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  1. i thought that "monster" was from demons crest...
  2. pso? Can i call bullcrap? edit: My mistake if you live in a pal region
  3. how did u play cap vs snk 2 online? Ive tried but the menus are just a bit confusing
  4. bullschmit, i have one and i cant complain, what model is yours?
  5. Whats the difference between the two?
  6. When you are playing the game go to options and you can change language. damn thnx alot, i was about to say theirs no option menu, then i pushed select or something by accident and the selection screen popped up. PRECIATE IT!
  7. probably a stupid question but, is their any way to change the language to english?
  8. Its nots worth the effort.
  9. Ill agree its not a bad game to play, only because im a die hard street fighter fan, but damn for a new game id expect a little more effort than this.
  10. What a HUGE dissapointment....my God is this game horrible, honestly the best thing about this game is the dialog between fights. The animation is HORRIBLE, have you seen ryu or kens fireball?....it doesnt get much worse folks. IMO Cap vs Snk 2 still holds the crown.
  11. In case anyones wondering nero 6 doesnt work very well when it comes to burning iso's, try nero 5.5
  12. Yes, well not all of them but the one that i know u can off the top of my head are, chu chu rocket (think thats the name), 4X4 EVO, quake 3 arena, starlancer (i think thats the name), and their may be more but i cant remember right now.
  13. If your thanking me, your welcome. I had to go through about 40 cdrs before i figured this out
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