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  1. Thanks. Any chance of getting DS2Key recompiled with what is needed for the newer DS Lites? Is it as simple as someone recompiling with the newer lib? Who would do that? Sorry for the noob ?'s. Mike
  2. Well... I should say "hardly working". My neighbor has an older DS Lite and it picks up access points from houses up to 500 feet or more away. On my DS Lite (just purchased within the week), I have to be practically standing on top of my LinkSys router to get a signal at all and if I hold it within 2 feet of the router, the best signal I can get is about 70% on the wardriving window. On his older DS Lite, he can pick up my router from *his* house a good 300 feet away! With my DS Lite, if I back off to about 20 feet away from my router I get 0%. We're both using 0.5b3 and we both have the identical M3 Simply. We even swapped M3 Simply cards and ran each others versions just to be sure. I initially thought I had a bad DS (disconnected antenna or something) so I tried my son's DS Lite (also bought this week). Same deal. Exchanged it at the store and the third one: same deal. The newest builds of these things just aren't working with DS2Key. I tried the WiFi connection with Mario Kart and did the access point locator on that and I can pick up my router a good 500 feet away and also pick up the neighbor's router on that too, so I know it has something to do with DS2Key on the latest builds of the DS Lite. I'm hoping this can be fixed on the newer DS Lites because I bought the M3 Simply card primarily for the DS2Key software as I saw it on my friend's DS Lite and thought it would be useful for network diagnostics in my home/office. I don't do much game playing but do like the homebrew stuff for the DS Lite. Mike
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