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  1. it looks like you got socked in the eye. bringing a whole new meaning to "I'd hit it" socked in the eye... what a strange term... I always picture socks...in my eye....
  2. I love Terminator 2... But I just got done watching Juno. You know, that movie was alright. anyway...I have every Terminator movie, and Rocky movie, Rambo movie, every Indiana Jones movie, also all the lord of the rings movies...I just wish I had all the Star Wars movies... None the less, does that make me mad dorky?
  3. Like I said, it was me.... hot chick who can breathe on mars. Obviously if I am from there, I can breathe there...
  4. I always have crazy ass dreams... People also say that you can't dream in color, which I think is bull, because I remember making a remark in my dream about the color of something, and I remember that once I woke up I remembered all the colors of weird things in my dream. I do admit that I have dreamed in black and white, but I can distinguish the difference of the two. The ones in color are indeed more vivid than those not, and they're clearer and I remember them better. Some people say that I relate the object in my dreams to real things and remember my dreams in color, but I don't believe that.
  5. I don't view this as him being an actor, but more so that he was a person. He had memories, he had feelings, he had family, and when someone dies, famous or not, then you should think about the way the people who cared about him feel... not what movies he was in, or ones he was in the process of making... It's not about that. When my grandma died, I kept telling myself, "she's gonna wake up.... Not my grandma, there's no way she died, she's sleeping, and she'll wake up." what do you think his kid would think, she probably has not really grasped the concept of death... and thinks he's sleeping. I'm sure she's not thinking about what movies he was in. none the less none of us knew him personally, and it sucks that he died, drugs, or suicide or whatever... I saw on the news something a fan had written on a paper flower, it said, "You were so good looking" and, "we will miss you." Makes me wanna slap a b!tch...
  6. Yeah, I didn't think so... I dont look like anyone famous... not at all... I have been told though that I look like the girl from Phantom of the Opera... but I only think that's because she has curly hair.....but other than that, no one famous looks like me...or visa versa
  7. Who? that one fat faced teacher sexer? or you mean the one who didn't hit puberty until recently?
  8. okay... So I was at a store like Walmart or something like that..and I was in a section of the store that had liquid fabric softener, and I asked my mom if I rubbed it into my clothes if it would make my clothes softer. She said yeah, and I started rubbing on my pants, then on my legs... I remember them being really soft afterwards. I then walked away to another isle that had something for sale that was a dollar and it was some Nestle product, and I went over to it, thinking I was gonna get some chocolate milk or something, but when I picked it up, it was pickles, really old pickles..... I don't know how it happened, but then I was inside of the pickle jar, and all the pickles were people... I was talking to some of them about how they got into the pickle jar, but I don't remember their answers... Someone pulled out a playboy... a pickle playboy, and started looking at it, and one of the other pickle people got all indignant about it, then the guy with the magazine was like, "it's only a playboy, nothing too bad." Somehow we then ended up outside of the pickle jar, and were running around the store... I distinctly remember running passed the meat section....from one of the pickle people who, for some reason was said to have had magic powers....she was a little black girl. Anyway, we then ended up in a school, then a coliseum, and I was running from this girl with someone else... I don't know who they were. We ran through a bunch of backyards and I remember jumping all these fences, but they didn't have any houses or anything behind them, it was just one fence after the other, and I thought that since I was tall, this little black girl wouldn't be able to follow me, and I recall jumping a huge wooden fence, and looking back to see the girl ripping the fences behind me apart like the gremlin in "the Twilight Zone" on the airplane wing.... I was like, "sh!t" and kept going...I somehow ended up in some little black boy's room, and he told me to hide in his closet. Which I did.... The little girl came walking by the closet and didn't see me, then came back and saw me, and said, "oh, I almost didn't see you there" I came out and was like, "look, I didn't do anything, lets be friends?" she said okay, and my dream flashed to the future, and we were all "grown up" and the little black boy was there, and we were still in his room...and Some people came in with machine guns and shot and killed us all...then we went back to being kids again, and the boy was like, " I am going to cover my room in Kevlar so we don't get shot next time.... I was then in an office with someone who resembled my boyfriend, and he was like, "lets do it on the copy machine" I didn't say anything then some people came in, and I think they were the people from that movie Cloverfield...and they were like, "we have to be back to the room to get shot at." so I went to go leave, then I woke up..... What the hell is wrong with my brain? hahahahaha My ex used to say that I made my dreams up.... so, does anyone have any crazy whack ass dreams that they'd like to go into detail about?
  9. Stop drinking cheap vodka. I corrected it for you It's not just vodka...it's everything... Trust me, I've tried a lot of alcohol, and they all taste like variations of rubbing alcohol. So, mnah!
  10. I heard it was good from some people at work and someone who works at the theater... No one really mentioned the motion sickness part tough.... I kinda want to see it, but I dont want to spend the money/time on it, I 'd rather go see Rambo....or a boobah's movie
  11. I found this... you dont really have to watch it, just enough so you can see what Asian people did to it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=hX8wi7xOpec&feature=related I just dont see why they didn't do the whole video in one language.....
  12. Like I said, I have no idea why I thought he was asian... I didn't even know where he came from...or rather...lived...hahaa
  13. If I were you, I would shoot myself. nah... why shoot myself over alcohol? I'll drink plenty of apple juice, that's fine with me.
  14. Belthasar says he tastes it too, it just doesn't bother him like it bothers me.... But I taste it to where I can't stand it at all.... and it leaves the taste of whatever the water has in it, in my mouth.... I really hate it... People have said it was because I was malnourished... but I seriously doubt that. My sister said that I taste it because it's what my body needs.... I said, "My body needs battery acid!? WTF?!"
  15. her hair came down also...she looks like a biatch anyway
  16. hahahahahahahahaha man.... are you stereotyping now?
  17. That's even worse, I hate alcohol.... it all tastes like rubbing alcohol.... on top of that, I dont get drunk. Not because I choose not to, more like, I physically can't... or it's real hard to.
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