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  1. Amazing graphics. Quake is a awesome 1st shooter game
  2. it would be cool if that was real.
  3. Damn..that really sucks, guess i have to get torrents from a different site now
  4. the cammy one looks great.. keep it up man
  5. LMAOOO He looks like one of those mexicans in ms-13
  6. Well atleast all cops in my 110th precinct are corrupted, and ive witnessed them being corrupted like raiding into my friends houses without a warrant to extorting drugs from dealers for there personal use.
  7. lol theres a big difference between you, Gamecop and them streetcops. the streetcops are the dirty filthy pigs.
  8. So it was a little less then 30 mins ago I had a little encounter with police. Nobody ever likes the police around especially when your about to open a fresh gallon of red label. There I was on my block as usual on a friday night. Just came back from the liquor store ready to get drunk off my mind and my boy peep cops rolling up the block. Quickly he puts the gallon in the car. First it was a regular squad car, then another. 4 mins later detectives come and join the party too. Here I was cold as hell with 6 of my friends and 6 other pigs. They pulled each of us to the side and started a illegal search on all of us. Luckly no one had anything they werent supposed to or we would have all went to central bookings. the pigs were searching around and only found a fresh colt 45 bottle that one of my friend was about to start sipping on. obviously they started pouring it out. They were mad cause they couldnt get anything out of us so they put us all on the ground and kept us there for a good 15 mins while they check if we have any warrants. Evantually they told us to go home or they would lock us up. Thank god I didnt have nothing on. but im angry cause now I'm sober telling you guys about this. flock THE POLICE for ruining my friday night. What did cops ever do to you to ruin your day?
  9. 5'11..160 pounds over here, trying to hit 6'2 and atleast 190 soon
  10. I didnt start smoking weed to look cool. I started smoking cause I wanted to try it out of curiosity. I liked the feeling it gave me therefore i continued smoking it. I dont go around advertising I smoke weed according to you.
  11. i like my avatar, my ex-flippino girl used to be a stoner to, she got a job that drug testes her and now she quit smokin ganja. she was mad dat i wouldnt quit wit her so she pulled that "ima break up wit u cause you smoke to much reason" ehh flock it ill get another chick
  12. Thanks raperman, I mean reaperman. I have a screenname its, wtfitzwin use it. and if you really like pointing me out as a pothead, call me a stoner, its a more nicer way of saying pothead, pothead is just to degrading
  13. I live in new york city, nobody has a lawn. maybe i should just stop worrying about how im going to get money and enjoy being 15. but what is there to do at the age of 15? i basically done everything i can do. Get into fights for no reason, rob/steal from people, throw eggs on halloween. it gets boring at age 15 when your still stuck with your parents and cant go out to see the world for what it really is before you die. You can never predict your death, i can die tmr for all i know
  14. I just hope they dont push gta4 back again. its about time for it to be released.
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