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  1. You mean Fighting Street? Yeah, you can play the PC Engine version. It was a CD game. Use MednafenX-PCE to play it.
  2. Not many, but there are these: ADK World / ADK Special King of Fighters '96 Collection Neo Geo CD Special Samurai Shodown RPG Samurai Shodown RPG is the only game out of that list thats really worth anything. The others are basically just promotional or demo discs. But the problem with SS RPG is that it's all in Japanese. These two games: Mahjong Final Romance 2 Zintrick ...were also officially exclusive to the NeoGeo CD system, but there are actually ROMS for both that you can play in FBAXXX Pro (fr2ch & zintrckb). I think they were dumped from prototype carts... either that or someone converted the CD games... I'm not sure, someone else will likely know the story behind those two. So, IMO, you already have the two games that are truly exclusive and worth having. Samurai Shodown RPG is also supposed to be a very good game, but unless you can read Japanese you may not get too much out it.
  3. I have found a couple more errors in the DATS. The ROM sf2m8 is listed in the DAT with this information: sf2m8 k4-222 (1ca7adbd) (512 KB) k4-196 (f758408c) (512 KB) u221.epr (720cea3e) (128 KB) u195.epr (9932832c) (128 KB) Well, I have this ROM and my CRCs match the DAT, but all 4 files are 256 KB in size. Then this ROM from wof3jsa is listed with this info: wof3sja 3js.800 (10488a51) (1 MB) Again, I have this ROM with the correct CRC and it's actually 512 KB in size.
  4. Well, what I do it look at the ROM size first. Then I find other ROMS of similar size and look to see if they have entries in the vm.txt file. If they do, I try those values first. Looking at ROMS of similar size isn't always accurate, but it gives a good starting point. Once you have some initial values you want to turn on the force VMM option in the emulator menu and enter the settings you want to try. If they work, then enter those settings in the vm.txt file and turn the force vmm option off. If the game doesn't load or it stutters a lot, go back to the force vmm settings, enter a new setting, and then load the game again. Just keep repeating this process until you find a setting that works. You may also want to write down the values as you try them so you don't forget what you have tried.
  5. But that's just poor reasoning. Would you expect a laptop to survive a 4 floor drop? What if you bought a $500 USD iRiver PMC-120 portable media player? Would you expect it to survive a 4 floor drop? The PSP is far, far, far, far, far from alone in being the only portable electronic device that might not take a large fall too well. The higher the technology the more fragile it is likely to be... and don't kid yourself, the PSP is much more powerful than the DS. Just look at cross platform games like Burnout. The PSP stomps the DS doing the graphics in those games justice. That's not a knock against the DS, the DS has lots of great games that play to it's strengths (i.e. touch screen). Forgetting the lack of good games, there really isn't much wrong with the PSP from a hardware standpoint. It's battery life could be better, but that's about it. Beyond that you starting getting into personal preference.
  6. This is the setting I use for many of the larger NeoGeo games (e.g. mslug5, samsho5, etc...): 12 16 65535 Works fine last I checked. Anyway, using the "Force VMM" option is a very bad idea unless you are just using it to test and find the correct values for a game that will then be entered into the vm.txt file. Otherwise, that option should always be off and the correct values entered into the vm.txt file.
  7. The version djohng is referring to is called "NEOCDSDLx Unleashed".
  8. I really don't recall anyone laughing at the it being a cube or even the non-standard discs. Some people worried about the space limitations of the discs, but that's about it. As far as the controller goes, I still laugh. The GC controller is the worst of the current generation and the least funtional. Anyway, Nintendo are definitely good at running their business. They are masters of recycling games and mascots and bleeding their loyal fanbase dry without actually appearing to be doing so. Throw in a few decently original games in the mix and people call them geniuses... it's really quite amazing. As far as this name goes... it's an absolutely horrid choice. Anyone with half a brain can see that. But their loyal fanbase will staunchly defend it as another stroke of genius and eventually people will get used to it anyway. [edit] Well, I do remember people cracking jokes about the handle on the Cube and how it looked like a lunch box as a result... but not so much about the cube shape itself. What I also recall is their fanbase talking about how amazing the cube design was (it's a box!) and how it was so small compared to the other systems... totally ignoring the fact that it was the tallest of the systems and since it had a top loading disc tray the system actually needs a bigger shelf in an entertainment center than the other systems... but that's my point, their fanbase has always been blindly loyal and Nintendo bleeds them dry at will.
  9. I have possibly found a couple of errors in the DAT. First, it called for Street Fighter II Championship Edition (v1.3) to be name "sfce13.zip". It seems like it should be named "sf2ce13.zip" (w/ the '2'). Also, sf2m7 and sf2m13 are the exact same ROMS, just the name of the ROMS inside the zip are different. Is this correct? Why would you have two identical ROMS (CRCs match) with two different names?
  10. Does the ROM ms6boot possibly go by another name... or perhaps it's unreleased? I'm not finding any sign of it being available.
  11. Well, when I said the "usual place" I meant for you... I meant Sky. I was wondering if the new build with the fixed music playback would be on Sky soon. Anyway, I don't think it's hard to get emulators submitted to Xbins. +T+ would likely know who to contact since his FBAXXX Pro builds are one Xbins. Also, I'm a mod over at Xbox-Sky so I could try to get it submitted for you... ig you are interested in doing that. I really think you should. We always have people over at X-Scene looking for 128 Plus! because they can't find it. And since it's the best build of MAMEoX available I really think it should be on XBins.
  12. Thanks HK$!. This build is great. I love the IPS function. I take it this newest build will appear at the usual place soon?
  13. On the Xbox when the Sega CD screen come up hit "A" and it will take you to the Sega CD dashboard (looks like an audio player). Then select the "Memory" option and choose to "Format". I think there are actually two format options... I'm not sure which you need to do, so just do both (that's what I did anyway) and the game should work. You will only need to do this once.
  14. If PRican maintains his set the same way I do then you are likely "missing" ROMS like kof2002d. I have the the ROMS for kof2002 (fully encrypted) and kof2k2nd (fully decrypted), but do not keep a seperate kof2002d because it is simply a half-way point between kof2002 and kof2k2nd. If you want to create a seperate kof2002d then all the ROMS to do so are in the other two.
  15. Actually, ssf2tbr1 won't run because it's it doesn't have all the necessary XOR tables. Also, notice how ssf2tb and ssf2tbr1 have these two ROMS in common: ssfex.5t (3ae42ff3) ssfex.7t (4d51f760) I think the DAT error PRican is referring to is the fact that Romcenter will list those two ROMS as missing even if you have them... you should have both those ROMS if you got the update from the usual place, but RC still shows them as missing.
  16. I have both and I guess I like my DS better. I've played it more recently. The PSP is more impressive, but seems to suffer from a lack of quality games. I also think Sony screwed up by not making a second analog stick on the right hand side. The DS on the other hand has provided me with games like MK and Castlevania to play recently... both excellent titles. But I still think it has all the ergonomics of a brick, though not as heavy. It's just a freaking rectangle... it isn't all that comforable to hold and tends to be top heavy if you have the screen fully open. The PSP is a little better since it's actually rounded on th ends. I'm also a bit miffed about the DS Lite since I just got my MK edition DS a few months ago. But I guess I'm not really surprised since Nintendo pulls this this stunt with their portables a regular basis... redesigns their hardware that really isn't that old and gives it features that the first version should have included in the first place. Nintendo are the masters of bilking their user base without appearing greedy.
  17. Heh... Well, I'm actually in the US so my system was a TG16. I've just taken to calling it the PC Engine since that is the more common name it seems to go by in the emulation scene and on the internet in general.
  18. No love for the PC Engine... how sad.... so I'll add some: Legendary Axe II Bonk I & II Akumajo Dracula X Some of my favorite from other older systems: NES: Lolo series, SMB series, Metroid, Zelda 1 & 2, FF1, Dragon Warrior SNES: SMB series, Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Live 95, FF series, Secret of Mana, BS Zelda Genesis: Sonic series, Golden Axe series
  19. I've never really understood what region locking was supposed to accomplish anyway. I guess it's supposed to help protect publishers in different regions? But really, I wouldn't think that the import market is so huge that it really impacts anyone's bottom line. Plus, the language difference and TV standards act as their own barriers in many cases anyway. If you don't want to have a bunch of people importing stuff, try actually releasing games in each market within a reasonable time frame instead of screwing one of your markets over with a huge wait.
  20. Ditto. No problems here either. All the audio works perfectly now. I didn't even have to do any renaming of my files. As I understand it, your file names just need to match your cue file (the one you launch with), then you select the proper TOC from the list it gives you then the game runs.
  21. Make sure you try new PCE emulator just released by Xport. It is easily 10x better than HuGo. Nearly all your troubles with the CD games and CUE will be gone. I just tried Fighting Street and not only does it run faster it doesn't have the graphics glitches that it does in HuGo. Also, nearly all the audio in the CD games is fixed. For example, all the audio seems to be there in Dracula X now. You must play it now!
  22. Bug: kf2k2spr has scrambled graphics in 1.11a.
  23. I've been thinking about the button thing. They could possibly give the emulator itself a front end that would allow the user to configure the controls themselves... a menu where it would show the PS2 buttons and what you would like to map it to on the PSP. But I still think there might be some games, especially those requiring two analog sticks, that may have to be adapted in the game code itself. But like I said, I think Sony would have to think about how profitable it would be to allow people to rip games they own. It doesn't really cost them anything on the home consoles to have backwards compatibility other than during the engineering phase of the next gen console itself. The reason is because no one is going to buy a PS2 just to play PS1 games. If that's all they wanted then they could get a PSOne for much cheaper. Plus it encourages your current user base to upgrade to the next generation. But if they allow people to rip PS1 games for use on the PSP then you might actually have people who would buy the PSP just to be able to play PS1 games in a portable format. And if Sony is still losing money on the sales of the PSP hardware itself, then those customers would simply be losing Sony money. But if they think that enough of those customers might also buy PSP games and accessories to gain a profit overall, then, yeah, I could see where they might let people rip games they own.
  24. I still don't think what you're thinking will happen. I think what we will see is a selection of PS1 games that Sony has modified slightly to adapt to the PSPs controls. These games, as Sony stated, will be made available to download for some sort of fee. Your idea about a specially designed PC program that watermarks rips for play on the PSP sounds nice, but I doubt Sony will do it for a couple of reasons. One, someone will figure out a way to allow the program to rip and watermark burned copies of games, and Sony won't want that. Two, no money for Sony. It might help move more systems out the door, but the systems cost Sony money. So Sony would have to be confident that people buying the systems to play PS1 games will actually buy enough legit PSP games or accessories to give Sony a profit.
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