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  1. lol... yes u'r right hk...simply stop smoking
  2. simply check your xbox clock too... (in the microsoft dashboard)
  3. is there a pb prican ? Simply cauz we don't wanna post sources with many bugs.... We all know u want to do ur own little version of fbaxxx prican... and good new : source are now available... Now i got a question prican...u really want our source...why didn't u tell us u made ur own version before ? u come often on the board...why didn't u give us YOUR source ?
  4. Sources wil be avalaible soon....so wait....thx
  5. yes i'll repost the default.xbe today with martimiler and metal slug 4... other things u what to be changed ?
  6. our release have CRC check and Size check disabled...
  7. "I really hope you reply to this thread.." no sorry i'll not. we only didn't for people like you..(now happy to play kof2003 on xbox)
  8. pliz help us, download it and add another link (if u can) from an another server
  9. FBAX_FRENCH_Hack_NO_CRC+kof2003_Yoshihiro.rar if link is dead, contact me immediatly pliz =) HERE IS NEW VERSION OF FBAX HACKED BY -YOSHIHIRO- and DESIGNED BY -ARTIK- (www.iceberg-production.com) enjoy this french hack features : -new neogeo bios (easy change arcade/console mode) -CRC check removed -Check size removed (P1 can now get the size you want) -skin redesigned by artik -"big cube" removed (too ugly lol) -all kof serie now work (94 to 2003....enjoy !) -all new preview pics added -all bosses available in kof2003 without cheats (they are invisible, at the bottom of the "select player") -all cps1 preview has been resized if a file has not the good name in your rom, lauch it, then rename it as fbax will ask you
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