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  1. Well My Comp Is Trash..But With The New Update I Have Some Hope.. When I Was Playing Jet Set Radio All The Other Times I Usually Got Garbage FPS Then i Remember Before That I Had A Blue Swirl And Everything Ran Pretty Sweet (Euro) So I Go Looking For More DC_Flash Or W/E And Accidentally Over Write My Red Swirl..Now It's In Spanish And I Can't Find The English Flash..Also My Game Crashed When Ever I Use The No Sound Plug In.. D: Any Help
  2. When ever i get to dialga and and defeat the two commanders then the 2nd cutscene of Dialga comes up it just goes from 50% to 20% and stays there
  3. If this happens i will make a video of me running around in my draws and a shirt in the streets saying DREAMCAST LIVES and i will post it on site
  4. That Is So True.....Thats Some serious stuff right there, I myself falls unto the race of Black (african american) and it is quite sad how they talk
  5. Lol sorry because when i highlighted that it says version 0.0 lol
  6. How Come Is It every time i go to that page theres never a link to download the updated version what are we supposed to click on...i always have to find direct links on other sites
  7. Well regarding to this post i decided to Tell you about this game.. Its an mmo with alot of players.... you can either be a mage or a warrior then you pick and fight.... The thing that makes this game excel to me is the system called "potency" Pot is the number that shows you how strong you are. You can increase you pot by having good equips, high * eudemons and so forth http://www.eudemonsonline.com wsp me at DrkWarriorEC if you decide to play
  8. im getting a bigger memory card NOW lol manhunt ftw
  9. Well, Dbz Tenkaichi 3 i mean......online play. Call Of Duty 4 Medal Of Honor 2 You can check the rest at http://ign.com
  10. hmmm idk arent alot of good franchises streetfighter Halo resident Evil
  11. Yoshimitsu would just pwn them all with is crazy combos...lol
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