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  1. Theres a bundle going on you buy Assasins Creed and Call of Duty 4 Together and you only pay 88$.
  2. Source and Downloads: http://exophase.com/psp/dark_alex-releases...s-sotn-2465.htm Notes: - You must dump the ISO YOURSELF. We will NOT tell you where you can get the ISO. - You must have a homebrew enabled PSP in order to play the patched ISO. - This patch does not enable full screen mode for Rondo of Blood. *sigh* another remake of a good Castlevania game.. just if you have a 360 download SOTN of the downloads section of the arcade area is my suggestion try the demo before you get the game. But I personally love the game play in the game and the leveling system. If anyone needs help I can assist with some of the bonus bosses. (BTW Mooney I ressurected you earlier so dont kill me.... for today... emphasis only today)
  3. Waiting for a day now for someone to help me convert a rom of mine over to my SC Rumble for my DS Lite anyone able help?
  4. I still have one solution selling your blood if you got 0- $100 a drain and you get a cookie and some juice for me it was donuts.
  5. Yeah, I didn't really like it, either... Other than that, I'm still playing Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow on my PSP. Online DMs are so much fun. Yeah I'd say it was a grand dissapointment I was looking online after noticing your post and for rating righting now on a 10 rating its showing 8.0 but I check gamer boards their giving it a 1.2 out of 10.0 umm first part who where they surveying when they did their ratings like man I wanna know where these guys on a Kilo of Pot or what? cause only a Pinocchio would do something that stupid and rate a crappy game 8 out of 10. Whenever U run out of Ammo snap their neck. (Let you know Pinocchio means Pin Head in italian)
  6. I can do the converting if you want I have the same one let me guess DS Super Key Card for DS slot and a SuperCard Rumble in the GBA slot with like a little tiny slot for the chip thats 2GB? for holding games if so I can probably help.
  7. Okay I have the rom I convert it to a .nds.dsq format with the converter/patcher but when I start it up I get a white screen Ive tried: these three options only available : Enable Trim Rom, Enable DMA mode, and iQue the game, Ive tried a combination of Trim Rom with DMA and iQue with DMA anyone able to help? this is one game I want to play properly (yes I do own the original its just like lets see sibling erased my save file and made her own and I want to ensure that never happens again....) If you can help pls post some suggestions and yes I am using the latest converter/patcher for my SuperCard Rumble for my DS Lite.
  8. Me too. I keep getting that kind of error and I think its not character related maybe because it happens randomly different characters and different time durations. For example, I use kfm or any other character then at my first fight or some other fight sometime soon with another character that annoying message just pops out of nowhere then I pick up my keyboard and slam it to the PC screen just to contain my anger. Can someone help me out of this? I don't know but I'll try to find the answer.
  9. I Would hafta agree with you Shoma as what if she looks like a imp or like a zombie, and besides that what happens if this blind date isnt with the girl your wanting to date but is actually a man?
  10. Umm.. I would have to say Luminous Arc on my SuperCard is what i played trying get past chapter 23.
  11. Yeah, Ill have to find mine... sorta depressed my gf left me.
  12. Funny, the last time I checked ZSNES wasn't a NES emulator. Yes you can play nes roms on it its compatible.
  13. meh.... i still think landscape photography is better.
  14. meh i got it and factions Im satified for now.
  15. I had the same problem trying getting a WiFi USB Connector they use them for Wiis but they're also compatible for DS and DS Lite. Solved my problem awhile back.
  16. Id be willing to help you I have a lvl 20 War/Monk that can possibly help you if you want?
  17. $5 and it's mine *sigh* JJ if you really want a WoW account I can tell you how to quickly level or get a friend to Plvl you if you want or give u a Guest CD key that i still have that is valid if you wish?
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