
  7. ew.... dude...that's crazy..... I wonder what the chick was thinking the whole time? first you fake throw up, then you take all your clothes off behind a bush, then pretend to talk on the phone....If I were her, I'd take you home and never call back... hahahahahahahahahaha
  8. more than half of these girls are ugly. http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/gallerie...mes/172/?page=1 go through the pages, and read their interviews... one of the girls wants Ratchet and Clank at the same time.
  9. Thats' the thing, I do. I curse them out, get all in their business, and I dont show any weakness to their stupidity. I dont call them names, I just tell them they're wrong, when they are. I am not a biatch out of nowhere...I just work with a bunch of self righteous people who are jealous that my jacket says "Le Cordon Bleu" instead of theres, which says "Brookdale assisted living" Cause all the people I work with that went there are nice to me. It's all about power there, and I just dont care. I just wanna get paid.
  10. I uh... posted the same thing twice..... that, down there is what it's supposed to say. oops
  11. wow... no offense dude, but I totally thought this thread was opened by Fatal... Anyway, I made my own. It's not fat, and it has a long strap. I sewed on pockets and what not to the size of the object it would be holding. I like it has an Ipod pocket, although I dont have an ipod. It also has a pocket inside with a zipper. But the cool thing with having had made my own, it that I could draw on it make everything all my own thing.....
  12. dude, that sucks and all, but if I found out someone raped my 8 year old daughter, I'd do something much, much worse than shoving a rod up the guys ass.
  13. I dont know what to do... but whatever it is that I decide it wont be pretty... for I am a force to be reckoned with.
  14. Well....If I didn't need the job so badly, I would quit... As of now, I am going to see how many people who dont like me, I can get fired....I am gonna be a vindictive little b!tch and give them what for. SO far, I am working on one guy, he b!tched at me for not cleaning out the lettuce thing and for not refilling sliced tomatoes...then after he went on his break, I saw the mess me made, which was a mess not even I would have made on my first day of work.... and what gets me is that he was voted employee of the year.... I made a huge ass list of everything he did wrong, and I am going to show it to the head chef there. Hopefully he gets in trouble.... as mean as that sounds, but he's such a cvnt to me.
  15. Well, I dont want to quote everybody here.... So... A. I am not airheaded, thank you very much.... B... The servers and other cooks think I am stupid. C....I do everything at my own pace, which isnt that slow....I am new and I am still learning a lot. and D. I work for Brookdale Well.... Explain this one: The salad of the day was Waldorf Salad, and We ran out at dinner time. I had nothing to do, for the sandwich was super easy and no one wanted one for dinner anyway... so I had a lot of free time on my hands. So, they tell me that they're out of salad.... Now, what they LOVE to do to me is tell me when they're out of salads, not before they're all gone....Maybe they like telling me I didn't make enough? Anyway, I am like, "okay, I'll make some more salad, but you're going to have to wait, cause you told me too late about them." So I go in the back and I tell them that I have run out of salads and need to make more... Well, this guy Greg, is like "No. I'll make it, you're too slow and I need it done today, not tomorrow." (he said this VERY mean and rudely) I go in the back and theres no mayo, and what not.... and he freaks out about that, then pulls some out of somewhere else...and they start cutting apples and what not. Well...Just for those who dont know what a Waldorf Salad contains, let me enlighten you.... Apples Pecans, or walnuts Whipped cream Mayo Well, after I am standing at my sandwich unit, for maybe 45 minutes, doing nothing....they come out with the salad... and Greg says to me, " Can you clean this up for me, I need you to." I say, "uh....I guess so...." I go back there and look at the sink and work place..... The spoons were covered in crap, they didn't even rinse them, they didn't throw the apples cores away they had strewn them all over the counter, the cutting board was a filthy mess....and the sink....oh god, the sink....there was a film of mayo and whipped cream, coating the whole entire sink. Now, I am cleaning this mess, and yes, I am pissed off....I am slamming the apple cores into the trash can, and throwing all the utensils into the sink, and mind you, we close the kitchen down at 6:30, and it was 6:45, anyway, I get called into the front of the house, very meanly by one of the serving managers, and she says that they need me up there. SO I go and ask what she needs....."I need salad dressing" I go and get it out of the fridge...because they were too disabled to do it themselves, and I go back to washing up their mess...then she calls me again, and said that she still needed me up there...She say "I said I needed you up here.....[i am standing there looking at her in awe]...What are you doing?? [ I am putting a rag down **it's 6:50**]... Well, if you're going to give me attitude then clock out and go home!" WHAT? ATTITUDE? I said nothing and looked at her, with a face of awe, I didnt roll my eyes or anything.... I was like, "fine" and turned around and left. then the girl who yelled at me wanted me to get fired....they also lied and said that the hot side of the line was busy, and I should have helped instead of standing at my unit.....They lied to my boss, so they wouldn't get in trouble, also they never said anything about that mess they made. Even the head chef was surprised, and it was because of her that I didn't lose my job. SORRY FOR TYPING SO MUCH!!!! this just pisses me off to no end.... Another time we had club sandwiches, which have 3 pieces of bread on them and we have to toothpick them together. This other girl, had come up to me at 5:00, and told me that I was doing the sandwiches wrong, then walked away... At 6:30 she comes back up and someone said, "this sandwich looks like crap" (the bottom piece of bread was askew) And she says, extremely loud and mean as hell "Well talk to her about it! She's been doing the sandwiched wrong all night, I even came back here and showed her how to fix them!" I said "F*ck off" she's like, "what? dont talk to me like that" I tell her" you did not come back her and show me how to fix them, you told me they were wrong!" and she just bitched at me and bitched at me, and I had enough, and said flock you and left. I got written up. She didn't. My bosses way of justifying this was saying that she had to deal with the residents complaining.... I didn't mention this, cause I was in too much shock from being written up, but I was there for 12 and a half hours..... Working the F*cking line all by myself the whole day, and I don't have the right to biatch at someone whose being a cvnt? whatever...I am honestly on the verge of suing them for discrimination. It's not only one person there, it's more than half the staff. And I still have my job because the manager left and we have a new guy now...
  16. I dont think I could emphasize this enough..... I HATE Super Smash brothers. you cant dis on Mortal Combat! I practically quote that game every day...hahahahaha And I love DBZ II Boudikai (sp) but I also didn't like Kingdom Hearts...it was too boring. I uh...didn't like Pool on the N64, or the Monopoly game either..... Glover wasnt that good either...hahaha Superman SUCKED on the N64 BTW Soccer kid on the 3do was lame back to the future, home alone, paper boy, and the Goonies SUCKED on the NES one of those Mech games on the XBOX didnt thrill me, too much either. I always liked Starcraft more than Warcraft City of Heroes lost my interest. ANY SPIDER MAN GAME!! I hate the Star fox game on SNES ... Meh...
  17. You would think.... but I've already been written up once over club sandwiches.
  18. it looks silly....I could totally design a way cooler, more bad ass looking monster.... What's with all this fight club Mumbo jumbo?
  19. Okay...so I have a slight problem at work.... Half the the people I work with think I am illiterate or just plain ole stupid.... (I work in a retirement home, in the kitchen...well...as a cook.) Example: I am working and the sandwich of the day was hotdog with sourkrout. Well, I put the hotdogs into a steamer in order to cook them, as I have been shown by many other cooks there. Now... I have to send food upstairs to assisted living, and they have to be up there by 1:00, so I a little pressed for time when I have no help...which is usually everyday. Now, what I did was used the steamed hotdogs for the regular hotdog orders for upstairs....which is what I was shown by other cooks... including the head chef there. Now, this lady, her name is Kettie, if that is of any importance. She's this selfish Haitian lady, and she's mean sometimes. Anyway, she pulls aside another cook, and tells him something about the hotdogs. then Greg is like (the cook) "you were supposed to grill these" I was like, "What? you want me to re-cook 8 hotdogs?" "no, just next time grill them" "okay, but I was just doing what I was shown, and told." and the guy goes away, then Kettie, comes up to me and holds out this paper and is like, "This says hotdog..." I look at her like, "duh..." then she says it again... and again....and again... and I think one more time for good measures. I am pretty pissed off my by now, and I start yelling at her, "I cant flockING Read! I am so sick and flocking tired of you people thinking I am stupid!" That is one problem I had a few days ago.... Today, I was making eggs....with toast...and bacon, and you know how I knew all this? the ticket. The server saw me putting it on the plate and was like, "dont forget the toast....oh and that has bacon" "um....I can read that...." I didnt yell at her....but i wanted to.... Another time I was making some grilled cheese, and it had some ham on it, and 3 people came back and asked if I had made it yet.... I said, "what the hell? I am not as stupid as you guys think I am..... I know that I was supposed to make it...." I dont understand, whose more stupid, me or the people I work with??
  20. aww... I liked the pears, they made me laugh....although they did take up some mad space. oo o
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